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Thursday, 19 September 2019 19:47

Cargill launches new high-performance wet-end starch to improve packaging paper making process

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C*iBond™ 25957 enables improvement of paper strength and quality combined with increased production efficiency for paper manufacturers

Cargill has expanded its range of packaging ingredients with the launch of C*iBond® 25957, a high-performance, cationic, wet-end starch specifically designed for packaging paper applications.

C*iBond® 25957 maximizes fiber bonding, significantly improves paper strength and quality, while enhancing production performance in an environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient way. Obtained from renewable resources, the wheat-based starch offers high levels of availability and is designed for applications such as case material, folding box board, solid bleached board and plasterboard.

“This is an important addition to our innovative C*iBond® range of wet-end starches, which gives manufacturers greater control over the papermaking process and improves formation, drainage, retention and strength of the finished paper,” says Regis Houze, Cargill paper and packaging category manager.

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The new starch enables improved fiber/filler retention during the wet-end phase, increased fiber bonding and reduced fiber loss on water. Its excellent dewatering behavior has the potential to accelerate the drying process and further increase production speed.

C*iBond® 25957 helps fulfil the rising demand among manufacturers for environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. “Because of its improved bonding characteristics, this starch enables the use of a higher proportion of recycled fiber, while allowing paper producers to recycle more water. There is a reduced need for additional chemicals as it leaves less residue during the wet-end phase,” says Andreas Voigt, Cargill senior technical service specialist.

For more than forty years, Cargill has been working closely with papermakers to understand their needs and offer a highly functional range of products for wet-end, surface treatment and coating applications. We will continue to innovate and contribute with added-value solutions to the current broad range of starches and derivatives for industrial use.

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