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Thursday, 19 September 2019 08:52

Willamette Falls Paper Company is now FSC Certified

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Willamette Falls Paper Company, Inc. has achieved Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody certification through SCS Global Services.
FSC Chain-of-Custody certification assures consumers that the products they are purchasing have been responsibly managed and harvested. FSC-certified products are tracked throughout their life cycle, from forest to end product. For a final product to be certified, all companies along the supply chain (in this case from forest to paper mill) need to be FSC certified. All certification audits and assessments are done by third-party companies. Certification for Willamette Falls Paper Company (FSC-C151152) was performed by SCS Global Services.
2019 09 19 105309By becoming FSC certified, Willamette Falls Paper Company is one step closer to achieving its sustainability goals.
“We are dedicated to offering environmentally sound options to our customers,” says Brian Konen, President of Willamette Falls Paper Company. “Our long-term focus is sustainable papermaking, and FSC certification is just the first stage.”
Looking to the future, Willamette Falls Paper Company will explore the use of non-traditional fiber sources such as wheat straw and hemp in the papermaking process. The company also plans to work with local waste management companies to find better solutions for paper recycling in the West Linn region.
Willamette Falls Paper Company is a newly formed company which owns and operates the machinery and equipment at the paper mill in West Linn, Oregon. The company is a non-integrated mill, capable of making coated and uncoated grades with an annual capacity of 260,000 tons. The Willamette Falls Paper Company looks to be an innovative leader in environmental paper production.

SCS Global Services is a leader in environmental and sustainability certification. A founding member and one of the first certification bodies accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council in 1996, SCS is one of the world’s leading FSC certifiers with more than 35 million acres of responsibly managed forests and 4000 companies in the FSC supply chain worldwide. SCS programs span a cross-section of industries, recognizing achievements in green building, manufacturing, food and agriculture, forestry, and more. SCS is a Certified B Corporation™, reflecting its commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Learn more at
FSC is the most rigorous international standard for responsible forestry. FSC certified forests conserve biological diversity, water resources and crucial ecosystems. The FSC standard also upholds worker rights and supports economic prosperity in surrounding communities. The FSC Chain of Custody certification ensures that certified wood products are tracked from forest to final product (and if applicable, that qualified recycled materials are used), adding legitimacy to the FSC claim throughout the supply chain.

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