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HYDAC International GmbH

Contact Person: Heiko Schneider
Street: Industriegebiet
City: Sulzbach
Postcode: 66280
Country: Germany
Phone: +49689750901
Email: heiko.schneider@hydac.com
Fax: +496897509577
Fluid Power Technology and FluidEngineering Specifically for Applications in and on Paper Machines Components HYDAC – leading manufacturer worldwide of almost all components required in the field of hydraulics and lubrication. To safeguard the availability of your system we supply: hydraulic filters, lubricant filters, process filters, analysis devices, dewatering units, electronics, coolers, pumps, accumulators, ball valves, compact hydraulics, mounting technology, cylinders. Systems HYDAC not only manufactures components, but also combines them to form harmonized sub-systems or even complete turnkey systems. Proven technology, high quality standards and sophisticated testing and inspection procedures guarantee the efficiency of HYDAC system solutions. Condition Monitoring The majority of breakdowns in hydraulic and lubrication systems are due to contamination of the fluids used in these systems, e.g. in the form of particles, mixing of other fluids or water. Alongside contamination, the oil itself is exposed to physical and chemical ageing processes, which can also lead to corrosion and failures. It is therefore obvious that the oil condition acts an indicator for the entire system. Determining the oil condition, e.g. on the basis of particle contamination, water content or viscosity using modern, cost-effective sensors from HYDAC is therefore an efficient way of monitoring the condition of the complete hydraulic or lubrication system. Please find more information on HYDAC solutions for Pulp and Paper industry on: www.hydac.com