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Burgo group celebrates twenty years of illustration

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From May 27th to June 25th, in the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza (Italy), Burgo Group opens to the public the precious artistic heritage that has gathered in twenty years of illustrated calendars. Visitors could appreciate the works of some of the most famous international illustrators, involved in the execution of the famous calendar since 1997:

Jean Michel Folon, Emanuele Luzzati, Milton Glaser, Lorenzo Mattotti, Altan, Roberto Perini, Paul Davis, Moebius, Giorgio Maria Griffa, José Munoz, Loustal, Tullio Pericoli, Cecco Mariniello, Fabian Negrin, Alessandro Sanna, Luca Caimmi, Shout, Ping Zhu.

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Paper as a key vehicle for spreading ideas, this is the message behind the ideal partnership between the Group and the art of Illustration.  This synergy began in 1997 with the unique vision of the man flying with paper wings by Jean Michel Folon, it traveled across different countries and continents and investigated many visual art techniques, and arrived nowadays with the freshness of the watercolors of a young American illustrator, Ping Zhu.

To celebrate such a significant event Burgo made an artbook, Burgo Collection 1997 -2017, curated by Francesco Poroli and printed on Burgo coated paper R4 Next satin. The book will be  featured  on    May 31st, in association with Illustri Festival. Robert Newman, a famous American art director who signed the introductory text, will attend the event which is part of the extensive program of Illustri Festival 2017, the third edition of the two-year festival of illustration; a whole month of meetings, workshops and eight great exhibitions which will animate the most prestigious monuments in the city and will involve more than ninety illustrators.

Burgo Group is one of Europe's leading producers of graphical and specialty papers. The Group is configured as a true 'system', developed around the world of paper: from the production, distribution, recycling of paper and the processing of forestry products, to study, planning, realisation and engineering of paper plants, as well as factoring and energy.

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