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Tuesday, 15 September 2015 05:35

Registrations for the 48th Pulp and Paper International Congress are already available

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Papers presented by international and nationally renowned experts will be one of event highlights this year

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Registrations for the 48th Pulp and Paper International Congress, promoted by ABTCP – Brazilian Pulp and Paper Technical Association – are already available at ABTCP website,, as well as information on values. The event will take place next October 06, 07 and 08, at the Transamérica Expo Center, in São Paulo. 

By paying the registration, visitors assure, in advance, their attendance to the Congress, whose main subject this year will be Innovation focused on Economy, Energy and Bio-Inspired Materials, essential to the continuous improvement of all field players. For Francisco Valério, Congress president, such space is crucial to bring visibility to the presented papers, which highlight the latest trends in the industry. 

“Besides, I believe there is an exchange of information occurring for the last two years, because people attending the Congress are skilled and have a lot of knowledge to share”, he comments.  So, the event technical sessions will have special emphasis, with important works being presented by world-renowned researchers, from similarly renowned institutions. 

Such is the case of the presentation of Luiz Ramos, Associate Professor in the Chemistry Department of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), which will focus on the production of cellulosic ethanol from eucalyptus wood chips with steam pretreatment methods (self-hydrolysis) followed or not by alkaline delignification. 

“Aspects related to enzymatic hydrolysis under high total solids content will be presented, using the latest generation enzymes, and the conversion yields will be compared to those obtained from raw materials of agricultural origin, such as sugarcane bagasse. This approach will allow comparing these two models and will open a discussion on the feasibility of this initiative for the sector”, he highlights. 

He still notes his lecture will be oriented towards the discussion of premises directing the implementation of bio-refinery activities and the perspectives such option could bring to the industry. For the academic, ABTCP is the main national forum for the discussion of state of the art and innovation in all processes involved in the manufacture of pulp and paper, including the evaluation of new market trends. 

“And this extends to the search for new niches, based on sustainable technologies, for the production of chemical products, biofuels and biomaterials whose production is associated with the concept of bio-refineries. Therefore, it’s  an essential event to establish contacts and expand horizons, the ideal condition for those wishing to keep up with information and updated with the major trends of a market in constant evolution”, Ramos stresses. 

International Experiences

History and evolution of pulp and paper industry in Portugal, and particularly in the companies associated to the Portugal Paper Industry Association (CELPA), will be taught by Marta Souto Barreiros, Forest Engineer of the entity, with special emphasis on efficiency and sustainability in water use and its critical analysis. 

The specialist believes the main challenge for the industry, on a worldwide basis, is the substantial reduction of consumption and improved utilization of water resources in the production of pulp for paper. “The companies associated to CELPA have made great efforts aiming at the partial or total closure of their circuits, with the intention of minimizing the use of water and, eventually, be able to operate with zero discharge”, she highlights. 

According to Marta, in the last 100 years there has been a major progress in the European companies of the sector, which reduced their specific consumption from 300m3/ton to something between 20-30m3/ton. In her opinion, the Brazilian pulp and paper industry enjoys strong dynamism and international reputation. “An event of this nature will allow the dissemination and knowledge of new projects, technologies and the best that has been done in various areas of industry. It also brings the opportunity, for both Brazilian and other countries technicians, to exchange experiences and ideas”, she believes. 

On his turn, Michael Paleologou, Canadian, a specialist in Chemical Analyses, Biomass, Industrial Paper and Product Development, from FP Innovations, will talk about the opportunities for chemicals recovery in Kraft pulp plants, based on the latest technologies developed by his company through the years. “Such technologies will be discussed with respect to their main features, as well as their technical feasibility, process integration and economy”, he says. 

According to him, such resources can also be used in Brazil, recovering chemical products from waste or process flows, and may result in significant savings concerning chemicals or help to diversify the products portfolio in Kraft pulp mills. “Lignin can be used in several high value applications, such as: phenolic resins, thermoplastic polyurethane foams, and also as dispersers and flocculants”, explains the expert. 

Paleologou highlights that the 48th Pulp and Paper International Congress offers a unique opportunity for learning new technologies and products, as well as a chance of meeting other industry professionals and discuss matters of common concern and interest. 

The event will also offer papers presented by Nilda de Fátima Ferreira Soares, Dean of Viçosa Federal University; Giancarlo Pasquali, Researcher of Rio Grande do Sul Federal University (UFRGS); Jorge Luiz Colodette, Full Professor of Viçosa Federal University; Juan Carlos Villar Gutiérrez, Specialist in characterization of new cellulosic raw materials and biotechnology applied to the paper industry by INIA; in addition to Katsuyuki Kadota, Senior researcher at Oji Holdings Corporation.

To get to know all program content access

About ABTCP 2015

ABTCP 2015 - 48th Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition, arranged by ABTCP, will take place from October 06th to 08th this year, in São Paulo, SP, and is recognized as one of the major sector occurrences, bringing together professionals willing to exchange knowledge and experience on such productive chain, in the most diverse areas. 

Such is its representativeness for the sector that this edition estimates to host over 400 experts and technicians of international reputation and over eight thousand visitors. The event happens in conjunction with the also traditional industry Manufacturers and Suppliers Exhibition.

: October 06th to 08th, 2015 

Place: Transamérica Expo Center – São Paulo/SP

Hours: Congress – from 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM; Exhibition – from 01:00 PM to 08:00 PM.

Registrations, Congress program and additional information at the website:

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