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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 12:08

Metso: Get inspired by tissue Featured

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Tissue paper can be attractive for many reasons depending on your needs and who you are. In an “emergency” situation you don’t even want to think about being without it. No way! An iPad may be good for many reasons or uses but it can never replace a roll of tissue paper.

But last week, attending the Tissue World exhibition in Barcelona, Spain I realized that tissue paper can be most valuable for other reasons.

tiss 1

I happened to meet there a guy who is collecting tissue hankies. In his collection, he has handkerchiefs from all over the world and from most companies, and some of the samples are really old. Last time he counted them there were more than 12.000 different packages of various brands. The collection is so amazing that the organizers of Tissue World sponsored his booth. 

Creative use of tissue

In the opposite part of the exhibition hall I found another exhibitor who has developed a new creative way of utilizing tissue.

tiss 2

In the booth they exposed the most fascinating and beautiful dresses; made of tissue paper. One more attractive than the other with embroideries and other fantastic decorations. 

tiss 3The most valuable I suppose was the one made of 500 Euro bills. Who wouldn’t want to own that? But on the other hand I hope they were fake 500 Euro bills or otherwise there will not be much left of the dress when the exhibition closes!

There might be one small disadvantage with these dresses though. You have to stay indoors. 

Imagine what would happen if you went out wearing a dress made of tissue paper and it started to rain…

What is best in tissue? 

However, most of the people were at Tissue World Barcelona exhibition to learn about new developments and the latest in tissue technology. They wanted to meet the supplier who can provide a machine that produces the best tissue paper with highest softness and bulk and of course to the lowest price!?

Most of the big machine suppliers were exhibiting in Barcelona (except the Italians who boycotted the event this year for various reasons). All tissue machine suppliers provided paper samples. 

tiss 4

We are of course stating that our Advantage NTT paper is the best in the market and we are also offering paper rolls to potential customers. But one thing is for sure. Our competitors do not provide as attractive packages as we do. In fact they don’t have any packages at all. 

Maybe Metso’s toilet paper gift box will be the next collector's item?

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