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PMP Group to supply a Phoenix Concept™ project for a reborn papermaking line for Smurfit Kappa Mexico, Los Reyes Mill

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In July 2015, PMP – a global provider of tissue, paper and board technology, signed a contract with Smurfit Kappa Mexico for a  Phoenix Concept™ rebuild of a reborn papermaking line that will be installed in Los Reyes mill.

The main goal of the project is to boost mills capacity by adding approx. 100, 000 t/a tones of high-strength corrugating medium (100% OCC) to be converted in packaging boxes for various industrial use. A new PM6 (operating speed 800 m/min, reel trim 2450 mm)  will be a blend of repurposed and refurbished assets (originally installed on PMs in Spain and Germany) and world class new technological items  provided  by  PMP.  The  project  driving  force  will  be  based  on  modern  technology  through application of energy savings solutions following global trends and gaining excellent paper quality.

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PMP is planning to reconfigure the existing, relocated PM from Spain originally producing 70,000 t/a of 130 gsm corrugating medium and liner at 550 mpm in three steps. Step one: careful analysis of existing assets’ condition (identifying items for refurbishment and further incorporation in a brand new line), step two: designing and making core technological sections and finally to successfully integrate all to reach both quality and capacity goals of the project.

As far as new technology is concerned, PMP will deliver solutions from its Intelli-Technology® platform concept for papermakers. A state-of the-art, 5-channel hydraulic Intelli-Jet V® headbox (pondside: 2675 mm) will bring excellent formation and also production flexibility for the mill (basis weight range of 100-240 gsm g/m²). The headbox will include sophisticated Consistency Profiling System to ensure excellent basis weight control, resulting in uniform paper web structure and better CD basis weight profile. A compact design of a new press section Intelli Tri-Nip™  will ensure reduce draws and significantly increase PM runnability.   The press section will be equipped with a reused Shoe Press (module 1500) that will be significantly rebuild by PMP to work in inverted position with the design nip load of 1050 kN/m. shoe press). Shoe Press technology ensures reliable performance, top sheet dryness level resulting in significant steam consumption savings and user-friendliness of equipment. A new Intelli-Dryer® after dryer section will include 10 new, steel dryers allowing further energy as well as space  in the mill savings.  In addition PMP will provide fourdrinier extension, tail threading system upgrade, a reel rebuild (relocated from Germany), new mechanical drives and essential replacement parts. PMP will execute vast scope of services including refurbishment ,pre-assembly, assembly at site and technological start-up supervision as well as PM optimization. The delivery is scheduled for late spring 2016, followed by erection at site by the end of 2016. The start-up is scheduled for 1st quarter of 2017.

Smurfit Kappa is one of the leading providers of paper-based packaging solutions in the world with over 43,000 employees across 33 countries and with revenue of €8.1 billion in 2014. Smurfit Kappa is located in 21 countries in Europe, and 12 in the Americas, and is the only large-scale pan-regional player in Latin America. Smurfit Kappa’s pro-active team relentlessly uses its extensive experience and expertise, supported by its scale, to open up opportunities for its customers. This is enhanced through the benefits of the integration, with optimal paper design, logistics, timeliness of service, and packaging plants sourcing most of their raw materials from own paper mills. Smurfit Kappa products, which are 100% renewable and produced sustainably, improve the environmental footprint of customers.

This particular project is another step forward in partnership development between PMP and Smurfit Kappa this time in the Americas. It is worth mentioning that it is the first project of such a grade scale for PMP in Mexico.

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