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Datek AB

Contact Person: Martin Westerling
Street: Drottningvägen 13
City: Tumba
Postcode: 14731
Country: Sweden
Phone: +46853410150
Email: Martin.Westerling@datek.net
Fax: +46853034160

Safety is the most important aspect of radio remote controlled plant and field operations.

At Datek we are firm believers of this. Since the very start in 1979 we have been precursors redefining and laying down the foundations for safe wireless interaction between man and machine. Digitally verified radio transmissions, coordinated and relay operation between several cranes and drivers, online programming and double, self-monitoring receiver processors, are some of the technologies that Datek were first in the world to introduce. Datek has been engineering technological solutions for four decades.

The company is family owned and has its headquarter located in Stockholm, Sweden. For its sound and well managed finances Datek has been awarded the highest rating by Dun & Bradstreet. All expansion is internally financed. Our products are found around the world in various environments and applications. Product development is always conducted with consideration paid to ethical and environmental responsibility; we will continue improving radio control safety into the future.  

Datek is permeated to safety consciousness and quality through every step of the production – from design and purchasing to assembling and configuration. Transmitters and receivers are using unique ID codes to communicate in an advanced reporting system between triple microprocessors. No other signals can activate a Datek radio remote control system. Reversed compatibility allows us to provide our customers with outstanding support for many years after purchase. For example, existing systems can be updated with the latest transmitter versions without any modifications to the receiver. It is the norm for Datek to customise systems according to the situation, in both large and small volumes.

Please ask how we can help you find the best solution for your specific situation, based on operating environment, specifications and preferences in regard to function and design.