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Partnerships with the key players in the pulp, paper and board industry set the baseline for our research and development work. Long-term development forums that include pilots and demos are imperative for dealing with the fascinating future potential of the industry.

Deep applications understanding is the key for clever and high-performance suspension transfer and treatment solutions. We are an independent equipment supplier and a trusted application solver. Our knowhow and product reliability are based on close cooperation with the world’s leading pulp, paper and board producers, machinery suppliers, engineering companies and research institutes.

2018 06 07 074921

For the time being, the growth rate in the tissue and packaging boards markets is high. The increase in pulp demand continues strong for board, tissue as well as other hygienic products, and it will accelerate for textiles. The time is right to strengthen the already close cooperation between the players in the industry, to the benefit of all.

Forest companies, research institutes and other industry partners are actively investigating and developing new processes for additional higher-value wood raw material based products. Such developments are, for example, to replace cotton and oil-based synthetic fibers like polyester, or to produce higher-value carbon products and modified cellulose materials for packaging barriers, coatings for medicines and nutrients.

The pulp, board, tissue and paper segments offer a very interesting and important scope together with new additional wood based future products. We are committed to this new development trend.

Sulzer is using digital technologies such as cloud platforms, digital connectivity and advanced analytic algorithms to create new business opportunities.

As digital sensors are becoming cheaper and more physical devices are connected to the Internet (Internet of Things, IoT), there is an enormous potential to convert data from the devices into actionable business insights. Often, this machine-generated data cannot be analyzed using traditional techniques because it is not standardized in format, the generated data volumes are huge, the data resides in multiple systems, or the data quality is volatile and messy. A different approach is required.

sulzar enables digital

Today, the technology involved is becoming more affordable, and transforming our pumps into smart, connected devices is a viable business proposition. This is particularly attractive in general industry, such as pulp and paper factories, sugar, food, and fertilizer industries, where configured pumps have traditionally not been equipped with such options.

Sulzer is developing a smart sensor that can be attached to process pumps. It will measure parameters such as temperature and vibration of pumps in the field, then transfer this information wirelessly to our data lake. Our customers will then be able to receive information about the asset’s performance, reliability and efficiency.

The idea for such a device arose at Sulzer in Finland and in Switzerland at around the same time. The teams defined the specifications for the sensor by listening to customers and recognizing their needs for cost savings by increasing pump reliability.

In 2018, the sensor will be tested at customer facilities. Afterwards, it will be ready to use in the field. Soon, Sulzer’s goal is to deliver its new process pumps with the integrated sensor so customers can benefit from the entire package, and Sulzer can leverage the data captured from the field to improve our knowledge of the operations of our products.

Read more about turning pumps into smart devices in Sulzer’s annual report 2017

Sulzer is a company with long and solid experience and proven expertise in several important customer segments. Pulp, board and paper processes and applications as well as new ones based on wood raw materials represent high-priority commitment and partnership areas for the business and product development organization of Sulzer Pumps Finland.

2018 06 07 073439Sulzer is globally specialized in pumping and agitation solutions, rotating equipment maintenance and services as well as separation, reaction and mixing technology. The newest Sulzer division is Applicator Systems providing high-precision plastic molding, assembly, decoration and filling technologies for mixing and applicator solutions.

Sulzer serves clients worldwide through customer front-end experts, production sites, and a customer service network that provides qualified services for the entire product life cycle. The company also has a strong footprint in emerging markets. In 2017, the company achieved sales of CHF 3.0 billion with about 14’700 employees.

Pumps Equipment is the biggest Sulzer division by sales. Sulzer designs, develops and supplies pumping, mixing and agitation solutions and related equipment worldwide. Intensive research and development in fluid dynamics, process-oriented applications, products and special materials as well as reliable intelligent service and performance improvement solutions support the company to maintain its forerunner position in its focus market segments like oil and gas, power, pulp, paper, board, water and wastewater.

The main Sulzer competence center with the world’s biggest full-scale research facility for the pulp, paper and board segment and for new process applications based on wood raw materials is located in Kotka, Finland.

Thus, the main product platforms for these industries are developed in Finland where we have strong roots reaching back to the Ahlstrom Pumps era. The main manufacturing units for Sulzer products for these markets are also in Finland, but our global factory footprint covers all main regions

Strategic and committed partnerships and long-term development forums with pilots and demos are of crucial importance for coping with the fascinating future potential

Deep applications understanding is the key for clever and high-performance suspension transfer and treatment solutions. We are an independent equipment supplier and a trusted application solver, but you can never be strong if you try to work on your own. Our knowhow and product reliability are based on close cooperation with the world’s leading pulp, paper and board producers, machinery suppliers, engineering companies and research institutes.

Right now, today, is the time for even more active and committed partnerships. The growth rate in the tissue and packaging boards markets is high. The increase in pulp demand continues to be strong for board, tissue and other hygienic products, and it will accelerate for textiles.

Forest companies, research institutes and other players in the industry are actively investigating and developing new processes for additional products based on higher-value wood raw material. Such developments are, for example, to replace cotton and oil-based synthetic fibers like polyester or to produce higher-value carbon products and modified cellulose materials for packaging barriers, coatings for medicines, and nutrients. The pulp, board, tissue and paper segments offer a very interesting and important scope together with new additional wood-based future products. We are committed to this new development.

World leader in pumping and mixing solutions for the pulp, paper and board industry

The knowledge accumulated through committed long-term research and development as well as through mergers and acquisitions, the most recent ones being Ahlstrom Pumps in 2000, Scanpump and ABS Pumps in 2011, and Ensival Moret in 2017, has strengthened Sulzer’s pump know-how and further enabled full-scale research for the development of pumps, mixers and agitators. As the home of the following known trademarks, you can trust us to serve your installed base beyond Sulzer: Ahlstrom Pumps, Scanpump, ABS, Ensival Moret, Serlachius, Enso, API, Sonesson, Gothia, JMW and Warren.

  • The AHLSTAR pump series has proven performance with stocks and various types of suspensions and especially with high-volume flows and liquids containing a high amount of gas.
  • The MCE™ medium consistency pumping systems combine excellent performance with energy savings for the highest pulp mill production rates in the world.
  • ZPP and Z22 low-pulse feed pumps are designed specifically for paper and board machines.
  • The MBN multistage pumps cover a range of high-pressure and shower water applications.
  • SALOMIXä, Scaba and AGISTARä agitators offer optimum tank and tower mixing results.
  • The TMS tower management system prevents channeling in storage towers, providing unique process advantages.

With our full-line product portfolio, we offer you the most eco-efficient product solutions, including products for complete water and effluent treatment applications.

With full-scale testing facilities in Kotka, Finland and an expanding pump and agitator portfolio that provides unique applications coverage, Sulzer is the trusted and proven partner to achieve all your performance, reliability, safety and sustainability goals. Every year, we bring to the market a new product series or a major upgrade to an existing range.

Recent deliveries as proven examples

Sulzer is the key equipment supplier for many major recent pulp, paper and board mill investments in countries such as Finland, Sweden and Brazil. For example, Metsä Group’s new Äänekoski bioproduct mill has 400+ Sulzer equipment applications in key process positions throughout the main mill departments.

Please also note that the huge-capacity Sulzer MCE™ medium consistency pumping systems, developed and manufactured in Finland, manage all the pulp flows through the most modern pulp mill fiber lines in the world.

logo bluSonoco (NYSE:SON) has just announced it is implementing a $50 per ton price increase for all grades of uncoated recycled paperboard (URB) in the United States and Canada, effective with shipments beginning July 2, 2018.  

Sonoco cited continuing inflation of input costs, especially freight and papermaking chemicals, and significantly longer backlogs at its mills as the drivers for this pricing action.

Sonoco is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of uncoated recycled paperboard in the United States and Canada, producing more than one million tons annually from 11 mills. For more information about Sonoco’s complete line of URB paper products, or to learn more about current pricing, please visit the Company’s website, www.sonoco.com, or contact the Company at 1-800-377-2692.

The winner of the international packaging design competition Better with Less – Design Challenge has been chosen. Exceptionally high-quality entries were submitted, and the winning design ‘Stretching Inner Part’ by Iiro Numminen, was considered by the judges to be extremely appealing, versatile, scalable and easy to implement.

The Better with Less – Design Challenge, organised by Metsä Board, aimed to find new environmentally-friendly and functional packaging solutions for some of the world’s most frequently used and fastest growing types of consumer packages. Launched in November 2017, the competition inspired designers around the world – altogether 302 design concepts were entered from 38 different countries. The international competition jury included renowned packaging design experts from various fields – related to packaging, design, brand strategy and innovation.

2018 05 31 110349

The winning design “Stretching Inner Part” was submitted into the e-commerce category. It is a corrugated box inner part that allows variable sized products to be packed without the need for bubble wrap. This versatile product could be used to pack various types of items and it ensures that the product stays attached to the package during transportation. Numminen will receive the main prize of 10,000 euros for his design.

“The winning design successfully eliminates the need for plastic thermoformed inserts of bubble wrap. The balance between the rigidity of the board and the strength required to support the product weight is well-thought through. This design is extremely appealing, versatile, scalable and adaptable for wide number of uses,” states the chairperson of the competition jury, Cyril Drouet, Design & Innovation Director of Metsä Board.

The 1st honorary mention went to the ‘Plastic banning toilet roll’ by Jeroen Caelen. His work was submitted to the ‘wild-card’ category. This new type of toilet paper packaging consists of a hexagonal tube designed from paperboard which also functions as a toilet paper roll holder. It appealed to both the judges and the wider audience as it was also the public’s favourite design.

The 2nd honorary mention was awarded to ‘The Moisture face creme cosmetic package’ designed by Abdullah Cam. The re-usable paperboard package is combined with a changeable plastic inner part. This solution makes plastic or foil coating unnecessary and recycling the package easier.

Pawel Krawczugo took home the 3rd honorary mention with his design ‘TWIST’, an inconspicuous but functional packaging design intended for the cosmetics industry and other industries. Both the 2nd and 3rd honorary awarded entries were submitted into the cosmetics category.

Metsä Board also offered an additional prize of an internship for one student with its packaging services team in Shanghai. ‘The Playing nature’, a snack packaging design that transforms into small puppets for children to play with, by Alessandro Grossi won the judges over in the student category.

“The honorary mentions and winner of the student category represent functional and fresh package designs with sustainability and consumer experience being at their core. Consumers are looking for brands and packaging that engage them, entertain and most of all connect them with good storytelling. Packages that are designed with sustainable materials and use materials smartly have a great story to tell and help enhance the consumer experience,” Drouet explains.

Learn more about the winning design and the finalists from the competition website, www.betterwithless.org

China’s largest producer of coated and uncoated white top test liner and world-class preprint home base, Sunshine Paper, has automated its scheduling process for its five cutters by integrating opt-Studio with its SAP ERP solution. The system went live last month (April 2018).

2018 05 31 110139Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group Company Limited, founded in 2000, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Market in 2007 owning total assets of RMB 10 billion. Sunshine Paper has a total paper capacity of 1.3 million tons per year, is one of China’s top 15 papermakers and a global top 100 papermaker.

Mr. Li Jinhai, CIO, at Sunshine Paper said: “In our endeavours to improve and optimise production processes to mitigate the increased environmental costs due to the new Environmental Protection Tax which has been implemented in China, we approached Greycon which implemented its X-Trim trim optimisation application for us in 2009, to review the planning functionality for our sheeting processes. Following its review, and based on the success of its trim solution X-Trim which they implemented for us in 2009, we requested Greycon integrate its advanced scheduling planning software, opt-Studio, with our ERP to schedule the sheet orders in our five cutters.

“The adoption of opt-Studio provides us with improved short and mid-term planning capabilities; we can refresh the schedule automatically on every machine in seconds, giving the planner and other users full visibility of the impact of the decisions or external events.”

Tian Jinlong, Business Development Director at Greycon said: “Rising environmental costs will intensify the competition in the paper industry and companies are implementing new solutions and upgrading existing products to ensure efficiencies are maximised. Profitable Chinese companies are finding it easier to invest in upgrading however, smaller companies are under more pressure and may even be squeezed out the market.

“Sunshine Paper approached us with a brief to optimise its planning functionality on its cutters. The integration of opt-Studio enables the optimisation of schedules, improving the production throughput. Since the system manages the scheduling of the orders, the effort of the planners will now be diverted to analysis and optimisation instead of the routine work to feed the orders and their sequence into the ERP-system. opt-Studio will also change decision-making from that of being based on past experience, to fact-based decision-making. The powerful what-if functionality allows the planners to perform different kind of analyses to determine the most efficient way forward.

“The integration was organised using Greycon’s standard methods, Integration Manager and schedule release to Microsoft SQL Server based database table,” said Jinlong.

Innovative high resolution web monitoring system designed for the fastest paper, board or tissue machines.

ABB, the pioneer in Web Imaging Systems, introduces their new ABB AbilityTM Web Monitoring System, for the paper industry. Part of ABB’s suite of Quality Management Systems (QMS), the Web Monitoring system incorporates a new generation of imaging hardware and software to provide real-time web monitoring and analytics, for the quick identification of product deviations that can result in sheet breaks and lost production. With this technology, the paper production can run efficiently at its highest speed while maintaining the highest quality.

2015 10 07 184308Accurate web defect detection, imaging and identification all play crucial roles in process improvement. Through the QMS Web Monitoring System’s unique level of integration with the QMS Web Imaging System, critical insight is provided for the diagnosis and prevention of web breaks and improved sheet stability.

ABB AbilityTM Web Monitoring System includes a new generation of high-speed cameras that deliver the required high resolution and sharp images. This is complimented by high speed video processing and synchronization, unique analytics, and operator interface features to reduce disruptive events and analyze process behavior.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion, industrial automation and power grids, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally. Continuing a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB today is writing the future of industrial digitalization with two clear value propositions: bringing electricity from any power plant to any plug and automating industries from natural resources to finished products. As title partner of Formula E, the fully electric international FIA motorsport class, ABB is pushing the boundaries of e-mobility to contribute to a sustainable future. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 135,000 employees. www.abb.com

This summer, nearly 400 students will work as summer trainees in Valmet's locations in Finland. Additionally, young people from elementary and high schools will work at the company through a Finnish summer job program aimed at getting to know working life.

valmet logoValmet will employ summer trainees in 16 locations, with the largest number of trainees located in Tampere and Jyväskylä. Most of the summer employees, over 220, will work in engineering, customer service, sales, marketing, product development and financial administration. Around 40 percent of the summer trainees will be employed in the production facilities.

"We are excited to welcome so many young people to join us as trainees for the summer. We can offer them a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain working experience in a global, rapidly developing company. In return, the trainees provide us with new approaches and fresh ideas. We hope that this experience will inspire and motivate our trainees to become future professionals in the pulp, paper and power industry as well as automation," says Julia Macharey, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Valmet.

Valmet supports the Responsible Summer Job 2018 campaign

For the fourth consecutive year, Valmet is participating in the Responsible Summer Job campaign organized by T-Media and the Economic Information Office (TAT) in cooperation with corporate partners. The target of the campaign is to challenge companies to increase the amount and quality of summer jobs offered in Finland. Valmet wants to promote responsible practices to ensure the trainee periods are safe and fair, and to give meaningful opportunities and experience to the trainees.

The 500th case to utilize Valmet iRoll technology took place at SsangYong C&B, one of the biggest tissue producers in South Korea. Valmet analyzed the nip loading and performance of their press equipment under dynamic conditions using its portable iRoll technology.

Valmet iRoll technology and a Valmet press roll cover upgrade enabled SsangYong C&B to improve tissue dryness and felt profiles on their TM 4 machine, as well as to save energy and increase the machine's speed.

"The results of our co-operation with Valmet have been satisfying in terms of energy savings and increased machine speed. We are looking forward to continuing the development to improve our energy and production efficiency even further and achieve more cost savings," says Jong-Dae Byun, Director & Mill Manager at SsangYong C&B.

Valmet iRollValmet iRoll

The dry content and profiles improved, leading to energy savings through 5 percent less steam consumption. More energy savings came from a 5 percent decrease in roll drive loads. The machine speed increased by up to 30 meters a minute.

Improvements in customers' process performance globally

In addition to the case at SsangYong C&B's TM 4, Valmet iRoll technology has reached several global achievements and led to process improvements, such as an 80 percent reduction in reeling and winding broke, an increase of 30 meters a minute in the paper machine's running speed, 40% reduction in coat weight profile variation, and a 60 percent longer press felt lifetime.

Due to the strong results and positive customer feedback, Valmet is continuously increasing the utilization of its iRoll technology globally with the aim of improving its customers' production efficiency, quality and runnability even further.

About Valmet iRoll technology

The iRoll product family is an advanced toolset for optimizing the efficiency and nip profiles of papermaking lines. Valmet's iRoll technology provides accurate online profile measurement and process control opportunities in press, sizer, coater, reel, and winder applications.

"It is the fastest and most sensitive online profile measurement tool in the industry. In addition to nips, iRoll also measures parameters affecting paper quality, and it can be connected to a machine automation system for closed-loop process control," says Tatu Pitkänen, Global Technology Manager at Valmet.

iRoll is part of Valmet Intelligent Roll Solutions, which offer a unique combination of Valmet's proven roll products and expert services. These technologies provide paper-, board- and tissue-makers with fast, sensitive online measurements, condition monitoring, data analysis, remote analytics and profile control applications - combined with Valmet's expertise and process know-how.

Read more: 



Preem and RenFuel are assessing, in collaboration with Rottneros, the construction of the world’s first lignin plant for biofuels, at the pulp mill in Vallvik, Söderhamn. The plant is expected to produce an annual volume of 25,000-30,000 tonnes of lignin, and will be completed in 2021.  

2017 04 26 094503The collaboration between the companies means that Preem will be the first fuel manufacturer in Sweden to use lignin in its production. Via the company Lignolproduktion AB, which is jointly owned by Preem and RenFuel, the aim is to reach a total annual production capacity of 300,000-500,000 tonnes of lignin, based on the assumption that more plants similar to that in Vallvik are established in the future.  

“Lignin can be refined to create both renewable diesel and renewable petrol, and used in all vehicles. Lignin, like tall oil, will help us phase out fossil fuels to an even greater extent. It is a valuable raw material in our renewable fuel efforts, and is based on by-products from the Swedish forestry industry. It is also available in large volumes,” says Petter Holland, Managing Director of Preem. 

“RenFuel’s lignin oil, Lignol, has considerable climate benefits and is a key factor in achieving Sweden’s goal of the transport sector reducing its fossil emissions by 70 percent between 2010 and 2030. Lignol makes today’s petrol and diesel cars clean vehicles. All current vehicles can run on this type of fuel,” says Sven Löchen, Managing Director of RenFuel, who also considers there to be major export opportunities for this innovation, to countries that, like Sweden, have good access to well-established forestry production. 

Deliveries of samples of lignin from Rottneros’s pulp mill in Vallvik are already being made to Renfuel’s pilot facility, which was established for the production of Lignol with the assistance of the Swedish Energy Agency. The Lignol oil is then taken to Preem’s refineries, where the raw material is processed to make biofuels. 

“Rottneros is keen to contribute to strengthening Sweden's bioeconomy, in which the pulp industry is already a key element. In addition to contributing to the transport sector’s shift to become fossil free, the extraction of lignin also gives us the opportunity to increase our pulp production. This ensures that all parties benefit from the collaboration,” says Ragnar Lundberg, VP Technology at Rottneros. 

In 2017, approximately 9,000,000 cubic metres of fuel were sold in Sweden, of which about 1,900,000 cubic metres were classified as biofuel, according to the Swedish Petroleum and Biofuels Institute (SPBI). About 15 percent of the biofuel was produced in Sweden, with the rest being imported from other countries. 

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