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Contact Person: Fredrik Brostrom
Street: Drottninggatan 40
City: Karlstad
Postcode: 65225
Country: Sweden
Phone: +4656316000
Email: fredrick.brostrom@bu-strip.com
Fax: +4656316047


Companies all over the world, driven by powerful visions, belong to our customers.
We enable the realisation of enterprising visions due to our know-how, selective raw materials and our abilities.
Due to this partnership success and additional growth are developed.

Superordinated targets

We want to increase the value of the company with a profitable growth, for our shareholders, but mostly for our customers, employees, suppliers and the public.
The fundament for our success - profitability, financial stability and quality.
Furthermore we are the competent partner in our core business and we continuously aspire to be "best in class".


We have the best premises to expand our leading position in international competition in comparison to our competitors:

  • Focussing on specific areas of cold-rolled strip steel and strip products
  • Focussing on specific customer segments
  • Development of new market segments
  • Improvement of customer relationship in order to detect new market trends quickly
  • Retaining and expanding of market leadership in the essential business segments
  • Protection of the quality leadership by strengthening of R&D-resources

Core competence

Our core competence is cold-rolling of strip steel with special requirements on the steel grade. We deliver products of high homogeneity and dimensional accuracy, with excellent surface grade and a structure optimal adjusted to the application. BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip reaches these steel qualities and product features/characteristics with exactly concerted treatment processes using latest methods and aggregates.

Located in: Knives | Blades