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Monday, 14 May 2018 08:39

New Voith OnCumulus offering brings proven industry applications with IIoT platform to the cloud

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With the launch of the new Voith OnCumulus offering, Voith customers can now benefit from an IIoT platform with specific visualization and analytics functionalities as well as the first industry-proven applications. OnCumulus enables paper producers to leverage data across the enterprise from all equipment within all facilities to optimize reliability, achieve targeted performance and increase savings that impact the bottom line.

OnCumulus.Platform: one central data hub for digitalization
The IIoT platform OnCumulus.Platform serves as the data hub for data from all kinds of sources – for example plants, production lines, machines and devices. Customers benefit from one central platform for their data from which they can launch their digitalization initiatives. The OnCumulus.Platform is based on open-source and highly standardized technologies. It provides fast, reliable and secure access to data from local machines and systems in the cloud as well as fast provisioning for value creation. The platform is scalable, flexible and extensible at any time.

With OnCumulus, Voith brings value-adding industry-proven applications to the cloud, benefiting from a unique, modular offering of an IIoT platform.With OnCumulus, Voith brings value-adding industry-proven applications to the cloud, benefiting from a unique, modular offering of an IIoT platform.

With OnCumulus, Voith offers an IIoT platform that meets the highest privacy, security and compliance industry standards and best practices, such as CSA, NIST and OWASP. Voith cybersecurity experts ensure end-to-end security, so that the full life cycle of data is secure at all times. OnCumulus customers stay in control of their data in every usage scenario and define the data access. Furthermore, Voith supports local control of the data by providing data centers in every region.

OnCumulus.Suite: the first step towards visualization and analytics
Besides the IIoT platform, the OnCumulus.Suite offering already provides the first possibilities to benefit from data intelligence: by prestructuring the available data using visualization and analytical functionalities, customers benefit from the first basic, easy-to-use tools, namely: Information Flow, Monitoring and Alarming Tool, as well as Analysis. Therewith, customers can access their data in near real time and take the first step for optimizing their operating process by using persona-based dashboards.

Industry-specific applications: OnEfficiency and OnCare
In addition to OnCumulus.Suite, Voith is offering further value to its customers by launching the first solutions from the existing product families OnEfficiency and OnCare as cloud-based OnCumulus applications. Examples from the paper production industry already show the efficient and value-adding use of the new IIoT platform OnCumulus.

Applications in the Voith OnEfficiency product family:
• OnEfficiency.Pulp: Achieving the required product quality along with reduced raw material costs can be provided thanks to integrated, real-time insights and continuous guidance along the production process.
• OnEfficiency.Strength: Optimizing fiber utilization and strength agents result in a reduced off-spec production. Furthermore, the paper quality during grade changes is ensured by the reduction of fluctuations and peaks.
• OnEfficiency.DIP: Rebuilding the flotation cell in combination with Papermaking 4.0, Advanced Process Controls and modern sensors, increases yield and reduces operating costs.
• OnEfficiency.Dewatering: Using vacuum in the forming section as an actuator to stabilize the dry line will improve ply bond, increase runnability of the forming section and save energy.

From the Voith OnCare product family:
OnCare.Asset: Implementing tools for maintenance management increases the efficiency of maintenance activities, while at the same time reducing costs and saving resources. The next step is to anticipate and optimize the overall process.

Using the applications on the same cloud-based technical platform, customers benefit from bridging information and data views cross-site and cross-app, and therewith leverage untapped correlation possibilities for more advanced insights and transparency. External information such as raw materials prices, weather data, or connections to webshops or warehouses, can be easily integrated and correlated with existing operational data.

By combining the OnCumulus.Suite with the new cloud-based applications of the proven solutions, paper producers profit not only from the increase in efficiency, productivity and quality of the entire production supply chain, but also gain new additional possibilities.

“Thanks to the enormous developments within information and communication technologies, customers can now take the chance to benefit from technologies that offer faster data exchange, big data analytics and cloud solutions,” says Dr. Roland Münch, CEO Voith Digital Solutions. “OnCumulus enables our customers to intelligently benefit from this digital transformation – with optimized processes, improved use of resources, flexibility and security – so that they improve competitiveness and achieve future viability.”

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