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Wednesday, 06 November 2019 07:49

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You may call us Mondi Paper Bags now! Our business segment has been renamed from Mondi Industrial Bags to Mondi Paper Bags. This new name has no impact on our everyday business with you. We will continue to produce high-quality paper sacks and serve you in the best possible way under our new name.

Sustainability is a hot topic all over the world. Companies and consumers are looking for more sustainable solutions, and paper sacks are the answer to this problem.

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Sustainable packaging, though, needs to be a performing packaging first. It has to protect the product packed in order to avoid product loss and unnecessary waste. Product loss results in more energy consumption – and therefore higher CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere. Paper sacks can perform highly and be sustainable at the same time – they are indeed "the whole package". You can learn more about the environmental benefits of paper sacks for dry-bulk materials by watching the Eurosac (European Paper Sack Association) video below.

Speaking of sustainable packaging: with our expertise in strong paper sack manufacturing we have developed MailerBAG – our patented e-commerce paper bag with an easy opening and re-closing adhesive strip. MailerBAG replaces the plastic that mailers commonly used in e-commerce and especially in the fashion industry, thereby helping to reduce plastic waste.

MailerBAG is not our only sustainable product; we have also developed Protector Bags. Protector Bags are ideal for packing rigid and bulky goods in an efficient way that reduces CO2 emissions and unnecessary additional packing material.

We would like to help you meet your sustainability goals and commitments with packaging that is fit for purpose and sustainable by design, through our EcoSolutions approach.

Let's contribute to a better world!

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