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Feltest Equipment BV

Contact Person: Marcel Lensvelt
Street: P.O. Box 205
City: AE Eerbeek
Postcode: 6960
Country: Netherlands
Phone: +31313652215
Email: info@feltest.com
Fax: +31313654068

Company History

Feltest Equipment BV were founded in 1992. A few years before a felt designer, Dutchman Niek Lensvelt, wanted to know how the compaction of press felts changed over time so that he could improve the performance of his felts. As he could not find an appropriate instrument with the desired accuracy and repeatability, he designed an instrument himself. The result of his efforts is the original caliper gauge, nowadays called the Feltest caliper gauge “Classic”.

In the year 2001 an exclusive supply contract ended and on next years SPCI exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden, Feltest Equipment BV presented themselves to the worldwide paper industry. Since then things accelerated with nearly every year new high quality products that are added to the portfolio.


It is the mission of Feltest Equipment BV to help improve the performance of Paper Machine Clothing. Feltest's measuring results will help to improve paper machine runnability, paper quality and Paper Machine Clothing life. In this way we support our customers, Pulp & Paper mills and the Paper Machine Clothing manufacturers to save natural resources and reduce the safety riscs for their operators.

We at Feltest Equipment BV also want to participate in sustaining the future of our world. In real-life this means for example that we continuously strive to increase the recyclability of our products, that we only use lead-free electronics (ROHS) and that also our suppliers take care of good working conditions. It also means that Feltest Equipment BV will not pay nor accept any payments 'under the table'. We do our business out in the open, worldwide.

Networking company

Managing director Marcel LensveltFeltest Equipment BV is a small and flexible company with an excellent network of suppliers. Driving force is Marcel Lensvelt, son of the founder Niek Lensvelt, who both have a thorough understanding of the PMC market and its requirements. Apart from high quality and durability for an affordable price, most products can also be modified or customized (for example with an engraved company logo) on demand. Contact us for details!