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We look forward to meeting you at PulPaper 2018 in Helsinki.  You can find us at booth 6c58, together with Uproval Oy, one of our System Integrator Partners.

PulPaper is one of the largest pulp and paper fairs globally. The theme of 2018 is “Visit tomorrow today”.  At the same time with PulPaper, the related exhibitions PacTec and Wood Expo will be held. The last edition of PulPaper took part in 2014 and attracted 453 exhibitors and 9428 visitors in three days.

PulPaper 2018 is held from 29 May  - 31 May 2018 at the Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Center in Helsinki.

Opening Hours:

29.5.2018   9:00 – 17:00

30.5.2018   9:00 – 17:00

31.5.2018   9:00 – 16:00

Stora Enso has launched a new service called ReadyReel from its Lumipaper NV converting services site located in Antwerp, Belgium. ReadyReel is a rewinding and palletizing service that offers rapid delivery of reels ready in the format and position needed for loading on to the press directly.

The ReadyReel service for narrow format reels has been developed to serve digital printers as well as direct mail and envelope converters. This allows customers to manage the ever-growing demands for shorter runs and faster turnaround within their process. The service is available for Stora Enso’s woodfree coated and uncoated papers.

2018 05 24 083715

“The new service allows us to deliver narrow reels efficiently in the format that our customers need. The reels are ready in the right position and easy to handle. To support the new service, we have also developed the SafeWedge system which allows safe handling of reels from the pallet and re-use of the pallets”, says Ivan De Donder, Plant Manager Lumipaper NV, Stora Enso.

The ReadyReel service is located within easy reach of many key print and converting centres.

“The fact that the service is centrally located in Europe helps us deliver reels with fast lead times. For example, we can deliver stock items within 48 hours to Benelux, France and Germany and production items within a week. The ReadyReel service is going to help us grow our presence in both the inkjet and electrophotographic market and at the same time respond to the changing needs of our converter customers”, says Jonathan Bakewell, VP, Office Papers, Stora Enso.

A.Celli Nonwovens is delighted to confirm its collaboration with the important Turkish industrial company for the supply of a new generation STREAM® winder.

The Merkas Tekstil Sanayi VE Ticaret AS Company has once again chosen the technology of A.Celli Nonwovens to fulfil the order of a STREAM® winder.
In doing so, the company belonging to the Hassan Group has availed itself of A.Celli’s technological excellence for the manufacture of air through bonded nonwovens improved mainly to perform as Acquisition Distribution Layer and TopSheet components in disposable baby/adult diaper and feminine hygiene industries.
Gentle, soft and bulky texture of these multifunctional air through bonded nonwovens has met with considerable success in a number of sectors besides hygiene.

2018 05 23 222950

The new STREAM® winder will have a working speed of 350 mpm.
The new generation HMI and the excellent performance of the new cutting system are the additional elements of technological excellence, the hallmark of the A.Celli Company whose offer perfectly meets the many disparate needs of the market in terms of experience and professionalism, and real added value for customers.

The start-up of the plant is scheduled for the beginning of the second half of 2018.

Merkas Tekstil Sanayi VE Ticaret COMPANY PROFILE
Merkas Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret A S was founded in 2010 as a part of the Hassan Group.
The company’s line of business includes the manufacture of air through bonded nonwoven products.
The Hassan Group is well known in the global sector of nonwoven products, an industry that requires a very particular manufacturing process and specific areas of expertise. The group continues to grow thanks to the efficient management of the 2nd and 3rd generations of its founding family and the dedication of its professional workforce. Its mission, as always, is to share its values and products with Turkey and with the rest of the world.

BW Papersystems, the world’s largest manufacturer of paper and board sheeting machinery have created a new product group focusing on Sheeters for pre, and post press inline operation.

Inline Sheeters fall into 2 major groups:

Pre-Press. To cut sheets from a reel and delivery directly into a Sheet Fed Offset Press.

Post-Press. To install at the end of Digital, Flexo or Gravure web press.

Talking firstly about Pre-Press, BW Bielomatik based in Nurtingen Germany, has produced Pre-Press Sheeters for over 20 years with more than 400 operating today. For the first time an Inline Sheeter suitable for large format Offset presses has been developed.

The LFS 165 Sheeter can sheet reels up to 1650 mm wide with a range of 40-350 gsm. During recent tests the machine switched form 120 gsm paper to 40 gsm paper with no manual adjustment and no reduction in the 300 m/min speed.

The LFS 165 is not just a wider version of existing machinery. It has far greater automation to match the fast order change features of modern press and the ability to run a wider range of materials at 15000 sheets per hour.

The LFS 165 is available to all press manufacturers and to printers with existing large format presses.

Pre-Press Sheeter users have explained that they enjoy many benefits including those listed below.

  • Higher speed and more reliable feeding when printing lightweight paper, plastic film or materials with high static charge
  • Lower price. (reels cost less than sheets)
  • Reduced inventory, as many sheet sizes can be cut from 1 roll
  • Elimination of double handling by removing the need to use a pile turner
  • Reduced paper store area as rolls can be stacked higher than pallets of sheets
  • Ability to source from a wider range of mills as a few roll sizes can cover all sheet sizes required.

2018 05 23 222316

Moving onto to Post-Press.

At Drupa 2016 there was an increase of web fed, digital and analogue printing presses producing sheet based products. The manufacturers of these presses commented that there were few Sheeters specifically designed for inline operation and none that could allow them to maximise the performance of their equipment, particularly fast size changes.

After 12 months of market consultations with OEM,s and printers, BW Papersystems will offer 2 families of sheeters in 106 cm and 165 cm widths. These models will have a flexible platform to cater for digital and analogue inline applications, inline /offline combination and offline configurations.

These Sheeters will handle a material range of 60-400 gsm with speeds from 80-350 m/min

All machines will have automatic size change, a non-contact sheet transport system and automatic sheet rejection. Optional features will include:

  • Automatic sample sheet collection
  • Non-stop pallet change
  • Web trimming and centre slitting
  • Smart register mark technology for sheet identification and routing

For the first time a range of sheeters designed specifically for inline operation and the flexibility of modern presses is available to Press Manufacturers and Printers.

valmet logoValmet will supply a tissue machine restart-up package to Xiamen Sin Yang Paper TM1 in China. The delivery will include necessary project management, maintenance, spare parts and start-up of a tissue machine idled in 2014 and originally delivered by Valmet. The start-up is scheduled for July 2018.

This order is first of the kind for Valmet in China area. Zihou Song, Senior Manager, Mill Improvements from Valmet says: "This is a very challenging project due to tight time schedule, but at the same time very exciting new kind of a project for us that strengthens our services to tissue customers in China."

PMP’s PSF Technology is aimed to generate cost savings and to increases profitability in paper making.

pmp logo 2016The Paper Surface Functionality (PSF) concept was developed to support paper mills in improving the useful properties of paper or board. Combinations of various layers of barrier chemicals, coating colors and starches can be applied in a purposeful and selected sequence on the paper or board surface and in controlled amounts. PSF Technology utilizes a special spraying application technology and has an advanced process design for feeding and re-circulating the flow of material to the surface treatment units.

PMP is developing the concept in close co-operation with Patrick Sundholm Ltd Oy. Pilot equipment is installed on a state-of-the-art pilot coater in KCL research plant in Otaniemi, Finland. Furthermore, a cylindrical laboratory coater (CLC) enabling pre-trials has been installed by KCL.

The technology can be implemented as retrofits in existing paper machines or off line coaters.

The pilot is a platform for developing enhanced and new paper and board grades. The trials are run with the clients in accordance with strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

TAPPI Presents Leonard Fiore with Process Control Division Technical Award 2018 

An expert engineer from AMETEK Surface Vision, a world leader in automated online surface inspection solutions, was presented by TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry), with a prestigious technical award at its recent PaperCon event in Charlotte, NC.

Senior Hardware Engineer Leonard (Lenny) Fiore received the 2018 Process Control Division Technical Award, which is presented annually by TAPPI in recognition of outstanding contributions to paper industry science and technology.

2018 05 23 213737from left to right): Paul Durocher, Chair TAPPI Board of Directors, ; Leonard Fiore, Senior Hardware Engineer AMETEK Surface Vision; and Larry Montague, TAPPI President & CEO

Mr. Fiore has spent more than 40 years in the pulp and paper industry, starting in 1977 with Foxboro, and been involved with web-based monitoring and inspection for the past 25 years. He is responsible for many important design and technical developments for the paper sector and is named as an inventor on six US patents.

In presenting the award, the TAPPI Awards Committee noted Mr. Fiore’s exceptional accomplishments throughout his long paper industry career and his involvement in the development of landmark products and systems. Those include Champion video capture view, rheometer automation design, Sartell quality information control system, roll diameter prediction and AMETEK Surface Vision’s SmartAdvisor® web monitoring and inspection system, with its incorporation of high-definition cameras and board redesign.

“This award is a thoroughly deserved recognition of Lenny’s technical skills and achievements. Those include his integral role on the team that designed and developed AMETEK Surface Vision’s innovative SmartNet® scalable quality control solution,” commented Marius Westermann, AMETEK Surface Vision Business Manager.

“It acknowledges the dedication and expertise of Lenny and many others at AMETEK Surface Vision, who have made us a world leader in our field.”

Smart Solutions for integrating the processes of the tissue value chain presented at Valmet Tissue Making Days 2018

During Valmet Tissue Making Days 2018, Valmet, Fabio Perini and Elettric80 disclosed new digital solutions to implement the “ideal smart factory” resulting from the cooperation of three market leading companies.

The conference has been hosted since 1983 by Valmet, the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp & paper industries. This year Valmet has involved Fabio Perini, leading company in the converting & packaging industry, and Elettric80, specialized in creating automated solutions for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) as partners for the event.

It has been three days of sharing ideas, technologies and market trends with the key tissue players and producers from all over the world.

From left: Jenny Lahti-Samuelsson, Manager Global Tissue Technology, Valmet -  William Nelson, President of Elettric80 Inc & Elettric80 S de RL – Kent Nika, Valmet and Oswaldo Cruz, Fabio Perini CEOFrom left: Jenny Lahti-Samuelsson, Manager Global Tissue Technology, Valmet - William Nelson, President of Elettric80 Inc & Elettric80 S de RL – Kent Nika, Valmet and Oswaldo Cruz, Fabio Perini CEO

The event theme, T-Evolution – Transforming Tissue Together, focused on the transformation of the business environment and how Industrial Internet and digitization are leveraging new strategies and solutions to satisfy the Customers.

Valmet, Fabio Perini and Elettric80 are three individual companies, part of a unique value chain. They work as separate entities but can at the same time be integrated into one System. They are individually strong, worldwide established companies, but can make the difference within a tissue factory meeting the customers’ needs.

“To continue to develop this industry we have identified and created new solutions with a more holistic approach. This is a proof that working together with our partners and utilizing the data from end to end can bring greater value for both the tissue industry and the development of new sustainable solutions” says Jenny Lahti-Samuelsson, Manager Global Tissue Technology at Valmet.

“The complexity of the market - Oswaldo Cruz, Fabio Perini CEO, comments – calls for cooperation between companies like ours in supplying customers with solutions enabling them to go beyond their business objectives: improve overall equipment efficiency, maximize production output, look after environment sustainability, focus on safety and optimize overall cost, as well as a general and transversal efficiency, attainable only through integration”.

"Elettric80 has totally changed the way of designing tissue factories, offering one of the most efficient and safe solutions available around the world that is able to respond quickly to customers’ needs and to changes in the market - says William Nelson, President of Elettric80 Inc & Elettric80 S de RL-. The solutions by Elettric80 cover the entire value chain because they enhance the reliability and safety of the entire plant as well as of the entire business life cycle. The results are a significant increase in factory efficiency, total traceability of handled products, significantly reducing spaces, maximum safety and cost-effectiveness. We work in close partnership with our customers around the world to solve the logistical challenges of the tissue industry; we do not offer our customers a single product, but solutions that are tailor-made, scalable, modular and efficient.

Valmet, Fabio Perini, Elettric80: how process integration happens

Product optimization, throughout machine digitization, starts right at the beginning of our ecosystem. The journey of the fibres from pulp to a dried tissue sheet is long and every step of the journey is important.

Through the Valmet Advantage NTT machine all the parameters used to transform the fibers into a tissue web and the characteristics of the dried paper, are collected and controlled for immediate corrective actions. The wet end system is measured and controlled by a variation of different Valmet Analysers. Every centimetre of produced tissue is monitored for quality, by the Valmet DNA system, carrying all information on the jumbo roll’s excellence and flaws: chemicals used, softness and eventual damages.

The Advanced Balance Control system (ABC) provides optimal and automatic balance control of hood and air system for any production range, boosts productivity while minimizing energy consumption, allows remote control of the parameters and enables a direct connection to Valmet experts for remote diagnostics on the drying process.

When Jumbo rolls are stored and ready to be transformed on the conversion lines, an Elettric80 LGV Elephant system machine collects the right reel from the warehouse and takes it towards the Fabio Perini converting line. Elettric80’s Smart Decision Maker - the “decision making” logic that oversees all the logistic operations and material movements inside the factory- reads and collects all the information transmitted by Valmet.

The main systems by Elettric80 and BEMA, the second company specialising in the manufacture of products that perfectly complete the Elettric80 value chain, designed according to the tissue customer’s needs are: a wide range of LASER GUIDED VEHICLES (LGVs); WOODPECKER pallet control system; DRAGON palletizer; SILKWORM stretch wrapper; ROBOTIC LABELLER and SMART STORE warehouses. SMART BOX is a unique, sturdy, modular and extremely efficient solution. Within a 12m x 7.5m space, it combines palletizing, stretch wrapping and labelling in a flexible and compact layout. SMART BOX offers multiple advantages such as high efficiency, reduced accumulations, low maintenance costs constant over time.

The reel is automatically loaded on the new Fabio Perini Smart Unwinder (chuckless and crankless) with intelligent features, that allow to optimize manpower and prevent injuries.

The next step is embossing: the Fabio Perini CATALYST smart embosser can change both steel rolls in just 10 minutes, without an overhead crane, thanks to its exclusive technology. Saving time helps to improve production and optimize cost, confirming that “Less is more”. The Active Exchange System allows adding or removing the steel rolls from the warehouse while the machine is running, granting flexibility and versatility.

The Fabio Perini 179AX LOG SAW is able to change the Log Saw blade automatically, with no operator access inside the machine, thanks to its 5-slot warehouse feeding an automatic system that is able to change the worn blade in less than 3 minutes.

More than 80% of machine downtime saving and 100% Reduction of Operator Intervention, during changeover procedures, can be attained thanks to the Fabio Perini A6T Wrapper with the Trolley One Touch.

Throughout the whole production cycle, a factory is an assembly of complementary processes performed by different machines, each performing very unique activities. We may say that a factory, in many ways, is like an orchestra, each machine being like a musician creating its own sound, and all the coordinated sounds resulting in music.

The whole process is managed centrally by a single software platform developed by Elettric80, named SM.I.LE80 (Smart Integrated Logistics), which ensures a "direct link" between systems and production processes, and the optimal and effective management of all internal and external plant operations: from incoming raw materials to complete warehousing and shipping management.

Buckman, a global company that specializes in innovative chemical and smart solutions for the pulp and paper industry, will introduce ECHOWISE™, its newest non-invasive technology, at PulPaper in Helsinki, Finland. On 30 May, Buckman’s Mark Conyngham will discuss the advanced process control that ECHOWISE brings to the pulp and paper industry. The presentation will take place at 12:30-13:00 at the Forest Stage in the Exhibition Area.

2018 05 22 110336

In addition, Junai Maharaj, Buckman’s CEO, is serving on the Business Forum’s Leading Change panel on 29 May at 15:30-16:25, and Buckman’s Rob Miller will present on the topic of “Predicting the impact of wood fibers processing using fluorescent carbohydrate binding modules” on 29 May from 13:45-14:00 in the Future Square.

Please visit Buckman’s booth 6e20 to learn more about its innovative chemistries, like Vybrant® enzymatic technologies for pulp brightness, Maximyze® enzymatic fiber refining, Busperse® 2454 deposit control, Oxamine® for paper mill influent and Recovery Boiler Advisor for leak detection.

PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) announced the selection and appointment of Greg Welcher as PMP's new Director Pulp & Paper Business - North America.

logo pmp passion“Greg’s paper industry experience provides PMP with a valuable asset and makes our North American team much stronger.” Rocky Matuska – General Manager PMP Americas.

Greg Welcher brings more than 34 years of experience in the pulp & paper industry and has been involved in paper machine equipment design, research, and commissioning throughout his career.

“PMP Group has a well-respected equipment brand name and I am excited to join the PMP Group and look forward to helping grow the North American business segment.” Greg Welcher – Director Pulp & Paper Business – North America