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Runtech Systems OY

Contact Person: Kimmo Loippo
Street: Kastarintie 25
City: Kolho
Postcode: 35990
Country: Finland
Phone: +358405693522
Email: kimmo.loippo@runtech.fi
Fax: +35834711099
Runtech Systems Ltd was founded 1997. Our products and services are aimed for improving pulp, paper and paper board machine efficiency as well as other industry involved with composite materials. Our team consists of paper makers, mechanical engineering specialists, maintenance engineers and composite specialists. Our main expertise is with paper machine runnability equipments and services and in advanced manufacturing technologies like high quality composite and stainless steel. Runtech Systems group does continuoustly product research and development in the field of pulp, paper and paper board industry. All work is done by brightest professionals with great enthusiasm for the process. We have over 40 skilled people in our team. Runtech Systems Ltd with its engineers have completed more than 200 surveys on pulp, paper and paper board machines. These studies are mainly vacuum, drainage, runnability and doctoring, tail threading and energy saving surveys. The aim is to problem solve some specific problems or to do efficiency development together with the customer. For composite OEM businesses. Runtech Systems produces part and products as a subcontractor for industries outside of paper and board. If you have a product problem or product idea which can be solved and sold by using composite technology, please contact us. Our composite factory offers you complete range of services from CAD designing to a completely manufactured new product pre-series and production. *Tailor made composite solution for industrial applications *Cad engineering *FEM analysis *Material development *Testing *Modeling *Production development