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emtec logo2014 250 optemtec Electronic at the Tissue World in Miami, USA

As usual, emtec Electronic GmbH will attend the „Tissue World Americas 2014“ in Miami, Florida. From March 19th until March 21st , we will be present at the exhibition at booth no. 1065 together with Technidyne Cooperation – our representative for North America. In addition to the exhibition, we will also attend the Tissue World Conference on Friday, March 21st with a presentation – interesting for all players within the tissue industry.

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The TSA Tissue Softness Analyzer is one of the testing instruments, which will be presented in Miami during these three days. The device is used for the objective and reliable measurement of tissue properties as the real softness, smoothness / roughness and stiffness. The availability of these three parameters opens a huge amount of chances for the optimization of the tissue production and converting processes.

Additionally, emtec Electronic will present some measuring devices for the wet end area: the CAS Charge Analyzing System for determining the particle charge of filtrates and the FPA Fiber Potential Analyzer for measuring the Zeta Potential of fibers. Furthermore, emtec Electronic developed a new Online measuring device FPO – Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online, which measures the Zeta Potential of fibers directly in the production process and delivers immediately reliable and necessary information concerning the dosing of chemicals to the pulp.

During Technical Session 3 in the conference on Friday, March 21st Mr. Alexander Gruener will explain in detail the different functions and applications of these valued production assistants and their “Possibilities for Process Optimization from the Wet-End to the Finished Tissue Product”.

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    New Tissue Retailers Forum on USD $80 billion tissue business being added at Tissue World Americas 2014 in Miami http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/ex1/tissue-world-2014/item/4130-new-tissue-retailers-forum-on-usd-80-billion-tissue-business-being-added-at-tissue-world-americas-2014-in-miami http://www.pulp-paperworld.com/ex1/tissue-world-2014/item/4130-new-tissue-retailers-forum-on-usd-80-billion-tissue-business-being-added-at-tissue-world-americas-2014-in-miami

    tissue usa 14At Tissue World Americas 2014 ( http://www.tissueworld.com/Home_TW14 ) in Miami Beach on March 18-21, 2014, the brand-new Tissue Retailers and Distributors Insight Forum (TRIF) ( http://www.tissueworld.com/TRIF_TW14 ) will look at the tissue products business from all angles, including New Supply-side Tonnage, Sustainability, Consumer Trends, Technology, New Product Innovation and Distribution/Logistics.

    In fact, despite the enormity of the tissue business there has until now been no true meeting place where retail and commercial category buyers can easily and efficiently meet with integrated tissue manufacturers or converters to learn about new technologies, advances, products, capabilities and potential.

    Tissue paper products are big business for retailers: Worldwide trade in tissue products is around USD 80 billion/yr in categories like bath tissue, paper towels, facial tissue, and table napkins, as well as commercial and industrial wipers.

    Nielsen data shows that tissue/paper is the 3rd largest overall category for retailers in the USA, and by far the largest non-food category, in dollar terms. Further confirming this, Costco the world's number 6 retailer recently said its Kirkland brand bathroom tissue is its single top-selling item, with yearly sales of USD 400 million. Studies also prove that tissue is a big driver of store traffic and, critically, that it leads to spending that is 2x greater when tissue is bought.

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