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PMP New Engineering Office in Łódź, Poland, has been launched!

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To ensure continuous development of technology, which is a distinguishing feature of PMP products, in October 2019, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) launched a new engineering office in Łódź, Poland. A new entity is dedicated mainly to support tissue business. Sebastian Grabowski has been nominated as Director of Design and Application Office.

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Łódź is a big city, located in central Poland. It is a large, rapidly growing industrial and technological hub, also named as engineering and scientific center of papermaking, as Politechnika Łódzka (University of Technology in Łódź) educates students in papermaking and polygraphy.

The employment target of the new office is 40 engineers – experienced experts as well as young professionals, also from outside of the paper industry. Such a blend ensures a fresh point of view and creates a proper synergy effect so that it will be possible to develop innovative solutions, which will guarantee the competitive advantage both for PMP and customers.

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Most activities of the new branch will be focused on technology development in tissue sector of PMP. Moreover, there is a project & application team responsible for technical management and projects leadership, starting from sales support to full execution of process in a broad sense.

“An opening of the new office in Łódź is a significant step in PMP development process that has been going for years. It will strengthen a leadership position of PMP as well as contribute to a perception of PMP as the preferred leading supplier of solutions for the Paper Industry” –Sebastian Grabowski said, Director of the Design and Application Office.

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