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The preparation of reels bundles is an operation that requires great precision, attention and speed. This is to ensure safe packaging capable of preserving the quality of the reels during transport, to avoid the occurrence of bottlenecks in production and to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time.

The efficiency of the packaging and storage process, therefore, contributes to the optimization of the entire production process and allows for a timely response to market demands. For this reason, systems for the automatic preparation of reel bundles play a fundamental role for companies that want to obtain or consolidate a competitive advantage on the market. Thanks to the use of robots it will in fact be possible to prepare flawless paper, tissue and nonwovens reel bundles while optimizing time, space and costs.

The automatic reel bundles preparation process

Before describing its advantages, let's briefly see how the automatic preparation of reel bundles takes place:

  • The finished reels coming out the production line are transferred to the packaging line, where they are labeled and subsequently stacked by a special robot, thus forming the bundle of reels according to the packaging recipe provided by the customer. The robot will also apply the cardboard, plastic or other parts discs to complete the package.
  • The bundle thus obtained is automatically sent to the wrapping area, where it is packaged by machinery called wrappers.
  • In certain cases, for example for bundles of small-format reels or for warehouse management needs expressed by end customers, the packaged bundle is sent to the palletizing area. In order to stabilize the palletized bundle and preserve its integrity, a second packaging is applied.

To ensure high process automation, it is also possible to interface the robot with weighing, wrapping and labeling systems.

Regarding the automatic palletization of bundles, there are several solutions:

  • Cartesian palletizer (with 2, 4 or more axes): a simple and compact system, very reliable and flexible. Ideal in case of high work intensity, where high speeds and positioning accuracy are required.
  • Layered palletizer (with stacking from the top or from the bottom): a solution that involves grouping by layers and transferring the product by means of a translating platform.
  • Column palletizer: allows you to build multiple columns of bundles or pallets and is useful in cases of very high products or products of different heights.
  • Anthropomorphic robot: among the most versatile, flexible and fast solutions. It adapts to the handling of products that are very different from each other and is perfect in the case of confined spaces as it provides a large work area, extended to 360 °, with a minimum footprint.

The validity of each solution depends on the type of product, the packaging line (low, medium or high intensity) and the space actually available in the company. Whatever the solution adopted, automation introduces significant competitive advantages.

2021 03 23 140449

The advantages of automatic bundle preparation

Not only companies that handle large daily productions can benefit from the use of an automatic bundle preparation system, but also those characterized by small to medium-sized production processes.

Reel packaging requires physical effort, high precision and expenditure of time. The use of robots allows you to obtain:

  • Greater speed and 24/7 operations, with a consequent increase in productivity: the result varies depending on the power and type of robot used, but on average the speed of operations is doubled compared to the use of manual work. A robot, for example, is able to process over 200 rolls per hour without the need for pauses.
  • Greater safety for operators and reduction of accidents at work: a robot can move and lift the loads to be stacked on the pallet effortlessly and more safely.
  • Homogeneous quality standards and packaging safety: a robot is able operate in a precise, safe and stable way; on the contrary, manual palletization is subject to possible errors which can also cause damage to the goods during transport operations.
  • Flexibility and customization: a robot can be integrated with numerous components - for example grippers, arms, rollers - adaptable to the configuration of your packaging system.

To achieve maximum efficiency and order processing speed, it is equally important to evaluate the possibility of automating the entire reel handling and packaging process by relying on suppliers, such as A.Celli, able to offer integrated and customizable solutions.

A.Celli R-WAY®: the customizable Automatic Packaging system

A.Celli offers a modular, flexible and customizable system for reel handling and packaging, adaptable to any layout and any production line. Thanks to the R-WAY® Automatic Packaging System it is possible to manage the entire packaging process:

  • Reel transfer from the production line to the packaging line;
  • Labeling of the outer surface of each reel and the inner surface of the core
  • Automatic preparation of reel bundles by means of robots;
  • Bundles packing, weighing and labeling 
  • Possible palletization and second packaging

The A.Celli solution can also be integrated with the customer's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and is able to provide log files and specially structured access tables, in which production orders and details regarding individual reels and processed bundles will be stored.

A.Celli, among the various integrable solutions, also offers a reel data tracking and archiving system, iREEL, which allows you to keep the detailed history of the product, from the mother roll to each individual reel of finished product.


Companies increasingly have the need to increase the efficiency and reliability of production lines. Automation systems can greatly contribute to meeting this need.

If you want more information on how to improve the management of your packaging process, download our free eBook “The ultimate guide to Automatic Reel Packaging” now!

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How the Berry Global Statesville plant increased its efficiency, safety and productivity with the A.Celli TVC B Automated Guided Vehicle.

Berry Global Group Inc., headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, is a Fortune 500 company and a leading global supplier of a broad range of innovative rigid, flexible, and nonwoven products used every day within consumer and industrial end markets. Committed to its mission, “Always Advancing to Protect What’s Important”, Berry Global proudly partners with its customers to provide them value-added protective solutions that are increasingly light-weighted and easier to recycle or reuse. The company serves a wide range of markets with its solutions, including the beverage, construction, filtration, food, healthcare, household, and hygiene sectors.

2021 02 19 105247

  • Nr. of Employees: 47.000+
  • Nr. of Facilities: Over 290 across the globe
  • Industrial Sector: Packaging & protection solutions

The challenge 

The customer's objective was clear: to have the possibility of exchanging the Master rolls between the rewinders of the different lines of equal format present in its Statesville, North Carolina, manufacturing facility. This with a view to assuring both the maximum degree of efficiency and safety for typically critical productions and an increase in productivity, due to the elimination of variables introduced by manual guidance and the lower waste ensured by automatic management.

Fortunately, we had just the right solution for them in our product portfolio...(Click the banner below to donwload the full case study!)

2021 02 19 105549

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Among the main features of quality Tissue paper there are certainly a high bulkiness and softness. How can this be achieved by using a conventional configuration with a single press nip and, at the same time, decrease energy consumption? The answer is our A.Celli X-Roll solution.

The demands of the Tissue industry

Tissue paper producers all over the world are constantly looking for solutions that allow them to offer high quality products without possibly increasing production costs, among which those linked to energy consumption certainly stand out. In fact, as highlighted in the previous article about water management in a Tissue plant, we recall that the final evaporation eliminates a relatively small part of the total water present in the fibers, but involves a considerable waste of thermal energy supplied by steam boilers (for the operation of the Yankee Dryer) and by an aerothermal system.

With this in mind, a series of studies conducted on pilot lines led to the conclusion that the key to obtaining the best results in terms of bulk without negatively affecting consumption could be represented not so much by the pressing phase that takes place in the nip between the suction press roll and the Yankee Dryer, but from the previous pre-drying phase carried out by means of the suction sector of the press roll itself located immediately before the nip.

The results of the studies described above show, in fact, that a significant impact on the output of the production process is due to the degree of dryness of the felt and, therefore, by the ability of the latter to absorb water from the Tissue paper. Starting from this, A.Celli has developed a solution to optimize the configuration with a single press nip in order to obtain Tissue paper of equal quality and, at the same time, a reduction in energy consumption associated with the drying area.

Conventional configuration with a single press nip

Let's analyze the operation of a conventional Tissue machine with a single press:

2021 02 09 145255

In this case, the pressing that takes place in the nip formed by the suction press roll and the Yankee Dryer will be contextual to the action of the vacuum sector inside the suction press roll itself. The latter consists of a perforated cylinder equipped with a metal shell and covered in synthetic material, and the holes have the task of retaining the water drained by the pressing action. Inside the shell there is a suction box whose task is to create a depression inside the press itself by connecting to a vacuum pump, thus sucking the air present in the holes in order to allow the water to be housed inside them. This water will then be extracted by centrifugation as soon as the effect of the vacuum itself disappears..

In this configuration it is also possible to use a steam box, positioned in correspondence with the suction press roll and just before the nip, whose purpose is to increase the water temperature and therefore decrease its viscosity. In this way, during the pressing phase the water is able to flow better into the felt and into the holes of the suction press roll.

However, the positioning of the steam box is not optimized from the point of view of efficiency as it acts in a point where the Tissue paper still has a high amount of water. In addition to this, the case thus positioned is subject to clogging due to the fiber fragments expelled by centrifugal force from the felt during the passage on the suction press roll. The consequence is that these fragments, once the steam box is activated, will be thrown at high speed against the Tissue paper, causing breakages.

A.Celli X-Roll 

As we have said, A.Celli X-Roll's goal is to combine the quality of Tissue paper obtainable using the traditional configuration with a lower total energy consumption.

To achieve this result, the goal was to ensure a high degree of dryness of the felt before the pressing phase, so as to reduce the power to be supplied in the drying section during the subsequent evaporation phase. While the conventional configuration first envisages the combined action of the steam box and the vacuum followed by the action exerted by the nip, A.Celli X-Roll uses in succession a suction roll, a steam box and a blind press:

  • In the first place we will have the action of vacuum by means of the suction roll. By doing so, a part of water will be eliminated, thus increasing the degree of dryness of the felt before the next two phases.
  • In this way the steam box, positioned between the suction roll and the press nip, and a flat vacuum box will act in a point where the felt has already been partially dried by the previous process, increasing the temperature of the sheet more efficiently and eliminating the risk of clogging of the steam box itself.
  • Finally, the action of the nip between the Yankee Dryer and the blind press will ensure that the sheet proceeds towards the evaporation area of the Tissue machine with a high degree of dryness and with the same bulkiness obtainable using a conventional configuration.

In terms of energy savings, we were able to detect, from tests performed on a pilot line, that the A.Celli X-Roll solution leads to a 4% increase in the degree of dryness of the paper exiting the pressing process compared to the conventional configuration,which translates into an energy saving of over 16% in the drying phase.

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Aktül Kağıt is a company that produces tissue paper from 100% virgin wood pulp, managing Private Label products for the main local and foreign chains. It also supplies high quality jumbo rolls for numerous converting facilities, located both in Turkey and abroad.

The collaboration between A.Celli Paper and Aktül Kağıt started at the beginning of September since the Turkish company was looking for a customizable, plug-and-play cutting solution, perfectly adaptable and compatible with any standard rewinding system or complete tissue line.

2020 11 13 091146

To meet the needs and requirements of the Tissue producer, A.Celli Paper showed its E-WIND® T80S solution: a latest generation, modular and fully automated rewinder, running at 1.000 mpm, with built-in electrical cabinets and capable of managing products that involve a specific volume, diameter and cutting format while also guaranteeing extra capacity during production peaks.

To confirm the great versatility of the machine, suffice it to say that it only took our customer 2 weeks to start up the machine, from the date of arrival of the shipment to the day the rewinder started to process paper. Moreover, in addition to this extraordinary record, with an additional week we were also able to reach the guaranteed contractual productions.

Thanks to this supply A.Celli Paper has offered its customer a considerable leap in quality built on three pillars: the minimization of installation times; cost containment and the achievement of long-term performance.

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How to keep the performance of your machinery at design levels thanks to the A.Celli original spare parts supply service.

Why is it important to rely on A.Celli for the supply of original spare parts?

First of all, it is important to emphasize the importance of relying on original spare parts over aftermarket ones. If it is true that by purchasing the latter you could find yourself incurring a lower expense in the very short term, it is also true that these parts cannot guarantee the achievement and maintenance of the machine design performance, with a consequent potential loss of productivity and therefore profitability in the long run.

2020 10 09 080643

By contacting A.Celli for spare parts you can also take advantage of the precious know-how of our technical office for customization operations. In this way you will have the certainty that the spare part in question is studied and designed specifically for your machinery, according to your production needs and the characteristics of the finished product you want to obtain.

Thanks to the preparation and experience of the A.Celli design department we will be able to recommend the most suitable spare part for your needs by managing the entire process for you, from the search for new suppliers on your request to the installation, thus guaranteeing the achievement of an optimal final result and in line with the performance of a machine that has just come off the production line.

Which services I have access to by purchasing original spare parts ?

The purchase of original spare parts through A.Celli allows the access to a series of exclusive services. First of all, we can offer you a guaranteed 24/7 assistance service by our specialized technicians. Thanks to their experience in the field of spare parts and the machines on which they are installed, they will be able to solve any type of problem quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing an excellent final result and minimizing any downtime.

Always with a view to reducing downtime, our warehouse will always be supplied with spare parts considered critical for the various machines, in order to be able to ship the original spare part as quickly as possible.

And finally, before shipment, we will carry out a quality control of the requested piece by qualified inspectors.

How can I get my Original Spare Parts List?

When purchasing a new machine or an upgrade for an existing machine, the back office of the A.Celli Customer Care department will undertake to provide you with a list of original spare parts in order of criticality.

Furthermore, through the service offered by the My Spare portal (always included with the purchase of a new machine or an upgrade) you will be able to view on screen the 3D rendering of your machinery and individual components, such as commercial and customized spare parts.

Would you like to know more? Contact the A.Celli Customer Service now for a consultation!

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We are pleased to learn that in the 2020-2021 edition of the "Directory of Tissue Paper & Disposable Products" published by China Paper Association, A.Celli Paper SpA is among the top three suppliers of Tissue Machines with Crescent Former for the Chinese market in the 1988-2019 period.

The introduction of this type of technologically advanced production lines has considerably increased production capacity in the Chinese tissue paper industry.

According to the China Paper Association study, by the end of 2019, 175 new Tissue Machines equipped with the Crescent Former technology were imported and started up in China for a total capacity of 7.006 million tons per year.

2020 10 02 092955

A.Celli Tissue Machines have always based the formation of the tissue sheet on this technology, which involves the bonding of wire and felt immediately downstream of the headbox. This technique favors the separation of water from the fiber, ensuring a high quality product characterized by its softness and favoring substantial savings in terms of energy and materials.

A.Celli Paper currently has several projects underway in China for double format Tissue Machines, some of which are requested with Shoe Press, as well as several Tissue Rewinders.

The Shoe Press is also a device, placed immediately before the Yankee Dryer, able to greatly increase the removal of moisture, with the double advantage of reducing energy consumption, necessary during the drying phase, and the possibility of obtaining papers of excellent quality with greater thickness, and therefore softer.

A.Celli Paper is pleased to support its customers in choosing the products that best suit their needs, in an atmosphere of professionalism and a deep spirit of partnership.

Contact us for further information: our sales department will be happy to give you all the detailed information!

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Papermaking, is one of the main business of Shanying Huazhong Paper Industry Co., Ltd and enjoys certain popularity and influence in the industry.

The company introduced their papermaking production equipment for the domestic and international market in order to build an industrial packaging paper production base with waste paper as raw material.

2020 09 28 092306

At the beginning of 2019 Shanying Huazhong Paper Industry Co., Ltd entrusted A.Celli Paper with the supply of two latest generation E-WIND® P100 rewinders for the mill located in Jingzhou District, China. During September 2020, Shanying Huazhong Paper officially completed the commissioning and start-up of the machineries and this event is certainly a reason for success, in connection with the next contractual steps.

The E-WIND® P100 Paper Rewinders, highly developed in terms of design, have a paper width of 7960 mm, they guarantee a maximum production speed of 2500 mpm (design speed) and they are able to accommodate large reels on the unwinder with diameters up to 3800 mm and a weight of about 65 t.

The machines will allow the Chinese group to process high-quality flat-paper and Test-Liner paper of the lowest grammage (from 50 to 110 gsm).

With this supply, A.Celli Paper offers its customer a considerable qualitative leap aimed at important and ambitious production goals, in the spirit of partnership, in an extremely demanding market such as the Chinese paper one.

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The Turkish Tissue producer chooses A.Celli Paper for its new investment

Aktül Kağıt is a company that produces one of the softest toilet paper and most absorbent paper towel in Turkey with eco-friendly production practices. Aktül Kağıt started to produce tissue paper from 100% virgin wood pulp in September 2011. Currently it produces private label products for leading local and abroad chains markets and also supply quality jumbo rolls for many converting facilities, located both in Turkey and abroad.

2020 09 25 092959

So it is with extreme satisfaction that A.Celli Paper S.p.A. announces the start of a precious collaboration with Aktül Kağıt through the agreement for the supply of a latest-generation E-WIND® T80S rewinder for the production of tissue.

A.Celli Paper E-WIND® T80S is a modular and fully automated rewinder, running at 1000 mpm, with built-in electrical cabinets and capable of managing products that involve a specific volume, diameter and cutting format while also guaranteeing extra capacity during production peaks.

It is customisable, plug-and-play, perfectly adaptable and compatible with any standard rewinding system or complete line in the tissue sector.

Yet another confirmation for A.Celli Paper technology which is even more present and able to meet the needs of different customers, responding promptly and flexibly to the variegate production variables.

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A.Celli Paper Spa, a company specializing in technological solutions for the manufacturing of Tissue plants and winders but with an ever-increasing presence in all sectors of the paper industry, announces the appointment of Valter Canelli as the new Sales Director.

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Valter grows professionally in Beloit where he holds various professional positions ranging from the design, research and development of new products and applications, up to consolidating his role as Sales Director of PMT in Pinerolo. In his thirty years of experience he has gained countless international experiences in the paper industry both from a technical and a commercial point of view.

2020 09 11 092639

"It is a source of great pride for me to start this new phase in my professional career by joining a company that, for almost a century now, has been a real reference point in the paper industry" – says Valter Canelli, a few weeks after joining the company – “Despite the difficulties related to the current health emergency situation, I see great potential and as many development opportunities for an historic Italian company. I am sure that, thanks to the dynamism of A.Celli Paper, we will be able to strengthen and extend our presence as a strategic partner for paper producers"

The entire team of the A.Celli group wishes Valter a "welcome aboard" with a view to important goals to be achieved together.

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Friday, 04 September 2020 10:55


With this operation, A.Celli Paper acquires the intellectual property of the historic Piedmontese company, becoming the main player in the sector, lead by a 100% Italian ownership.

A.CELLI PAPER SPA, main affiliate of ITALIA TECHNOLOGY ALLIANCE group, announces the acquisition of PMT ITALIA - PAPER MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY, a company operating in the production of machinery for tissue and paper industry.

2020 09 04 125328

PMT ITALIA, based in Pinerolo, was born in 2000 but shares a long tradition of expertise and success as former subsidiary of Beloit Corporation. It was in fact, for over 50 years, the main European headquarters of the American group with the name of Beloit Italia. Thanks to its consolidated know-how and skills, PMT ITALIA has successfully operated in the tissue and paper market for a further twenty years.

With the entry of A.CELLI PAPER SPA, PMT ITALIA’s range of products will get fresh impetus through synergies with the organization and know-how of A.CELLI PAPER SPA. The specific and cutting edge technologies developed in the field of packaging papers, cardboard, printing, will be available for the group worldwide customers, and the Customer Service division will be restructured and strengthened as well, in order to guarantee continuity and reliability to customers operating with ex-Beloit / PMT ITALIA machineries.

«With this operation, carried out in a period of general uncertainty, we want to demonstrate the desire to guarantee cutting-edge technologies and timely assistance for Italian and foreign companies operating in the strategic sector of paper and tissue.» states Mauro Celli, shareholder of ITALIA TECHNOLOGY ALLIANCE «Maintaining this heritage in Italy is an important step that will bring benefit to the entire paper supply chain, including the district of Lucca.»

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