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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 11:29

Toscotec STEEL YANKEE DRYER TT SYD-22FT: the biggest ever done is on its way.

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On 15th December 2016, Toscotec shipped the first two TT SYD-22FT of 2° generation (diameter 6705 mm) from the port of Marina di Carrara, Tuscany.

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The first two Steel Yankee Dryers of the largest diameter ever built have left the dockand this is further proof of Toscotec's leadership in the design and manufacturing of the main component of the tissue drying section. The TT SYD-22FT is at the heart of Toscotec PRODERGY tissue machine, which is equipped with a Steam Hood to achieve the maximum operating speed of 2000 mpm. This extraordinary achievement is the result of Toscotec’s investment strategy, aimed to enhance its strength in the tissue and paper industry with the opening of a new technology center dedicated to the complete production cycle of TT SYDs.

From metalworking and precision mechanical processing to thermal treatment in a 10m x 10m oven, all the tests and certifications are made on site, according to Functional European (PED), American (ASME), Chinese (CSEI) and Japanese (JIS) regulations. The new center also houses technical and production offices, as well as a conference room and a customer lounge.

The facility is located in Massa, at 50 km from Lucca, a location chosen for easy and fast access to seaport overseas shipments.

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