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PM3 was successfully started-up on 19 September 2018.

This turn-key plant is the 3rd one supplied by Recard to Drenik ND after PM1 (2004) and PM2 (2008). An identical plant will be supplied to Drenik Hungary in 2019.

The Recard’s supply included a Crescent Former machine in a 1850-mpm speed and 2850-mm format with a production capacity of 120 tpd, will be fed by two stock preparation lines for virgin fibers and equipped with two rewinders (one pneumatic with one backstand and one hydraulic rewinder with 4 backstands), complete electrical plant, DAF system, integrated recovery boiler, mist and dust extraction systems and hall ventilation.

Belgrade, 19 September 2018. Startup PM3 of Drenik DN. The Recard’s Team with the first master roll. Belgrade, 19 September 2018. Startup PM3 of Drenik DN. The Recard’s Team with the first master roll.

“Drenik Sebia PM3 synthetizes all Recard’s features: Hi performances, user friendliness and energy saving.” says Mauro Michelini – General Manager of Recard “With this tissue plant continues the series of Recard successful start-up in which the first reel is perfect and sellable. The accuracy of our projects, the manufacturing quality and the care we give to the installation, ensure the respect of all customer’s targets.”

DRENIK is one of the largest manufacturer of tissue paper in Southeast Europe and consists of a group of industrial and commercial companies in the field of tissue products. Actually the group Drenik DN has more than 700 employees and operates in the two factories: DRENIK Belgrade and DRENIK Hungary.

Besides the Drenik's production and development of the brand's PERFEX and Boni the factory also produce the private label products for renowned wholesalers, trading companies and retail chains in Southeast Europe.

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Speed record attained: 2150 m/min! Holder of this record is the machine owned by M.C. Tissue produced by Recard for Cartiere Carrara for the Tassignano (Lucca) plant. A figure very close to the world record.

2018 04 11 092133

Already just 3 months after start-up, M.C. Tissue’s PM5 – the seventh machine supplied by Recard to the Lucca-based group and started up in the summer of 2017 – had shown great performance, running at 2130 m/min for 24 hours. The 2150 m/min were reached in February 2018 and there is ample margin to be able to exceed not just this personal record, but the world record, too.

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Recard will supply the new 30,000-tpy tissue machine to the historic company Klippans Bruk AB for its Klippan facilities in Sweden. Start-up of the complete turnkey plant, in a 3200-mm format and a speed of 1700 m/min, is scheduled for summer 2019.

The Klippan mill is specialized in the production of paper for colored table napkins that it supplies to customers worldwide. With the addition of the new machine by Recard – that will flank another machine already in operation – production will increase fourfold. A 15-million euro investment that will allow boosting the mill’s staff by 20-25 new employees and to strengthen the position of the Swedish company in the market.

2018 03 23 113253

For Recard, this is a great event, since it is the first tissue machine order signed for Sweden.

About Klippans Bruk AB
Klippan nurtures a long tradition of papermaking. It began in 1573 when renowned astronomer Tycho Brahe´s cousin started producing paper near the monastery at Herrevadskloster. In that time this area of Sweden belonged to Denmark and the mill was in fact Denmark’s very first paper mill. In 1658 it became Swedish through the peace at Roskilde.

In the 1700s the mill moved to new premises by the river Rönne, where it remains still today. In 1832 the country’s first paper machine was installed at Klippan Mill. It was soon followed by several more. Through the years the paper products have varied following the markets requests. Newspaper quality, paper for stamps, copy paper etc have all been produced here.

In 1962 the production of tissue for napkins started at Klippan Mill and with more than 50 years’ experience of producing it Klippans Bruk AB is today one of the world´s leading producers of deep-coloured tissue.

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2017 11 24 084244Drenik ND d.o.o., a company headquartered in Belgrade and very strong not only on the Serbian market but also in the Balkan and Eastern European territories, renews its trust in Recard for the fourth time with the order of PM3: a complete turnkey plant with a production capacity of 120 tpd.

The Crescent Former, in a 1850-mpm speed, 2850-mm format, will be fed by two stock preparation lines for virgin fibers and equipped with a hydraulic rewinder with 4 backstands, complete electrical plant, all ancillary equipment, DAF system, mist and dust extraction systems and hall and roof ventilation.

Recard thus confirms itself sole provider of PMs for the Serbian company. In 2004 it had installed PM1 for Drenik, later modified by Recard at the company’s request to increase its speed and production capacity and started up in February 2017, while in 2007 it manufactured PM2 for the company.


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2017 10 03 071656

Agreement between Recard and Grand Bay Paper and Care Products Group for the installation of a new paper mill in Guatemala

To be able to meet the growing demand in the different markets of the Latin-American area and pursue a regional growth plan, the Grand Bay Paper and Care Products Group has stipulated an agreement regarding the installation of a new paper mill for the production of soft papers (toilet rolls, table napkins, facial tissue, kitchen towels) with the Italian company Recard.

This new investment will be set up in Guatemala, in Central America, through the branch company Papelera Internacional S.A., and will constitute the basis for the expansion of the activities in the region of Central America and the Caribbean.
2017 10 03 071944The new machine, whose start-up is scheduled for mid-October 2018, boasts a drying capacity of 120 t/d and a maximum speed of 2000 m/min. The machine will run on 100% virgin fiber or 100% secondary fiber. Recard will supply a turnkey service that includes 3 pulp preparation lines for long fibers, short fibers and broke, approach flow system, related ancillary equipment and complete mechanical and electrical assembly.

“This new order by Painsa”, commented Mauro Michelini, General Manager, “is a great reason for pride for us because it allows us to work once again with people with whom we have established a great rapport, and this is foundational in order to pursue satisfactory technical results”.
The Grand Bay group
The Grand Bay group is a Latin-American consortium with over 65 years’ experience in the area. Present in the markets of Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean region, it carries out its activities directly from the facilities located in Venezuela, Colombia, Trinidad, Panama and Guatemala, and is specialized in the production and sale of soft papers (toilet rolls, table napkins, facial tissue, kitchen towels), directly serving over 20 countries in Latin-America.
With this new investment, the Grand Bay Group intends improving the service standards available to customers and offering high quality products that meet the increasingly pressing demands of consumers in the region, maintaining its leading position from a technological point of view and with a focus on responsible, efficient and ecosustainable management of the resources.

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2017 06 30 085433From the end of May to the beginning of June 2017, Recard was involved in two new startups outside national boundaries.

As scheduled, the Easy Crescent plant for Meghna Group of Industries was started up in Bangladesh on May 20th. PM1 (sheet width 2850 mm, production capacity 50 ton/ day, speed 1200 m/min) produced its first reel of high quality paper immediately upon startup, which took place smoothly and with no interruptions. Recard thus strengthens its presence in the country after the plant supplied to another customer, Bashundhara Paper Mills, which was started up in 2010.

2017 06 30 085442

2017 06 30 085500

Another welcome return was Mexico for the startup of the machine supplied to Convertipap: the turnkey plant (sheet width 2850 mm, production capacity 90 ton/day, speed 1500 m/min) was successfully started up on June 2nd.

The machine began producing 24/7 immediately and after a week attained maximum guaranteed speed. Since 1992, Recard has installed four machines in Mexico and a total of eighteen throughout Latin America, underscoring once again that this is an important reference market for the Lucca company.

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