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The Indian paper manufacturer Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL) has again chosen Voith, as a competent partner for board and packaging paper production, to deliver its new BM 4 board machine in order to expand its existing product portfolio. TNPL has worked with Voith in the past, having already installed two Voith paper machines with which it is thoroughly satisfied.

2014-03-20 095849

“Representatives from TNPL and Voith at the signing ceremony. From left to right: A. Velliangiri, Dy. Managing Director and C.V. Sankar, Chairman & Managing Director from TNPL as well as A. Endters, President Voith Paper Projects und R. Krishna Kumar, President Voith Paper India.”

The mill will be based at a completely new location in Tiruchirappalli District, approx.100 km from the existing plant in Karur District of Tamil Nadu state. The start-up is scheduled for end of 2015. Since Voith is in a position to provide a very large part of the delivery scope for the plant, the Indian paper manufacturer can rely on speedy and simple project handling.

“The technological know-how and reliability of Voith have already impressed us in the past,” says Mr. A. Velliangiri, Dy. Managing Director of Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers. He adds: “With the BM 4, we now want to produce coated board with the highest surface quality and deliver it to our customers. We are happy with Voith being partner for this Greenfield project. We are very satisfied with the course of the project so far and look forward to further collaboration.”

The BM 4 is designed to produce coated board varieties like folding box board, white lined chipboard and solid bleached sulphate grades in a basis weight range of 180 – 450 g/m², on a wire width of 4,300 mm and at a speed of 600 m/min. The range of raw materials used will be very large: bagasse and wood pulp, DIP, Old Corrugated Containers and TMP.

With Voith, Tamil Nadu has chosen the market leader in the area of board and packaging paper. The Indian company will profit from the experience gained by Voith from successfully proven components and modules in more than 110 board and 220 packaging paper machines worldwide. Included in the delivery is the approach flow system, broke treatment, the entire board machine with a DuoFormer D for the best formation and dewatering performance in the four-layer wire section and a Tandem NipcoFlex shoe press.

A SpeedFlow film press, a hot hard nip EcoCal calender and a complete coating section and coating color kitchen are available for surface finishing the board. The machine is also equipped with a MasterReel winding system and a VariFlex winder. Furthermore, included in the delivery are the complete automation, the machine clothing, the auxiliary sections and services relating to assembly monitoring, start-up and training.

Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited is an Indian paper manufacturer headquartered at Chennai, which was founded in the 1980s by the Government of the Tamil Nadu state. The company has so far mainly produced writing and copy paper and exports around 20% of its products to more than 50 countries.

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voith logo 2013Voith has concluded the sale of a NipcoFlex T shoe press to SCA, one of the world's largest tissue paper manufacturers. The new shoe press will be installed in the PM 3, located in SCAs plant in San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexico, and will allow the machine to achieve average energy savings of 3%, including steam, electricity and gas. The start-up is expected to be carried out in April 2014.

The company's PM 3 had already been operating with the equipment's first generation, the TissueFlex press, since 2001. This upgrade will now offer greater operational flexibility, including the "Tilt" adjustment. Also, due to its simplified construction, maintenance of the new press model will be quicker and less frequent.

The NipcoFlex T press adjusts itself to the natural deformations of the Yankee cylinder and in general reduces the CD moisture variation. The “Tilt” adjustment means that some grades have the possibility of higher “bulk” (specific volume) or higher dryness after press.

According to Jean Pereira, application and sales engineer from Voith Paper, the NipcoFlex T press was developed to ensure greater stability in the manufacturing process, which also translates into higher production. “The second generation of the NipcoFlex T shoe press has proved to be strategic to our business plans, and has been very well accepted by the market,” points out the engineer from Voith.

SCA is a global hygiene and forest products company. The Group develops and produces sustainable personal care, tissue and forest products. Sales are conducted in about 100 countries under many strong brands, including the global brands TENA and Tork, and regional brands, such as Lotus, Libresse, Tempo and Libero. The Group has about 36,000 employees and sales in 2012 amounted to SEK 85bn (EUR 9.8bn). SCA was founded in 1929, has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

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Europac Papeles y Cartones de Europa S.A. ordered a SpeedSizer applicator unit for the PM 2 of its Duen͂as mill. Start-up of the rebuild is scheduled to be in May 2014. Thus, PM 2 will be able to not only produce normal, but also white coated testliner in the future.


Voith was chosen to be the supplier due to their extensive know-how and numerous references. Thanks to an attractive, long-term financing concept, Voith was able to provide an additional benefit for Europac.

Apart from SpeedSizer, the scope of supply comprises the associated workstation and both a starch and a coating color preparation unit. A new CB-Turn ensures non-contact turning of the web, before it is dried by means of a space-saving combination of infrared dryers and downstream air hood. Non-contact high-performance drying is particularly energy-saving, since the air hood is exclusively heated by the waste heat of the infrared dryers. The after-dryer section is to be adapted, with most of the existing parts being reused.

Europac Duen͂as Papel is a company of the Europac Group (Papeles y Cartones de Europa, SA) that is engaged in the entire supply chain of the paper and packaging industry.

More information about applicator units.

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Two Spanish paper mills already rely on Voith’s services – now Voith has signed a 5 year service contract with Papelera del Principado S.A. - Paprinsa. Voith will supply the mill maintenance services for the Paprinsa mill, located in Mollerussa (Lleida) in the northern part of Spain. With this 5 year performance maintenance agreement Voith will establish and manage all maintenance systems, processes and procedures in the mill.

voith pap“We are pleased to cooperate with Voith in creating a world-class operation at our Paprinsa site” commented Javier Farré, Managing Director. “The outsourcing of maintenance was decided after visiting other sites in Spain convincing us of the benefits, performance and customer satisfaction of Voith performance maintenance services, which will further contribute to our operational performance.”

Voith offers worldwide flexible services for servicing and maintenance that can be specifically adapted to the customer's production and maintenance needs. The Resident Service contract with Paprinsa includes the full responsibility for the maintenance business process targeting lower maintenance cost and a higher time efficiency. In order to capture the correct starting point in the preparation phase, the customer and Voith jointly conducted a number of deep investigations with main focus on current maintenance process, instituted HSE (safety, health and environmental) guidelines and the condition of the installations onsite. Based on the results, the project team commonly defined the project objectives and the improvement expectations. In this project Voith will do the maintenance management and take care of maintenance personnel demand. The project implementation started in January 2014.

Papelera del Principado S.A., PAPRINSA, was founded in 1978 and started producing cardboard in 1980. With 100% recycled fiber, the mill is today producing 85.000 t coated carton board for domestic and international markets. PAPRINSA has been characterized by its research and continuous improvement effort, which has allowed it to offer customers a good product and a high level of service. PAPRINSA bases its strength on a good product, great production flexibility, adapting the product to specific customer requirements, and adaptability to meet any delivery need at any time.

More information about service

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Thanks to the installation of a Voith DuoShake at the PM 6 of Stora Enso’s Oulu mill, Northern Finland, in August 2013 the Ambertec value was improved significantly for the production of paper with a basis weight of 250 g/m² at a production speed of 710 m/min. Stora Enso places high quality demands on the paper grades produced in Oulu and wanted to improve the paper quality. After start-up and optimization of DuoShake, however, the expectations were exceeded by far.

thumb Voith DuoShake

“Voith’s DuoShake improves formation.”

The Stora Enso mill in Oulu is one of the world's largest and most modern paper mills for the production of high-quality paper grades.

PM 6 is equipped with a hybrid former and produces 620,000 t of wood-free coated paper per year on a wire width of 9.100 mm.

DuoShake is a reaction force-free shaking unit for the breast roll which ensures homogenous fibre distribution and improved CD fibre orientation, resulting in better formation, reduced MD/CD ratio and thus higher CD strength. Thanks to its compact design the DuoShake can easily be retrofitted to nearly any paper machine.

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voith logo 2013Voith replaced the hood roof and the hood side walls of the PM 4 at the August Koehler SE paper mill in Oberkirch, Germany, and thus facilitated an energy-efficient operation of dryer section and heat recovery.

Previously, the hood elements had still been designed as a riveted structure. Over the years, these rivets loosened due to the heating and cooling of the hood. Moisture thus penetrated into the insulation. The insulation effect of the elements weakened, causing condensation during operation of the dryer section with a high exhaust air dew point. However, a high exhaust air dew point is a precondition for energy-efficient operation of the dryer section and for a high level of performance for heat recovery from the dryer section exhaust air.

Voith therefore replaced the hood elements of the wall and ceiling. The proven modular rivet-free hood elements from the EcoHood dryer section hood were used. They were mounted on the existing steel substructure together with new seals. The hood can thus be operated condensation-free with a high exhaust air dew point. The August Koehler paper mill confirms: the dryer section and heat recovery are again working in an energy-efficient manner.

The Koehler Group produces paper and board at four locations in Germany. The company generates sales of 725 million euros, produces more than 500,000 metric tons of paper annually and employs around 1,700 people.

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voith logo 2013Since 2012, Technocell has been using the Voith TerraSpeed ceramic coating on its PM 18 in Titisee-Neustadt, Germany. For more than one and a half years, TerraSpeed has been running on the central position of the press section, and the production managers in Neustadt are delighted about its excellent and stable performance ever since it has been installed, which is also confirmed by Mill Manager Jens Lategahn.

The additives used for specialty papers, such as wet strength agents, AKD and the high portion of fillers used (up to 45%), not only require stable roughness and sheet release, but also easy conditioning of the roll surface. Previous roll covers of rubber and composite materials had to be continuously conditioned with release agents to ensure sufficient runability. With TerraSpeed, the use of release agents has been reduced considerably, while the number of breaks in the press area has been cut down by half. Another positive effect is that the doctor blade service lives have been increased by almost 100%.

All these positive results have been unchanged since start-up in 2012, grinding or re-machining of the roll has not yet been necessary. On the contrary, during the last inspection, the roll surface still showed uniform and stable surface values comparable to the condition on delivery.

Conventional roll covers, on the other hand, had to be removed and re-machined due to performance and wear problems already after about seven to nine months of service.

The Felix Schoeller group is one of the leading producers of high-quality specialty papers in the field of photographic, printing and decor papers, as well as non-wovens.

The Technocell location in Titisee-Neustadt has made itself a name as the cradle of innovative decor papers, such as PRIP® (pre-impregnated paper) and RSP® (resin saving paper), and also with packaging and wall liner. Its focus is on PM 18 with a variety of installations for the production of specialty papers in a basis weight range of 30-250 g/m² with an annual production of 26,000 t.

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Voith is offering an upgrade solution for VIB nozzle moisturizers that leads to the best spray quality with low investment costs. The conventional VIB nozzle moisturizers are being converted to the high OnQ ModulePro standard by Voith. The upgrade is being offered in four flexible packages.

Voith OnQModulePro opt

“Upgrade solution for VIB nozzle moisturizers by Voith – an investment that quickly pays off.”

The first package offers improved spray nozzle technology and lowers operating costs thanks to higher spraying efficiency. The VIB nozzle mouthpieces are replaced with OnQ ModulePro nozzles in the installation. The latter have an innovative inner mixing that facilitates a finer spray quality with higher flow amounts. Quality problems due to markings in the paper are thus often eliminated. The paper manufacturer can be assured in advance through use of our test nozzles.

The second package includes modernization of the control system. The maintenance-intensive out-dated valve technology is being replaced by modern maintenance-free Voith spider valves. Control can be done either with OnQ Profilmatic CD control software or via a link to 3rd party systems. The result: control is once again state-of-the-art – regular maintenance work and the associated costs are noticeably reduced.

The third package is suitable for paper manufacturers whose 4-bit control valves are in good condition but require a new control system. The Voith OnQ Profilmatic is able to control the VIB valves precisely and in many cases achieves further profile improvement over previous systems. The fourth package replaces individual components such as the spray beam or supply stations, depending on the needs of the paper manufacturer.

The OnQ ModulePro VIB upgrade solutions from Voith allow paper manufacturers to gradually upgrade their VIB nozzle moisturizers to the latest technology. That ensures a stable availability of spare parts, improves performance and reduces the maintenance efforts. In all, these upgrade packages will be investments that quickly pay off.

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2014-01-24 085810DS Smith at Aschaffenburg, Germany, has equipped most of the wire, breast and drive rolls in their forming section of PM 1 with the CeraGuide B full plasma ceramic coating from Voith. Difficult machine conditions, the properties of the machine clothing, as well as the increasingly critical raw material input, had led to severe wear on the former rubber covers of the wire and drive rolls.

In the beginning, the main objective for the switch to ceramic surfaces was the increased run time of the rolls, thus lowering maintenance costs. Soon after start-up, further benefits of the new coatings were observed with forming fabric life being extended by more than 50% in nearly all positions. Additionally, the roll surfaces have maintained their shape and integrity perfectly, especially at the ends, where previous cover fracturing through invasive corrosion has always been present and contributory to fabric damage.

Since CeraGuide B has been installed, forming fabric edge damage is now a thing of the past thanks to a unique roll end and edge radius treatment process, and wire drive stability has been excellent throughout without a single instance of slippage. The longest serving CeraGuide B cover has now been running in the machine for 5 years without interruption on the drive position of the bottom wire, where previous rolls with rubber covers had to be changed after 150 to 400 days of operation.

An additional potential for cost reduction is offered through doctoring in those roll positions. Whereas former rubber covers needed a high amount of lubrication water to avoid wear or damage from the doctor blade, CeraGuide B can be doctored without any lubrication water. For example, on PM 1, 550 l/m/min of doctor lubrication water can be saved per doctoring position. Walther Böhm, technical director at Aschaffenburg, emphasizes that in addition to the water savings, equipment costs for providing that amount of water, like pumps etc, disappear. 

Against the background of a more and more critical raw material situation and the resulting sensitivity to wear in the wire section, the market request for CeraGuide B is growing constantly. This coating suits graphical as well as board and packaging applications and has proven its quality in more than 120 installations over the years. Unlike competitor products on the market, CeraGuide B is a full plasma ceramic of utmost hardness without fast wearing epoxy components. Due to its numerous benefits, CeraGuide B shows a return on investment of less than one year in most applications.

DS Smith is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality containerboard in Europe and PM 1 at Aschaffenburg produces more than 280.000 t of testliner and corrugated board annually in a basis weight range from 80-120 g/m².

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logo-voithThe PM 3, supplied by Voith to YFY Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd., has successfully started-up in Yangzhou, China. The YFY PM 3 produces packaging paper with an annual output capacity of 450,000 metric tons and an annual turnover of ca. 145 million €.

  •       Annual output to exceed 450,000 metric tons with turnover of  ca. 145 million €
  •       Saves 20% electricity and 12% water, contributing to sustainable development of China

Voith supplied its sustainable paper-making technology to the YFY PM 3. Compared to traditional paper-making machines, the YFY PM 3 reduces electricity and water consumption by 20% and 12%, respectively, per ton of paper it produces. That has helped the customer to improve its energy efficiency and reduce operating costs. The YFY PM 3 is also the first machine in China to make paper from 100% domestically recovered paper. Chinese paper manufacturers used to rely heavily on imported recovered paper as a raw material.

Voith signed the contract with YFY Paper Mfg. (Yangzhou), a subsidiary of Taiwan’s Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Group, in December 2011. In addition, Voith supplied two R2S anaerobic reactors, which have been used on both the YFY PM 2 and PM 3. Such reactors convert dissolved organic contaminants into biogas with a high calorific value, which can then be used for the generation of steam or power to continue contributing to the manufacturing process. The YFY PM 2, also supplied by Voith, went into operation in 2007, producing corrugated medium and linerboard.

With an increasing number of countries formulating regulations to reduce the use of plastics for packaging, there has been a marked rise in demand for packaging paper worldwide. According to market research agency RISI, the total global annual output of board and packaging paper is expected to reach 230 million tons, with Asia Pacific accounting for almost half of this. Voith Paper has supported Chinese paper manufacturers with a number of advanced and environmentally friendly solutions, which are very innovative in terms of the treatment of raw materials, waste, and sewage.

Delivery of the YFY PM 3 is part of Voith Paper’s ongoing efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of the papermaking industry in China. The paper made by the PM 3, which will mainly be used for food packaging, does not contain any virgin wood pulp since it uses domestically recovered paper as a raw material, reducing the consumption of natural resources, energy, as well as operating costs.

Ming Ming Liu, President and CEO of Voith Paper Asia Pacific, said: “China is undoubtedly one of the most important markets for Voith Paper. In particular, we believe our packaging paper machines have a great deal of untapped potential in this country. We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of China’s papermaking industry by increasing our investment and introducing our industry-leading solutions to win the trust of our customers here.”

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