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Smithers Pira, the worldwide authority on the paper, packaging and print industry supply chains, have just announced it is launching a line of market reports that will provide detailed information regarding the nonwoven fabrics industry. These reports, previously published by sister-organisation Smithers Apex, will complement Smithers Pira’s existing offering of market data reports as well as the company’s recognised history and expertise in materials testing and consultancy.

pira logo“Smithers Pira has developed a strong reputation for providing authoritative market intelligence and independent market insight,” said Adam Page, Director of Reports and Consultancy at Smithers Pira. “The nonwovens sector is a natural fit for Smithers Pira, and by integrating our business expertise in the pulp, paper and nonwovens industries, we can continue to meet our global customers’ research needs.”

The global nonwovens market is expected to reach $50.8 billion in 2020, up from a value of $37.4 billion in 2015, according to Smithers Pira’s latest exclusive research. The market is predicted to increase by 6.3% on average year-on-year thanks to global rising demand.

Focusing on emerging sectors within the nonwovens industry, recent reports published by Smithers Pira include:

  • The Future of Flushable Wipes to 2020, which explores the growth of the global flushable wipes market based on an unprecedented increase in the supply of dispersible nonwovens
  • The Future of Nonwovens for Industrial Applications to 2020, which predicts that the value of industrial nonwovens consumed will total $27.4 billion, for a projected growth rate of 6.9% by the year 2020
  • The Future of Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes to 2020, which explores rising demand in hospitals and other healthcare institutions and changing consumer perceptions of disinfecting wipes as more of a necessity than a luxury product

The reports produced by Smithers Pira examine the main drivers for this growth, based on a mixture of primary author research, secondary sources and ongoing research programmes conducted by the company’s global market research team. The reports are designed to provide insightful forecasts for product managers and engineers; manufacturers; machinery suppliers; raw materials suppliers; brand owners and retailers; consultants, analysts and all those involved in the nonwovens supply chain.

About Smithers Pira

Smithers Pira is the worldwide authority on packaging, paper and print industry supply chains. Established in 1930, Smithers Pira provides strategic and technical consulting, testing, intelligence and events to help clients gain market insights, identify opportunities, evaluate product performance and manage compliance. For more information visit www.smitherspira.com

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A new report from Smithers Pira, The Future of Fluff Pulp to 2020, provides a comprehensive outlook for the global fluff pulp market, with expert analysis of supply, demand and pricing forecasts to 2020.

smithers pira logoGlobal demand for fluff pulp was 5.4 million air dried tonnes in 2015, up from 4.7 million air dried tonnes in 2010. Projected demand in 2020 is 6.5 million air dried tonnes for a projected annual growth of 3.6% by 2020.

Historically, fluff pulp has been a specialty pulp grade with higher prices and margins than the more common papermaking pulp grades. Accounting for about 10% of the total pulp market globally in 2015, fluff pulp has apparently ended decades of regular price fluctuation with only minor variations over the last five years.

“Fluff pulp is a very desirable pulp product, with production costs lower than for dissolving pulp, and prices higher than for papermaking grades,” said Phillip Mango, author of the report.

“The outlook for fluff pulp pricing is that it will not vary as much as it has in the past and list price will stay high while actual discounted prices slowly drop from 2015 through 2020. This will make fluff pulp even more attractive versus other fibres.”

Fluff pulp is one of the most sustainable raw materials on earth, based on tree species grown with no irrigation and few or no pesticides on land that has little value for food production. Despite continuing reduction in fluff pulp content in its major end uses, fluff pulp has proven amazingly resilient, gaining volume in adult incontinence and increasing baby diaper/nappy sales in emerging markets.

The large hygiene end-uses consume the majority of global fluff pulp and drive the growth of the fluff pulp market. The fastest growing major end-use for fluff pulp is nonwovens. These hygiene end-uses are projected to increase fluff consumption in air dried tonnes by 3.4% annually through 2020, while nonwovens are projected to increase their fluff pulp consumption by 5.4%.

The competitive landscape for fluff pulp is dominated by large pulp and paper companies located in North America, thanks to the optimal growing conditions in this region. The four largest fluff pulp producers are Georgia-Pacific, Weyerhaeuser, International Paper, and Domtar. These four account for about 80% of all fluff pulp production in 2015. The 10 largest producers account for about 99% of global fluff pulp production. Of the top 10 producers, six are in North America, one in South America and three in Western Europe.

The trend in fluff pulp production is expansion in South America and North America, while Europe has concentrated on modifying pure fluff producing mills to more sustainable, more profitable, biorefineries.

Geographically, consumption is driven by the large hygiene end-uses plus the growing nonwovens markets. Here, Asia is the market leader, with Western Europe and North America second and third respectively. The North American and Western European markets are relatively mature and as such have the lowest growth for fluff pulp, while Asia, South America and Eastern Europe all have higher growth rates.

With comprehensive market data and industry analysis based on new primary research, The Future of Fluff Pulp to 2020 examinesthe changing nature of the global fluff pulp market over the next five years.

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Friday, 11 December 2015 08:48

The Future of Fluff Pulp to 2020

pira logoFluff pulp demand in 2015 is 5.4 million air dried tonnes, up from 4.7 million air dried tonnes in 2010, for an annual growth in consumption of 3.1% per year. The Future of Fluff Pulp to 2020 predicts that demand for fluff pulp in 2020 is 6.5 million air dried tonnes; projected annual growth for 2015-20 is 3.6%. Diapers/nappies are the largest end use market with about 33.7% of the market in 2015, while nonwovens are the fastest growing end use at 5.3% annual growth for 2015-20.

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The Future of Fluff Pulp to 2020 is based on both primary and secondary research. Primary research included interviews with key participants in marketing, sales, production and product development for the entire fluff pulp supply chain: raw materials, fluff pulp producers, and fluff pulp end-users. Key participants interviewed included personnel from fluff pulp producers, diaper/nappy producers, feminine hygiene producers, adult incontinence producers and fluff pulp using nonwoven producers and general industry experts. These general industry experts include personnel from major process equipment suppliers, and other industry consultants. Secondary research included information acquired from technical literature, reports, papers, conference proceedings, company information, and other trade, business or government.

​The Future of Fluff Pulp to 2020 is available for £3,780 / $5,850 / €4,815 until ​Thursday, December 31.

What will you discover?
The future of the fluff pulp landscape to 2020, with exclusive, in-depth expert analysis.
Comprehensive market data and industry analysis based on new primary research.
The overall global fluff pulp market, supply, demand and pricing forecast to 2020.

Steve Hill
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Josh Rabb
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A new report published by Smithers Pira this month examines the market for functional and barrier coatings for paper and board packaging, which is expected to reach over $7.1 billion by 2020.

pira logoAccording to new report The Future of Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper and Board Packaging to 2020, sustained growth in demand for paper-based packaging materials is stimulating demand for functional and barrier coatings. Total demand is expected to increase from 2.4 million tonnes of material in 2014 to over 3.2 million tonnes by 2020, with the market value growing at 5% annually (in constant 2014 terms) from nearly $5.4 billion to over $7.1 billion over the period.

This will be particularly evident in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia and South/Central America, with the unrest in the Middle East casting a cloud over otherwise good growth in this region as well.  Demand in North America will lose some market share to these regions, especially Asia, while Europe should maintain its position in the market over the review period.

“At a macro-economic level, urbanisation, population growth, ageing populations and the growth of the emerging economies are all exerting varying degrees of stimulus on the demand for coatings,” said Stephen Harrod, author of the report.

“Changes in retail infrastructure in the emerging regions are opening up new opportunities for packaging generally and consequently for the coating industry.”

In total, over 30% of all paper-based packaging carries some form of functional or barrier coating, ranging from 100% of liquid packaging board to just 7% of corrugated materials. This rises to more than 45% of food packaging, with a third of beverage packs and a fifth of non-food materials carrying these coatings.  

The $5 billion functional and barrier coating industry is turning green, with the need for recyclability being driven at all levels, from legislative and regulatory requirements through to consumer perceptions and pressure groups, and key technological breakthroughs are making their presence felt. In addition, consumer trends such as increasing demand for smaller pack sizes provides a stimulus for the coatings market, as more and smaller packs present a greater surface area for coating than the fewer and larger packs they replace.

Extrusion polymers, which include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyamide (Nylon) and recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PETr), show the best prospects and will absorb the lion’s share of the anticipated growth in this market, moving from a 61% share of 2014 volumes to some 63.5% of the projected 2020 market. This will be driven largely by solid growth in demand for liquid packaging board, coupled with strong growth in demand for these coatings from non-food applications, though from a low base.

The Future of Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper and Board Packaging to 2020 provides an in-depth analysis of the market forces driving growth and offers a comprehensive overview of the industry for raw material suppliers, product managers and engineers, packaging converters and other key personnel in the packaging supply chain.

The Future of Functional and Barrier Coatings for Paper and Board Packaging to 2020 is available for £4,200. For more information, please contact:

Bill Allen
+44 (0)1372 802086 / ballen@smithers.com

North/South America:
Josh Rabb
330-762-7441 ext. 1206 / jrabb@smithers.com

Smithers Pira is the worldwide authority on packaging, paper and print industry supply chains. Established in 1930, Smithers Pira provides strategic and technical consulting, testing, intelligence and events to help clients gain market insights, identify opportunities, evaluate product performance and manage compliance. For more information please visit www.smitherspira.com

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Taking place for the first time in Warsaw, Poland, from 30-31 October, 2013, the 9th edition of the Paper Recycling Conference Europe, organised by Recycling Today Media Group and Smithers Pira, announces its fully confirmed programme.

paper re smithersOrganisers of the Paper Recycling Conference Europe, Recycling Today Media Group and Smithers Pira, are delighted to announce the European recovered paper conference agenda for 2013. It is once again positioned to provide a forum for the entire industry to network and share ideas while also gaining insight into key industry drivers from the perspectives of the consuming and supply side of the market.

Statistics highlighted in recently published reports from the European Recovered Paper Council show that fibre was collected and recycled an average of 3.5 times in 2012, with a worldwide average of 2.4 times. In addition, figures showed that Europe recycled 71.7 per cent of its paper in 2012, allowing us to indulge in the fact that paper recycling as an industry truly is ‘made in Europe.’ Given that, this will be an interesting and insightful year to join in the discussions at the Paper Recycling Conference Europe, which is fully equipped to address quality challenges, trading issues and provide a detailed update on plastics recycling trends.

The conference is set to kick off with an executive session featuring leaders of paper and recycling companies, including DS Smith and Stora Enso, plus forecasts from Smithers Pira’s expert consultant Graham Moore. Each speaker will give insight into where he or she predicts the industry will be in 5-10 years and how these individuals are trying to position their companies for any changes which they see to be forthcoming.

The two-day agenda, including the ever popular mill buyers session chaired by Bill Moore and featuring panellists from Hamburger Recycling Group, Sonoco-Alcore, Utzenstorf Papier and Kimberly-Clarke Europe, fosters a better exchange of information and ideas in the buying and selling process. The conference also provides a unique focus on how to optimise production and re-tool recycling centres for the future, with an emphasis on improving quality and efficiency of operations. View full list of speakers confirmed here

An additional focus of this year’s programme will be on the trends, challenges and opportunities in plastics recycling, incorporating growth trends in film plastics, presented by representatives from ALBA Group, ACN Europe and DELA and RELUX Kunststoffe.

Once again the conference programme will be complemented by a table-top exhibition area, the main destination for the extended networking breaks, ensuring attendees make the most of their time in Warsaw and exchange ideas and contacts with the rest of the recycling supply chain throughout the two days.


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pigments forumSmithers Rapra programme for The Pigment and Colour Science Forum has now been revealed, and is set to bring over 30 industry expert speakers presenting the latest industry news to unite the pigment industry behind colour science and design.

Smithers Rapra have built over 25 years' experience of delivering high profile conferences across the industrial pigments and colourants sector, this new forum has combined the well-established Future of Pigments and Colour Cosmetics Summit.

“The conference is being held at the Crowne Plaza Rome - St Peters Hotel & Spa, a stunning location for The Pigment & Colour Science Forum, and we anticipate a robust turnout given the tremendous support for the 2013 programme from industry leaders”

Andrew Smaha, conference director at Smithers Rapra stated "The conference is being held at the Crowne Plaza Rome - St Peters Hotel & Spa, a stunning location for The Pigment & Colour Science Forum, and we anticipate a robust turnout given the tremendous support for the 2013 programme from industry leaders”.

Over thirty industry experts are scheduled to present: Bill Eibon, Director, PPG Industries. Antonio Doménech-Carbó, University of Valencia. Dr. Mas Subramanian, Oregon State University Materials Institute. Marianne Peltier, Sensient Colors LLC. Dr. Andrew Trapani, The Dow Chemical Company. John E. Book, JDSU and Paul Czornij, Color Excellence Group, BASF.

The Forum will start with foundational research in Colour Science, learning how design perspectives and tastes impact the pigments supply chain. Giving attendees overviews of inorganic pigments, emerging intellectual property and patent-related issues, plus the very latest industry trends being covered in the session on 'Players, Plays and Issues in the Global Pigments Industry'.

The Pigment and Colour conference will examine the steady growth of Asian pigment through Dr. Mosongo Moukwa, Asian Paints presentation. A deeper connection between academic studies shall be explored; R&D, performance engineering and industry, and better understand the tools used in the pigment industry that can help quantify data more efficiently and uniformly. After a deep dive into nanotechnology particle space, new pigment developments and links into composites, the Pigment & Colour Forum’s final day will deliver presentations for the industry’s major buyers, addressing pigment market opportunities and new advances in plastics, cosmetics, paints & coatings, multifunctional pigments, industrial design, paper and printing inks, consumer electronics and automotive applications.

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paper pira

Recognised as the quintessential meeting place for the European recovered paper industry, the Paper Recycling Conference Europe 2013 comes to Warsaw, Poland from 30-31 October.

For 2013, organisers The Recycling Today Media Group and Smithers Pira are taking the 9th annual edition of the Paper Recycling Conference Europe to the cultural and energetic city of Warsaw, Poland.

As one of the leading economies in Eastern Europe, and with recent recycle mill capacity additions to the country, Poland offers many opportunities for recovered paper sales, as well as growing supply capacity. Additionally, since the paper recovery rates in Eastern Europe are much lower than more developed regions of Europe, this region will be one of the sources of new material for the global recycled paper industry.

Taking place in this region of opportunity, the Paper Recycling Conference Europe 2013 will build on the growth of the Paper Recycling conference series. The dynamic conference format will bring together the supply and consuming sides of the paper and paper recycling industry to create an active dialogue and generate unrivalled trading opportunities for attendees.

The 2013 conference programme is being developed by an expert industry advisory committee, featuring representatives from Smurfit Kappa Group, Huhtamaki Paper Recycling, ACN Europe and other industry specialists. View Advisory Board here

The agenda in Warsaw will cover key issues facing the whole supply chain, with a strong emphasis on quality issues, plus trends in trading and exporting and challenges to securing venture capital funding. The programme will also include interactive panel discussions to help delegates debate, learn and strategise.

Confirmed topics on this year’s programme include:

  • The future of the European paper and recycling industry
  • Quality standards, issues and challenges for recyclers
  • Finance and funding opportunities for the paper and recycling industry
  • Mill Buyers’ perspectives
  • Trends and opportunities in plastics recycling markets
  • Optimising recycling operations
  • A discussion of the recycling industry from the traders’ perspective

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Specialty Papers 2013 at the Le Méridien Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany 6-8 November 2013

Smithers Pira, in partnership once again with TAPPI, is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 5th annual Specialty Papers conference 6-8 November 2013. The Le Méridien Stuttgart will host more than 150 paper makers, mill managers, R&D professionals, coating specialists plus many other members of the specialty paper supply chain.

Specialty Papers 2013 will be shaped by the esteemed advisory board of returning members David Bell, VP Corporate Relations, TAPPI; Chuck Klass, President, Klass Associates, Steve Rosenberg, Sr. Director, Business Development and Innovation, Neenah Paper Technical Products Business – Retired. New members include Holger Baumgartner, Mill Manager, Neenah Gessner GmbH; Chris Brown, Marketing and Export sales director, Favini; Graham Moore, Strategic Consultant, Smithers Pira and Ralph Van Loo, Business Unit Manager Fibres, Barnet Europe.

“We are very excited to be partnering with TAPPI again for this year’s Specialty Papers. Together with the advisory we are forming a program that is going to be a must-attend event for all organizations of the specialty paper supply chain – from raw materials to paper mills. 2012 was a great year for the American event and we expecting an even better turnout for 2013 in Europe. The presentations this year will discuss some of the industry’s biggest questions, problems, and concerns. We have already confirmed talks on the challenges that specialty papers will face concerning digital printing, opportunities for new packaging designs, sustainable barrier coating option for paper and board plus many others,” said Barbara Fowler, Conference Director, Smithers Pira.

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    About Smithers Pira

    Smithers Pira is the worldwide authority on packaging, paper and print industry supply chains. Established in 1930, the company provides strategic and technical consulting, testing, intelligence and events to help clients gain market insights, identify opportunities, evaluate product performance and manage compliance. For more information, visit www.smitherspira.com.

    About TAPPI

    TAPPI is the leading association for the worldwide pulp, paper, packaging, and converting industries and publisher of Paper360° and TAPPI JOURNAL. Through information exchange, trusted content, and networking opportunities, TAPPI helps members elevate their performance by providing solutions that lead to better, faster, and more cost-effective ways of doing business. Visit www.tappi.org.

  • Contacts

    For more information about Specialty Papers 2013or to attend, visit  http://www.specialtypaperconference.com. For sponsorship or exhibition opportunities contact Stephen Hill at  shill@smithers.com or +44 (0) 1372 802025.

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Paper Recycling Conference Asia 2013: A unique opportunity for companies in North America, Europe and rest of the world to meet buyers in Asia.


30-31, May 2013, Shanghai China


The countdown begins for the Asian launch edition of the bilingual Paper Recycling Conference Asia taking place from 30-31 May in Shanghai, China.

The conference represents a distinctive and powerful opportunity for the world's suppliers of recovered paper and the mills that consume it to meet, converse, learn and receive invaluable industry updates.

All 27 presentations over the two days will be made in the speakers' native language with simultaneous translations provided for both Chinese and English speaking delegates.

View the full Programme in English and Chinese >>

View the complete list of confirmed speakers here >>

This highly-anticipated conference, designed for merchants, brokers, suppliers of recovered fibre and mills from around the globe will provide delegates with an unrivalled forum to:

  • Learn about development plans for mill capacity in China and their ever evolving fibre
    requirements. 了解造纸能力发展计划及不断变化的纤维需求
  • Interact with a range of respected mill recovered paper buyers from the Asia/Pacific
    region. 与亚太地区重要的回收纸买家互动
  • Understand the infrastructure of the Chinese domestic recovery market and how it is
    evolving. 了解中国国内回收市场基础结构及其发展情况
  • Gain insight into factors impacting the global trade of recovered fibre.
  • Hear perspectives on new opportunities for recovered fibre from key industry players
    across the supply chain. 听取供应链上关键行业人士对于回收纤维新商机的看法
  • Take advantage of unmatched networking opportunities with key decision makers in the
    world’s largest consuming market. 利用大好机会与世界最大消费市场的决策者

Don't miss your opportunity to attend this unique event and book your place today.

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Inaugural Paper Recycling Conference Asia

asia 2

Inaugural Paper Recycling Conference Asia announces full programme featuring Deloitte China, Smurfit Kappa and Ekman Recycling

The popular Paper Recycling Conference series hits Asia for its launch in May 2013 and takes place in Shanghai, China.

The launch of this successful conference series, produced by the Recycling Today and Smithers Pira, in co-operation with China TAPI, into Asia provides a unique opportunity for companies in North America, Europe and rest of the world to meet buyers in the Asian market.

The full programme for Paper Recycling Conference Asia launching on 30-31 May 2013, has been announced. Highlights include the opening Keynote Address - The role of recyclables in China’s economic resurgence, presented by Professor Wang, Ministry of Environmental Protection, China; an overview of macro-economic trends impacting Asia’s recovered paper industry from Sally Sun, Deloitte China, and an exclusive One-on-One Interview with Ross Li, Lee & Man.

View the full programme here

Attendees will hear from other key speakers on the agenda, including; Randy Kim, Ekman Recycling; Henri Vermeulen, Smurfit Kappa Group; Niu Qingmin, Jiangsu Paper Association; Yoshimitsu Tanaka, Kaneko, and more, on recovered paper supply, infrastructure and quality issues and challenges.

“We’re excited about launching a Paper Recycling Conference in Asia, particularly as Asian demand continues to represent the major growth area for recovered paper.  Since this inaugural event replicates the design of our existing events list to attract merchants, brokers, suppliers of recovered fibre and mills from around the globe, it’s sure to represent a unique and powerful opportunity for the world's suppliers and consumers of recovered paper to meet”, Jim Keefe, Executive Vice President & Group Publisher, Recycling Today.

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    About Recycling Today

    Founded in 1963 the group publishes Recycling Today, Recycling Today Global Edition, the Paper Recycling Markets Directory, RecyclingToday.com as well as other magazines and directories for the scrap and recycling industry. As the leading media outlet serving the international recycling market they offer a powerful perspectives on industry activities and trends. 

    About Smithers Pira

    The worldwide authority on the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains. Established in 1930, Smithers Pira provides strategic and technical consulting, testing, intelligence and events to help clients gain market insights, identify opportunities, evaluate product performance and manage compliance.

  • Contacts

    To find out more about the inaugural Paper Recycling Conference, visit: http://asia.paperrecyclingconference.com

    or contact:

    Sophie West
    Marketing Manager
    EU Events & Membership
    Cleeve Road
    KT22 7RU UK


    Tel: +44 1372 802000
    Direct: +44 1372 802104

    Smithers Rapra | Smithers Pira | Smithers Apex


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