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PIVOT unlocks data for tissue converters: grand opening in Green Bay, US

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The worldwide tissue market continues to undergo changes. Consumer preferences, economic uncertainty and improved technology offer more questions than answers. Tissue manufacturers have an increasing amount of data available to make decisions. “The challenge is collecting and measuring that data and turning it into actionable decisions. As a result, many wonder about future success.” says Dario Giannini, Fabio Perini S.p.A. Business Development Manager.

Manufacturers must continue to win customer loyalty while maintaining profit margins. “This requires concise, usable information. Old methods do not work. Industry 4.0 is here, opening a new realm of data-driven decision-making.” Asserts Nicola Scaramuzza, Fabio Perini S.p.A. Global Marketing Director.

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New Data-driven Service Available

Fabio Perini, a global leader in tissue converting, recently introduced PIVOT: the company's answer to data based tissue solutions. It is a breakthrough initiative providing tissue converters data easily understood and collected in a simplified manner. “This in-house laboratory helps understand tissue from pulp fibers to finished product. But it is more than a laboratory.” Says Claudio Munoz, Strategic Marketing Manager of Fabio Perini North America.

“PIVOT is an advisory service unlocking data for every aspect of tissue converting. It tracks data for web handling, embossing, winding, log formation and packaging. The result is actionable information on every stage of the tissue converting process. Even interactions between machinery and paper will reveal a path to optimized performance.” Adds Dario Giannini

2017 08 10 103608Tissue converters now have a data resource covering caliper, firmness, absorbency, and strength. PIVOT also collects data on machine parameters such as speed, pressure of rubber rolls and other parameters. This provides a high-level of information helping optimize manufacturing for maximum profitability.

The PIVOT laboratory service began in 2016 at Fabio Perini corporate headquarters in Lucca, Italy. A second lab is now in Green Bay, Wis., the company’s North American headquarters. A third facility in Brazil will open late in 2017 followed by a fourth lab in China in 2018. “The goal is helping customers around the world with easy access to critical data. All data is collected into a centralized, global database, providing customers a powerful resource.” Declares Claudio Munoz

Benefits for Tissue Converters

Besides learning more about a converter's paper, PIVOT also provides data on machinery. This is an added benefit for tissue converters. Too often companies buy machinery without full understanding of the capabilities. PIVOT analyzes data of a company’s tissue samples and the machine. It translates that data into:

  • Recommendations on the best machine configuration for the paper product
  • Suggestions to deliver consistent quality

PIVOT is only two years old, but has already demonstrated value for customers:

  • PIVOT troubleshoots problems and maximizes test duration during checkouts. “A recent checkout revealed an opportunity for product optimization. Data provided by PIVOT measured tissue caliper and tensile strength at different stages of converting. This did reveal the best embossing pattern compatible to use in bulk production of the tissue.” says Dario Giannini
  • Another checkout helped a customer after purchasing new equipment. “The customer wanted to measure characteristics of a certain paper. They were not getting the results expected on the new equipment and hoped PIVOT could help. PIVOT's data identified the best paper to run on the machine and maximize line productivity.” adds Dario Giannini
  • Data from PIVOT helped a customer make an informed buying decision. “The original intent was making products with a larger diameter. Data from PIVOT confirmed the ability to make larger products. It also uncovered more reasons to invest in Constellation technology. It could use a less expensive fiber mix while maintaining strength and faster production.” Concludes Dario Giannini

PIVOT has already provided many concrete answers based upon data. “This is the goal of Industry 4.0” says Nicola Scaramuzza “using that data to drive the manufacturing process. PIVOT’s unique database is both local and global, helping deliver answers tissue converters need. These answers also include direction for better packaging results.”

Data from PIVOT has another use that benefits tissue converters. Fabio Perini engineers use this data to develop better tissue converting technology, such as Constellation.

Total Solution Package for Tissue Converting

A total solution for tissue converting is here: PIVOT, a global database that is the lynchpin in the spirit of Industry 4.0. It harnesses data to support customers in growing their business profitably and sustainably in the years to come. In a highly competitive market, where premiumization is one of the big challenges, it becomes vital to bring the right value on the shelves and PIVOT is the way.

Learn more about PIVOT and Fabio Perini S.p.A. at

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