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FLIPPR research project identifies new possibilities for the paper industry

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At the beginning of March, Mondi hosted the closing event of a research project called FLIPPR (Future Lignin and Pulp Processing Research) at its headquarters in Vienna. The event marked the end of a collaborative research programme examining bio-refinery issues. FLIPPR’s main objective was to identify future business areas for companies in the fields of lignin and fibre utilization.

Research results benefit customers
2017 07 24 095942As a supplier, Mondi is determined to offer sustainable solutions, environmentally sound packaging and uncoated fine paper grades while minimising the amount of fossil-based chemicals in its products. Leo Arpa, Head of R&D Paper provides the following forecast: “Creating value from natural resources is one of the key challenges for Mondi’s R&D teams. Our participation in FLIPPR will enable us to build the next generation of pulp-based bio-refineries and thus develop new and improved bio-based products requiring less raw material and energy.”

Mondi will be part of FLIPPR² which started in April 2017 and is building on the research and activities from FLIPPR. FLIPPR² has the main objective to further develop the most promising findings from FLIPPR.

Thomas Timmel, director of the FLIPPR project, commented: “Projects such as FLIPPR, in which fundamental research is aligned with the needs of the industry, combine the development of advanced technical solutions – in this case based on cellulose and lignin – with an ecological and economical perspective. The project has delivered new and exciting findings relating to applications and analytical methodologies.”

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