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Nipman Paper Technology

Contact Person: Robert Clayhills
Street: POB 45 107
City: Stockholm
Postcode: 16365
Country: Sweden
Phone: +46704835567
Email: robert.clayhills@nipman.com
Fax: +468235804
Nipman Paper Technology Nipman represent companies which have specialist knowledge of the optimization of paper machines. They are representing companies that are leaders in world products that are developed together for the paper industry. Optimisation of paper machines: better quality, the economy Activity: Sales and marketing of hightech instrumenst and machinery to pulp & paper industry.Products: Manufactures represented are leaders in their respective fields world wide. The products are developed in co-operation and after requirements of paper mills.Often based on innovatins of company owners. The companies are doing extensive developent work of their products.Territory: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Robert Clayhills has more than 20 years experience in working for the paper industry.