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2018 02 02 102233


Investment in Italy enhances offerings to hygiene market

Berry Global Inc. has completed the investments establishing a “Center of Excellence” for carded nonwovens in Terno D’Isola, Italy.

The two-year program delivers enhanced production, conversion and innovation capabilities.

New and upgraded production lines optimize the production of low and high basis weight, air-through bonded carded nonwovens. Downstream capability has been enhanced with the installation of a new advanced Spooling asset.

With a key focus on innovation, Berry has established a multi-layer pilot line and dedicated application laboratory to support customers in the development of enhanced functionality such as softness and sustainability.

Berry first announced this investment in early 2016. Other recent investment initiatives include new lines in Asia and North America.

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018 16:44

A.Celli presents its new business unit

2018 01 17 164346

With a view towards, INDUSTRY 4.0, Extreme Automation is the A.Celli Group’s answer for the efficiency of the production system.

Research, innovation and competitiveness are the drives for company progress.

And today more than ever, the revolution the great process change that affects every industrial sector and that A.Celli has interpreted through a precise vision christened «Extreme Automation».

The A.Celli Group firmly believes in a production process that uses the new technologies dictated by the Industry 4.0 revolution and that can yield a more immediate and concrete production optimization during the individual process phases. Certainly the most interesting and useful aspect is centered on managing the data acquired, on the possibility of filing them for future reference, making them the object of a more accurate analysis, to transmit predictive maintenance programs to operators and to act on the system and eliminate defects or non-conformities. And all this in order to maintain the machine park at a superior level of efficiency/productivity, guaranteeing a better final product quality.

Below are some of the development divisions catered to by “Extreme Automation”:

Industry 4.0 division:

  • Development of machine data collection and analysis platforms to:
    • Implement predictive machine maintenance
    • Optimize production
    • Easily interface the machines with customer management software (ERP, MES)
  • Introduction of innovative machine learning logics to optimize machine operation

DCS division:

  • Development of new-generation DCS process controls for the paper field that:
    • Optimize production in terms of quality and energy
    • Minimize operator intervention
    • Affords facilitated remote support oriented towards global control

Software applications Winders & Rewinders:

  • Development of PLC and Drives software applications for the new winders and rewinders
  • Development of new-generation HMI machine interfaces

Packaging and System integration:

  • Development of software systems to integrate Handling & Packaging with customer management systems
  • Development of integrated systems for automatic warehouses

A.Celli Extreme Automation: Perfectly in line with the dictates of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

The A.Celli Group offers software and hardware solutions to optimize production and maintenance processes with a view towards INDUSTRY 4.0. by developing advanced DCS controls, innovative industrial automation applications and integrated packaging systems, addressing prevalently to the market of machine manufacturers for the world of paper, tissue and nonwovens.

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Muda Paper Mills Malaysia, Tasek Mill: an old paper winder comes back into fashion!

In October 2017, A.Celli Paper's Customer Service team installed and successfully concluded the upgrade performed on an old paper winder with the final start-up.

The intervention, which entailed updating the winder's slitting section with a modern, fully automatic positioning system of the slitting units, allowed the customer to immediately increment production, substantially reducing the time loss during the production change, following all modern concepts of safety requirements for the operators.

2018 01 15 102353

A.Celli Paper worked in close contact with the customer and the teamwork yielded optimal results. Indeed, the solutions applied were designed in advance, tested and then shared with the customer's work team. The new configuration kept into consideration the convenience of the operations to be performed on the one hand, and the needs of Muda Paper Mills on the other, in order to obtain the best results in terms of efficiency in the shortest possible installation times, turning an old winder into a superbly operating and productive system.

The customer was very appreciative of the project, acknowledging the high level of professionalism of A.Celli Paper's Customer Service team and its ability to always find functional, practical and intelligent solutions through engineering/design analyses, and always keeping the strategic-industrial demands of the individual customers in mind.

A.Celli Paper is capable of offering prompt & effective consultancy in-line with any type of investment and production demand

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2017 04 28 112044

Choose A.Celli for a guarantee of the best technology when it comes to longitudinal cutting, for an extremely high quality production.

Today more than ever, the concept of production flexibility in the nonwovens market is embodied in the ability to automatically manage a number of different cuts.

Changing recipes in record times; adapting to different production cycles; being able to count on an operational programming flexibility. These are the standards that every company must guarantee.

These features have given rise to A.Celli SlittomaticTM Upgrade: the evolution in the longitudinal cutting system.

In turning to A.Celli technology, you will be able to benefit from a dedicated development and quotation for the replacement of any cutting system (on A.Celli machines as well as on machinery built by other manufacturers) in favour of SlittomaticTM technology

Fully automatic, highly flexible and completely modular, A.Celli SlittomaticTM is a cutting management system that allows:

  • Increasing productivity, making knife positioning and precision faster based on the recipe;
  • Enhancing operator safety and eliminating the “human error” variable;
  • Augmenting knife performance (electrostatic bar) + dust removal;
  • Knife life management system;
  • Reducing machine downtime thanks to intelligent maintenance monitoring.

The service offered includes:

  • Engineering;
  • Supervision for electrical and mechanical installation;
  • Commissioning & start-up;
  • Project Management;
  • Training;
  • Software modification and issuing of licenses and SW Keys;
  • Updating of electrical and pneumatic diagrams;
  • Review of manuals and layout;
  • 24/7 Technical Support Hotline;
  • 12-month guarantee from the date of completion of the modifications.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact A.Celli Nonwovens for a quick consultancy or a dedicated study.

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A.Celli Nonwovens develops and launches the new automatic system for rolls handling and packaging dedicated to the carded products market.

A.Celli technology breakthroughs never stop.

2017 03 27 102247

Having attained top performance standards and acknowledgements in the realm of downstream-line management, the challenge – already won – was to automate the handling of Spunlace reels, gearing the plant on the packaging specifications and production capacity typical of carded products (Spunlace, ATB, ADL, etc.).   

And so A.Celli Packaging Spunlace is born: the evolution in Packaging systems.

Fully automatic, highly flexible and completely modular, A.CELLI PACKAGING SPUNLACE is a handling and packaging system that allows producers to package any reels combination and dimension, based on the standards and specifications typical of the Carded products.

Below are some features of the system:

  • Automatic Roll Sorting.
  • Automatic handling of reels with different product qualities and waste reels.
  • Automatic application of top and bottom foil.
  • Automatic application of top and bottom headers.
  • Automatic application of bundle edge protection.
  • Automatic labelling (individual reel and bundle).
  • Automatic wrapping of the pack with application of the stretchable film cutting-protection-band.
  • Automatic weighing (individual reel and bundle).
  • Automatic Pallet applicator.
  • Integration with any production management software.
  • 24/7 technical support Hotline.

Contact A.Celli Nonwovens for consultancy or for a dedicated case study.

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2017 03 20 092235

Don’t miss the chance to see the new E-WIND® T200 in line with a Wrapping System in ACTION!

From April 10th until April 14th 2017, A.Celli Paper will host the event dedicated to the presentation of new E-WIND® technology at its facilities.

A.Celli’s new concept rewinder is the embodiment of the company’s level of excellence attained throughout the years – over 70 years of experience in machine building that is reflected in the expertise with which it is able to anticipate market demands, giving customers what they are looking for and what they need in order to be and stay competitive. Its wealth of knowledge makes it a fearless company, eager to experiment new solutions and to place its customers in the position of being able to create new products, exploiting new processes that it has perfected. Processes focused on giving customers a head start in this highly competitive world and a tool for safeguarding our most precious heritage: the environment.

E stands for Evolution, Excellence, for Experience & Expertise, Experimentation, Environment.

One letter that encompasses many important concepts, fundamental when speaking about machines, about products and about your business.

So come see for yourself the E-WIND® live demonstrations.

Contact A.Celli Paper (Gra.simonelli@acelli.it) for a quick consultancy or to plan your visit to our companies and to the Open House.

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Friday, 17 March 2017 08:28

A.Celli Group will be at CIDPEX 2017

2017 03 17 082808

CIDPEX 2017, the 24th China International Disposable Paper EXPO is the largest exhibition for tissue paper and disposable hygiene products industry in the world. It will take place in Wuhan, Hubei, China, at Wuhan International Expo Center, from 22 to 24 March 2017.

A.Celli Paper and A.Celli Nonwovens are participating at CIDPEX 2017 together with its staff from A.Celli Shanghai Machinery Co. Ltd. and will be pleased host you at booth number B1C15, to illustrate the latest novelties in system solutions for complete turn-key plants, in the production and rebuilding of tissue PMs and rewinders for tissue, flat papers and cardboard.

A.Celli’s wide-ranging offer is completed by solutions dedicated to winding, rewinding and packaging lines, palletizing and reel handling for the field of nonwovens, and highlighted by a focus on lamination, spooling and printing technologies for different supports (including non-woven, PP/PE film and tissue in a wide range of grammages).

And of course, the reliable, 24/7 post-sales assistance service and MySp@res® – the innovative on-line spare parts management system – complete A.Celli’s presence at the show.

The event will offer technical conferences, seminars, debates and in-depth analyses on the developments and latest novelties in the field. Don’t miss your chance to attend!

Come to visit us at booth number B1C15 - HALL B1 (Tissue Converting & Tissue Paper Machinery and Related Apparatus Pavilion).

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Rely on the professionals at A.Celli and guarantee your production process extremely precise and accurate measurements.

2017 03 17 082358

The A.Celli Counter Meter Calibration Service is performed using a contactless Special Laser Device, unidirectional speed and length gauges providing extremely accurate speed and length measurements in almost any production environment (Web products, woven and non-woven materials, paper, plastic film and other products can all be measured using the Laser Doppler method).

The Special Laser Device illuminates the surface being measured with an interference pattern created by the intersection of two laser beams. The alternating bright and dark interference fringes modulate the light scattered by the object with a frequency proportional to the object’s speed. This scattered light is detected by a photodiode and the electrical signal digitally processed to determine the frequency and hence the speed. Object length is then calculated by integrating the speed measurement over time.

The A.Celli Special Laser Device is subjected to an annual calibration directly at the manufacturer’s laboratories and it is the only procedure that can assure a measurement accuracy better than 0.05% and repeatability better than 0.02%.

The procedure requires that the technician perform a comparison between the machine meter counter and the A.Celli Laser Device meter counter. If there is a variation between the two instruments, an adjustment is then made to the winder's length counting system. The on-site intervention will be performed by A.Celli Automation Engineer Technicians in 1 working day per machine (5 hours slitter downtime required). At the end of the operation, a certificate of calibration will be issued.

So take advantage of our service!

Contact A.Celli Customer Service for a quick consultancy or a dedicated case study.

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The start-up of the latest-generation tissue rewinder manufactured by A.Celli Paper and sold last year in the UK to customer Sofidel, internationally renowned Italian player and tissue market leader, was concluded on 25 January 2017 with excellent results!

2017 03 02 103452

In just 8 months, the machine, a rewinder Mod. 865 shafted in a 3400-mm format was built, installed at the Sofidel UK facilities in Lancaster and started up to the full satisfaction of the customers who signed the acceptance certificate.
The start-up took place with no delays and is certainly an additional piece added to the mosaic of collaborations that A.Celli Paper is collecting in regards to this major Italian group.

The Sofidel Group
The Sofidel Group is one of the leading manufacturer of paper for hygienic and domestic use worldwide. Established in 1966, the Group has subsidiaries in 13 countries – Italy, Spain, the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania, Turkey and the USA - with more than 5,500 employees, a consolidated turnover of 1,809 million Euros (2015) and a production capacity of over one million tonnes per year (1,058,000 tonnes in 2015). “Regina”, its most well-known  brand, is present on almost all the reference markets. Other brands include: Softis, Le Trèfle, Sopalin, Nouvelle, Thirst Pockets, KittenSoft, Nalys, Cosynel, Yumy, Soft & Easy, Volare, Onda, Lycke, Forest, Nicky, Papernet, Heavenly Soft. A member of UN Global Compact and the international WWF Climate Savers programme, the Sofidel Group considers sustainability a strategic factor with regards to growth and is committed to promoting socially and environmentally responsible development.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017 07:15

A.Celli Safety Upgrade: safety first!

2017 02 14 071441

The best choice to manage the adaptation and compliance of industrial machinery or plants.

The A.Celli Group has always retained technological developments and the safety aspects of machines to be its key growth factors. The Group’s approach to occupational safety is a foundational theme for the company, and the high number of plants sold throughout the world in relationship with a practically inexistent history of accidents on the job is the most evident proof of this philosophy.

Today, the complexity of industrial systems requires increasingly attentive consideration of the theme of safety. Preventing accidents on the job is not a calculation based on a single machine but an outcome of the management logic adopted throughout the production process.

And in addition to the normal risk factor, unpleasant unexpected events can arise from deficiencies at the operating phase, lack of clarity in procedures, negligence by operators or human errors. Without forgetting that year after year, international norms and directives to regulate the issue abound.

2017 02 14 071542

For this reason, A.Celli offers its customers the complete solution for plant modification, repair, verification and/or compliance.

The service offered includes:

  • Analyses surveys and assessment of customer demands
  • Engineering study on components sizing and on plant design with reference to binding norms in the country in question.
  • Project management, document handling and issuing of certifications.
  • Installation, commissioning and start-up
  • Software modification and updating of electrical and pneumatic diagrams.
  • Review of manuals and layout of new safety devices.
  • 24/7 technical support hotline
  • 12-month warranty from the date of completion of the modifications.

The best choice to manage the adaptation and compliance of industrial machinery or plants.
So what are you waiting for?

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