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SmartScan™ LM, a new compact microwave sensor for measuring the humidity in the sheet will be presented.

SmartScan™ LM is a sensor based on ultra-short microwaves, for the accurate measurement of humidity in the sheet on low weights and humidity, typical of post-size positions.


SmartScan™ LM complete the SmartScan™ family targeted for the press section already on the market, a success installed in numerous machines across Europe and North America. 

SmartScan™ sensors are engineered to overcome the typical limits of the NIR (Near Infrared) technologies. This new generation of sensors is characterized by the most compact construction on the market, with single side measurement. These characteristics and the absence of reflectors and/or sensors on the reverse side of the sheet, allows a wider freedom in installation solutions than all the sensors currently on the market.

Cristini Diagnostic Systems will be present at stand 110.

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cristini logo new 2014Line 2 Pro Eisenhuttenstad Papier, Germany (the world's widest and fastest machine for the production of paper packaging paper) broke again two world speed records in a row, with 100% Cristini press fabrics. 

2014-08-29 074522 cris felts

On March 18th at a speed of 1680 m / min, production 77g / m², and April 23rd at a speed of 1704 m / min, production 70g / m², were broken again the speed barriers of for packaging papers.

The event is even more significant considering that in both cases the efficiency of the machine has achieved 96.6 and 96% respectively. 

These records have been also possible thanks to the know-how and continuous refinement of the Cristini press fabrics, that place the Company as one of the world leaders for these productions. 

Cristini S.p.A. this year will be 100 years old; 2 world speed records in a row are one of the best way to celebrate the event. www.cristini.com

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    Cristini S.p.A. supplied the Pulp & Paper Industry for 100 years, since 5 generations.
    100% family owned, the Company distributes the product lines to more than 1000 customers, in 50 Countries worldwide.

    Our Research & Development has engineered innovative products, which have become important in the evolution of the Pulp & Paper Industry.

    Some of the technologies widely used nowadays, like the first seamed press fabric (US Pat no.569040, 1956), the first microwave consistency meter (2005), or the first spiral link fabric in corrugator belts (2004), have been introduced to the market for the first time by our Company.

    The high quality standards of Cristini's products have earned the appreciation and trust of many highly competitive markets.

    With production units throughout Europe and North America, the Cristini Group is a reliable partner for all Pulp & Paper Companies.

Published in European News