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Protacon Group

Contact Person: Kari Pellinen
Street: P.O. Box 122 Seenintie 2
City: Jyväskylä
Postcode: 40351
Country: Finland
Phone: +358103472660
Email: sales@protacon.com
Fax: +358103472601
Pulp and paper The pulp and paper industry is the largest and most significant of our areas of operation. We have been actively involved in this field of industry for the entire company history. Our expertise covers the processes and many different systems of the pulp and paper industry. Pulp Mills We have taken care of application design and electrical and instrumentation engineering in several pulp mill projects in and outside Finland. In Finnish pulp mills, the delivery has often included maintenance and upkeeping projects as well. Our strength lies in the profound know-how of all partial processes as well as experience in the special requirements and demands of a great number of customers. Paper Mills For paper mills we have delivered hundreds of projects. We are very familiar with the processes of both the paper machine and its environment as well as all of the most common paper mill control systems and system features. By developing the process we improve the production efficiency and reliability for our customers. Our strongest know-how are mill engineering, automation engineering and different kind of information systems as well as turn-key deliveries