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New affordable luxury in Australian homes: Sorbent Velvet

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The continuing Australian trend within toilet and facial tissues towards “premiumisation” is set to continue with the creation of the ‘new’ premium segment within the toilet tissue category:  Sorbent Velvet. This redefinition of the premium segment taps into the growing consumer trend of the past year - everyday, affordable luxury.

New Sorbent Velvet is luxuriously soft and strong utilising “through-air dried” paper making technology to create a unique textured paper that is gentle on the skin. For that added gentle luxury Velvet toilet tissue contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, the only lotionised production the Australian market.

The new Sorbent Velvet range: facial tissue box (premium), toilet tissue (six pack), tissue box (large).


The new Sorbent Velvet range: facial tissue box (premium), toilet tissue (six pack), tissue box (large).

The positioning of luxury is not only based in the high product quality, it is also defined by modern and elegant packaging design. This is central to the Sorbent Velvet appeal with Sorbent Velvet facial tissues known in the Australian market for their striking modern appearance. Harnessing a standout fuchsia Sorbent Velvet toilet tissue is available as a six pack.

Secret bathroom

The commercial for the Sorbent Velvet is a story of a modern Australian family. Lazing around the house of a Saturday watching football, our typical “modern Dad” discovers an amazing secret that has managed to evade his attention for a quite some time, a secret so incredible it is hard to believe.

The launch is supported by sponsoring the #1 Australian TV show “Packed to the Rafters” from July, 18 to mid October 2010.

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TV commercial for SCA's tissue brand Sorbent with the luxuriously soft and strong Velvet Toilet Tissue. "Each roll has been created to provide the most luxurious of bathroom experiences" is the main message.