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BTG Eclépens S.A.

Contact Person: Lena Coquerand-Werner MarCom Mgr
Street: Z.I. Village
City: Eclépens
Postcode: 1312
Country: Switzerland
Phone: +41218660066
Email: Lena.Coquerand@btg.com

BTG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative technologies and expertise to the Pulp & Paper industry.

With 90 years’ experience developing systems and processes to meet the evolving demands of a highly competitive sector, our portfolio covers every aspect of P&P production. BTG measuring instruments for P&P process include consistency, chemical, mechanical and recycled pulping, stock preparation and advanced wet end process technologies, including the world-renowned MütekTM Lab and MütekTM Online ranges.

For metering and doctoring applications, BTG’s patented Duroblade® high-performance long-life blade technology continues to revolutionize coating, creping and printing processes, boosting productivity and quality by combining exceptional wear-resistance with improved performance. In a world increasingly characterized by one-size-fits-all solutions delivered by large, highly-diversified corporations, BTG has chosen to remain a dedicated supplier of specialized P&P technologies.

In addition to that, BTG has developed tailor-made applications for a scope of industries from food & beverage to waste water and from textiles to cosmetics. Our commitment to constant innovation has earned us an impressive string of ground-breaking technical patents, while our presence in markets worldwide gives us the local know-how needed to resolve customers’ problems fast.

BTG takes its environmental responsibility seriously and strives to develop environmentally progressive products and solutions which allow for more efficient use of energy and raw materials, and generate less waste. Our commitment to developing inspired solutions to new market challenges has made us the standard-setter in papermaking systems worldwide.