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Vege PM1. A RunPress project started up in Turkey

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2016 10 12 200516

The project scope included one EP500-700-D10 Turbo, Ecoflow systems for the press section and new doctoring for the combi press and 3rd press rolls.

The PM1 vacuum system was fully rebuilt with all 7 vacuum pumps stopped and replaced by one EP500-700-D10 Turbo. The machine is now operating without a couch roll vacuum. Yet thanks to the improved doctoring, specific steam consumption has come down from 1.66 t/t to 1.5 t/t. At the same time, there are fewer sheet breaks.

The vacuum system power consumption is now 330 kW, representing a project energy saving of 600 kW. And for this size of machine, the SEC is of world-record class at 30 kWh/ton! Water savings is also very significant: 60,000 m3/year less water goes to into the wastewater treatment plant. Total project ROI is expected to be less than 2 years.

About Runtech

Runtech is your reliable partner, whenever you are looking for solutions to improve the runnability and efficiency of your tissue, board, paper and pulp machines.

With our patented solutions in vacuum system energy saving and system optimization, press section and forming section dewatering and doctoring optimization, as well as ropeless tail threading you can understand and control your paper machine operation conditions in the most cost-effective way.

The Runtech story started from a group of paper making professionals. It dates back to 1989, when Ecopump Oy started paper machine optimization services. In 1997, Runtech Systems Oy was established and later on in 2008 Ecopump Oy was merged to Runtech Systems. Selotek Oy was acquired in 2011.
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