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Monday, 29 April 2013 18:34

Press release from Forest Bioenergy Review

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This unique magazine was created over two years ago ( December 2010) to promote the specific benefits of carbon neutral renewable energy from forest biomass, including high energy briquettes and pellets made from wood. It also provides a shop window for new equipment for the efficient harvesting and conversion of wood into energy.

Forest fuels, unlike coal or oil, are a renewable resource and do not carry the same perceived risks as nuclear power. Companies working in the forest bioenergy field should therefore be encouraged that if EU plans for renewable energy to reach 20% of total energy production by 2020 are to be accomplished then our industry will have to play a major role in achieving this target. Now established as an authentic voice for the forest bioenergy

industry, Forest Bioenergy Review has planned a series of technical, economic and environmental articles of importance to its readers during 2013 and is carrying out a series of interviews with industry leaders influencing the future direction and growth of forest bioenergy in Europe. Advertising in its pages is a cost-effective way of reaching new customers for the latest machinery and techniques now being developed to harness the power of the forest.

Since launching the magazine there have been those that have tried to broaden existing publications to cover this very specific industry segment and have failed. Since December 2010 our global circulation specific to FBR has risen to over 8,000 individuals around the world who have specifically requested receipt, this number rises to a little over 10,700 when you include the paper, tissue, board and packaging mill owners from its sister publication Pulp, Paper & Logistics. As with all publications,  growth is essential and we are proud to announce the official launch of . This development has come about through a mutual co-operation with and integrating their Energy related registered users into the new website, this co-operation takes the total potential audience for your news, editorial submissions and marketing message to a little over 18,300 when using both products.

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