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Heimbach GmbH & Co.KG

Contact Person: Hubertus Mueller
Street: An Gut Nazareth 73
City: Düren
Postcode: 52353
Country: Germany
Phone: +4924218020
Email: Hubertus.mueller@heimbach.com
Fax: +492421802700

Forming section

This is where the most important paper qualities are established, such as sheet formation and filler distribution. Sheet formation starts at a dry content of approx. 1% and ends at 20 - 22% at the suction roll.

The Heimbach-Group product portfolio contains the complete spectrum of forming fabrics for the production of all paper grades - above all the PRIMOBOND family of high-tech designs. Custom made forming fabrics as well as a versatile range of standard fabrics complete the portfolio.

Press section
The dewatering process is continued in the press section. Remaining water in the sheet is removed in the nip by means of pressure applied to the roller pair, thus compressing the paper structure, increasing stability and influencing the surface finish.

Precisely adapted to the respective locations in the press section, the Heimbach product portfolio offers a large variety of non-woven, multi-axial and seam felt modules for optimised solutions for all requirements of the machines. Furthermore, numerous conventional woven press felts complete the product range.

Heimbach also offers outstanding products for the belting section. As a transferbelt our webmover. is a proprietary development that has already conquered the market places.

The product range within the press section is being completed with the yamabelt. as a brilliant product within the shoe press belt products. Heimbach delivers the yamabelt in cooperation with Yamauchi as producer with the well known Heimbach application know how and service activities.

Dryer Section
In the dryer section, capillary-bound water is removed by means of heated cylinders leading to a final moisture content of approx. 5 %.

Precisely adapted to the respective locations in the dryer section, the Heimbach product portfolio offers a wide variety of woven and spiral dryer fabrics for all types of dryer section installations.

The tensiometer measures the tension of synthetic forming fabrics on the running or stationary machine. It is therefore particularly suited for carrying out regular checks on tension variations and differences.

The equipment can also be used on metal wires and press felts. In such cases a conversion table is necessary.

Serrated Slice
The serrated slice attains a distinctly better formation and weight profile.

Applicable on Fourdrinier machines with and without formers and also on hybrid-formers at speeds between 200 and 1000 m/min on board, fluting, wrappings and sack paper, coating base, cigarette paper, fine papers and laminating grades.