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RollResearch International Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr Pekka Vaananen
Street: Luoteisrinne 4 D
City: Espoo
Postcode: 02270
Country: Finland
Phone: +35892214056
Email: info@rollresearch.fi
Fax: +35892214057


RollResearch International is a provider of high-tech roll measuring and control systems for the paper and steel industry worldwide.

The operation of RollResearch highlights the fundamental element behind the company's competitiveness: customer focus - good customer service, innovative product development deriving from end user demands and from university research projects.


Roll Grinder Modernization

Complete modernization of all types of roll grinding machines

CNC modernizations with Siemens Sinumerik 840Di sl:

Hybrid GrindControl 3D: The most advanced 3D Grinding system for Paper Industry.

Hybrid GrindControl 2D: Effective and flexible CNC for Steel Industry.


Roll Measuring Devices for Paper Industry

Four-point roll measuring devices, click here..

The first roll measuring system in the world, which measures the TRUE roundness!



Hybrid DynaTest™

Roll dynamics measuring device.

Hybrid TurnControl 3D™

Guideway error and roundness error compensation control system for SC soft roll lathes.

Now already 4 references !