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Mondi Group

Contact Person: Wolfgang Kropiunik
Street: Kelsenstraße 7
City: Vienna
Postcode: 1032
Country: Austria
Phone: +431790135664
Email: wolfgang.kropiunik@mondigroup.com
Fax: +431790135715


Wood is the essential raw material for all of our virgin paper-based products. From wood fibre Mondi produces pulp, the basic ingredient of all paper and paper-based packaging. We utilise pulp in our own production and also wholesale it to third parties.


Mondi owns or leases 380,000 hectares of land in South Africa, of which 243,000 hectares is planted with hardwoods (e.g. eucalyptus) and softwoods (e.g. pine and spruce). We also lease and manage 2.1 million hectares of mainly softwood forests in Russia. This makes us potentially 60% self-sufficient. All our planted land in South Africa is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and in Russia, all our leased land has been assessed by the FSC and some 1.35 million hectares (71%) are already certified. We have also certified 1.76 million hectares of state forest. We remain committed to a programme of forestry excellence to ensure that the productive capability, biological integrity and community needs of the forests that we own, manage or lease are considered at all times. This means a sustained wood supply for our pulp and paper mills while maintaining high forestry standards in our own operations. We also require our contracted fibre suppliers to adhere to these standards. We have developed our own systems and procedures for the responsible procurement of wood, virgin fibre and biomass to ensure that all wood and fibre we use is always sourced from sustainably-managed forests.


In 2009 Mondi produced around 3.5 million tonnes of pulp, largely for internal use (0.4 million tonnes sold externally). Mondi consumed around 3.8 million tonnes of pulp in 2009, giving us a potential self-sufficiency of 92%.