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PMP Group to supply an Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox and an Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press for a brand-new PM#6 to Dongguan Shunyu Paper, China

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logo pmpIn January 2015, PMP Group – a global provider of tissue, paper and board  technology, signed a contract with Dongguan Shunyu Paper, China, for the delivery of an Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox and an Intelli-Nip®  Shoe Press to be incorporated in a new PM#6 . PMP’s key technological units will be delivered to Dongguan mill in Guangdong Province.

Dongguan Shunyu Paper Co. Ltd - high-strength corrugating medium paper producer - was founded in 2002 and at present owns 4 pulp and 6 paper-making lines (total annual capacity: 550,000 tons) in China.

A new investment based on PM#6, is focused on bringing an addition capacity of 150,000 tonnes/y of high-strength corrugating medium paper that is going to be converted in packaging boxes for various industrial use and, at the same time, widening product portfolio (through reaching excellent quality parameters of paper). PM#6 (design speed 1000 m/min, reel trim 3960 mm) is going to be built based on Optimum Cost Solutions philosophy: core technological items designed and made in Europe (by PMP Group) and the rest of PM - designed and made in China (by other suppliers). The project driving force will be based on modern technology through application of energy savings solutions following global trends and gaining excellent paper quality.

PMP Group will deliver a state-of the-art 5-channel hydraulic headbox Intelli-Jet V® (pondside:4150 mm). The new headbox will include sophisticated Consistency Profiling System as well that ensures excellent basis weight control, resulting in uniform paper web structure and better CD basis weight profile as well as machine controls. In addition  Intelli-Jet V® headbox will bring excellent formation and also production flexibility (basis weight range of 90-120 g/m²). A new PM#6 press section will be equipped with a modern and compact Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press – in the second press position (design nip load 1100 kN/m, shoe press module type 1300) and will be designed to work in inverted position. Intelli- Nip®  Shoe Press technology ensures reliable performance confirmed by patented solutions, top sheet dryness level resulting in significant steam consumption savings and user-friendliness of equipment. The project is another example where core technological items provided by PMP are becoming a key for success. In addition PMP will provide assembly and start-up supervision as well as optimization services. The delivery is scheduled for autumn this year, followed by erection at site and start-up at the end of 2015.

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