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Omet SRL

Contact Person: Marketing
Street: Via Caduti a Fossoli, 22
City: Lecco
Postcode: 23900
Country: Italy
Phone: +390341282661
Email: comm@omet.it
Website: omet
Fax: +390341363731

Omet S.r.l. is a leading company designing and producing high-technology equipment and lines to print and fold tissue paper products, self adhesive labels and flexible packaging. Marked by a strong international mission, Omet draws heavily on its rich heritage. The professional excellence that has distinguished Omet since the beginning has consolidated itself throughout forty years of activity, taking the company to success at the highest market levels.

The detailed specialisation in the design of the machines and the ongoing commitment to utilising new technology make Omet a leading, highly qualified and reliable partner.

History of the group
When the company was first established in 1963 by Angelo Bartesaghi, Omet S.r.l. began by producing machinery for special tasks and assembling mechanical components. Towards the end of the 1970s, the company began to specialise in the design and construction of the first machines to produce paper napkins and presses for printing labels. Thus began a process that has marked the way to Omet’s present position. The company continued to grow in the area of mechanical engineering centred on Lecco, where, today, it has its headquarters on two different complexes with a combined overall surface of approximately 8000 square metres. With customers in over 70 countries worldwide, the Omet Group also includes two foreign subsidiary companies: OMET IBERICA SL in Barcelona, and Omet (Suzhou) Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd in China.

Paying great attention to its customers, with a deep knowledge of the market and the users' needs, and detailed design customisation are part of the company DNA that are key to the way in which Omet presents itself to the market. The company is able to guarantee continual, efficient and qualified assistance, assuring customers reliable and prompt service at every stage, from installation to machine commissioning.