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The Greek converter continues its expansion in the tissue paper industry and signs a contract with A.Celli Paper for the supply of a new turnkey production line.

A.Celli Paper will supply a complete turnkey solution for the production of tissue paper, from stock preparation up to the handling of the finished reels, to the European brand Intertrade Hellas S.A., the leading converter of base paper and sanitary tissue products in the Greek Market.

The turnkey line starts with specifically designed solutions for the preparation of stock from virgin fiber, which will take into account the specific customer needs in terms of layout, quality and throughput.

The Tissue machine included in the supply, the A.Celli iDEAL® Master 2000L, represents the most advanced and efficient solution through which A.Celli Paper underlines its role as a cutting-edge partner in the industry. This tissue machine features a web width of 5600 mm, a design speed of 2100 m/min and a working speed of 2000 m/min, all this to reach a production capacity of 244 tpd (20 gsm) or 221 tpd (16 gsm). The first-rate performance provided by the A.Celli line will ensure the desired increase in the production level and the improvement of the quality of the finished product.

A.Celli x Intertrade Hellas

Another key factor that led Intertade Hellas S.A. to choose A.Celli Paper was our capability to provide the Greek converter with a double format 16” Forged Yankee Dryer with a total width of 6085 mm.
Thanks to this technology, it is possible to substantially reduce the thermal energy requirement while maintaining the high drying capacity and ease of maintenance typical of this solution.

A.Celli will also provide Intertrade Hellas with:

  • A latest generation three-ply E-WIND® T200 slitter rewinder with a width of 5600 mm and a speed of 1800 m/min
  • A top-notch R-WAY® reel handling system, consisting of conveyor belt, wrapper, up-ender and labeling system.
  • Our renowned DCS control system and the innovative, Industry 4.0-ready automation platform capable of integrating the various systems implemented in the production plant.

Finally, the supply will include a wide range of services provided by the engineers of A.Celli Paper’s technical office: a group of experts with proven years of experience in the industry.

The machines have been pre-assembled at our headquarters located in Lucca, Italy, while the start-up is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022. A.Celli Paper is proud to offer our customer a leap forward in quality, aiming for important and ambitious production milestones.

"We are very excited working together with A. Celli for this turn key project. The new Tissue Machine, thanks to its efficiency and reliability, will be able to supply the Greek market with the highest quality of tissue. At last Greece will produce its own paper and, after many years, the country will become self-sufficient. It is indeed a historic moment, and we are very proud of it" says Ioannis Delidimos, CEO of Intertrade Hellas S.A.

“This investment boasts an important technological and strategic value. It’s a top-notch project carried out with a perfect partner: Intertrade Hellas. This is a state of the art, double width Tissue production line designed from the very beginning with sustainability, carbon footprint reduction and lower energy consumption in mind. A.Celli is fully committed to supply high value solutions to its customers" says Alessandro Celli, member of the A.Celli Paper Board of Directors.

ntertrade Hellas S.A. - Company Profile

Intertrade Hellas S.A., founded in 1992, started its activity with the production of paper products. Its current focus is the design and manufacturing of products synonymous with top quality and of high added value for both the consumer and the professional, all at a very competitive price. Over the past decade the company, which owns three factories in Acharnes and Metamorfosi and one factory in Inofyta, Viotia, has expanded its activities, strengthened its specialization in paper processing, invested in R&D and created new series of innovative products.

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The inclusion in the prestigious list, published by Forbes Italia and drawn up by Kon Group and Credit Suisse, is a further confirmation of the commitment made by the A.Celli Group towards environmental sustainability.

After being recognized as one of the Sustainability Leader 2021 by the economic-financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”, we are proud to announce that Forbes Italia has included, at the beginning of October, the A.Celli Group in the list of the 100 Italian excellences in the field of sustainability.

2021 10 13 095804

The prestigious business magazine, together with Kon Group, a leading Italian operator in business and financial consultancy, and Credit Suisse, one of the world's leading banks, have acted according to two fundamental guidelines:

  • measure, thanks to the Esg rating issued by Altis and Reprisk, the results achieved in terms of eco-sustainability, highlighting the areas for improvement
  • give visibility to companies thanks to the collaboration with Forbes Italia.

It was not easy to identify the 100 excellences of Italian Sustainability. The rigorous criteria used by Altis to assign the rating and the cross-checking of the results through the Reprisk rating allowed the organizers of this first edition to select the companies that have most distinguished themselves and have often worked for years to achieve a sustainable production. Among the elements that were relevant for the purposes of the rating, particular importance was given to the propensity for innovation in governance and social sphere.

The A.Celli Group, by passing the required checks, was thus recognized as a champion of sustainability starting from the 350 starting candidates: a result that makes us extremely satisfied and confirms our desire to continue following the path of green economy.

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A.Celli Paper launched, with an exclusive online presentation, their new A.Celli iDEAL® Evo-Lock®, the next evolution of the Yankee Dryers with forged shell.

Mr. Clive Butler, Yankee Dryer Production Manager, and Mr. Fabrizio Tonello, A.Celli Paper Technical Director, were given the responsibility and honour to present new cylinder, characterized by an innovative head-to-shell connection system that doesn’t require welds or bolts.

2021 10 04 095614

Thanks to this solution and to the use of a forged shell, the A.Celli Evo-Lock® allows to minimize the number of inspection activities required and to improve runnability on sheet edges, with consequent positive implications on the efficiency of the machine. Moreover, the special design of the Evo-Lock® allows to reduce the overall width of the shell, making it possible to dry a larger format sheet with the same existing machine gauge.

In regards to the achieved result, with the new A.Celli Yankee Dryer companies can expect to reduce by 94% the recommended inspection activities in the first 12 years compared to a traditional welded Yankee, without any drawbacks in terms of quality of the Tissue paper obtained, reliability and operator safety.

“Evolock represents A.Celli attitude to the continuous innovation, which springs out when Science and Technology meet Creativity and Experience” said Mr. Fabrizio Tonello, A.Celli Paper Technical Director.

The new A.Celli Evo-Lock® Yankee Dryer is already available for order as a single component or as a part of our cutting-edge iDEAL® Turnkey Tissue Plants, and its goal is to consolidate A.Celli Paper’s position as leading innovator in the Tissue paper industry.

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Thursday, 26 August 2021 10:57

Nonwovens Lamination

What is Lamination?

Lamination is the process of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so that the combined physical and mechanical characteristics of each layer make for a stronger, more resilient composite material.

  • What is Lamination?
  • Nonwovens Lamination main areas of application
  • Nonwovens Lamination techniques and advantages
  • The Best Nonwovens Lamination machine

The earliest examples of lamination made use of natural adhesives such as beeswax, gums, tar and substances derived from animal bones. As technology progressed, we discovered the use of sealing wax as the first hot-melt adhesive. In the 1930s a wet lamination process (with the use of solvents) was used to bond shirt collars (a woven fabric) with cellulose acetate. This process was deemed inconvenient, and by 1948 progress was made in dry lamination using polyvinyl acetate plasticized with dibutyl phthalate.

2021 08 26 105631

Nonwovens lamination, in particular, is the process of bonding two or more layers, at least one of which is a nonwoven fabric, with the objective of obtaining improved strength, stability, sound insulation, appearance, or other properties. Although less expensive to manufacture, nonwoven fabrics tend to be weaker than woven ones, and the lamination process comes into play just when there is the need to strengthen this nonwoven material for a variety of uses.

The bonding is typically done with the use of adhesives (or heat) and pressure, making it possible to manufacture nonwovens products, equipped with a waterproof layer, that are breathable, soft, comfortable and suitable for printing.

Shortly after the beginning of the industrial production of disposable diapers, nonwoven laminated products, such as the textile backsheet, appeared. From the early days of dry lamination various adhesives were produced, including hot-melt powders.

Breathability was an issue with lamination in the early days, but the processes used today are capable of producing breathable, porous materials that maintain their waterproof properties.

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A.Celli Paper, together with the Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier team, has successfully rebuilt and started up the PM3 of the Roermond plant dedicated to the production of packaging paper.

A.Celli Paper announces the completion of the rebuilt PM3 start up on the 24th of June, with total satisfaction of our client, Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier, both for the performance achieved and for the compliance with the planned program, despite the difficulties related to the global pandemic.

2021 07 29 141316

The rebuilding interventions carried out by A.Celli Paper on the Smurfit Kappa’s PM3, a line dedicated to the production of 1000 tons/day of 2-layers liner packaging paper with basis weight ranging from 125 to 220 gsm and a width of 5090 mm, involved:

  • The press section, with the substitution of the whole frame and the change of the press loading system from pneumatic to hydraulic. 
  • The first group of the pre-dryer section with four new dryer cylinders and three vacuum rolls, including the relevant new hood. 
  • Mechanical and piping erection services

Said interventions took a total downtime period of 21 days and the commissioning phase ended on the 21st of June.

Mr. Sjon Vrieze, Technical Operations Manager of Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier, says: “We were able to resume production on the evening of June 24, and the machine is running stable since then. Uptime is above target, speed is on target and the quality achieve is above target, so from the point of view of the machine performance we are happy so far. I wish to send my regards to all the A.Celli colleagues who have worked hard to get the job done in Roermond.”


Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier is a company started in 1937 and part of the Smurfit Kappa Group, an international brand with 350 branches in 35 countries and leader in Europe for the production of corrugated packaging, containerboard and “bag in box”. In 2020, Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier produced 635,000 tons of recycled paper from over 1.3 million bales of waste paper.

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Kochavinska Paper Factory and A.Celli Paper signed a turnkey supply contract for a high efficiency iDEAL® tissue machine.

A.Celli Paper is proud to announce that it will supply a tissue production line to the European tissue brand Kochavinska Paper Factory JSC, one of the Ukrainian leading producers of base paper and sanitary tissue products manufactured from waste paper.

A.Celli Paper’s scope of supply comprises a complete tissue production line including an high efficiency iDEAL® START 1.500 tissue machine, equipped with an iDEAL® Forged_YD Yankee cylinder. The new tissue machine, highly appreciated for low consumption, convenience and compactness, will have a design speed of 1.500 m/min with a reference production up to 80 t/d. An R-WAY® reel handling system and a three-ply E-WIND® T80S slitter-rewinder complete the supply.

The supply will feature A.Celli Paper’s state-of-the art tissue technology, including two complete stock preparation lines, one for long fibers and one for short fibers. Top-notch mill engineering and a wide array of services provided by engineers with extensive experience in design and field activities are also included in the scope. Furthermore, the delivery will include an A.Celli Paper advanced DCS controls, innovative industrial automation applications and integrated systems.

2021 07 09 111500

The manufacture of the machinery will take place in Lucca, Italy and is expected to complete within 12 months.

The project assumes the construction of a facility for the production of pulp-based tissue products to meet growing demand for high quality tissue products. It will enable Kochavinska Paper Factory JSC to enter the higher quality retail tissue segment, double its tissue production capacity and improve operating efficiency.

"We are very pleased to have signed this agreement with A.Celli, and we are proud to be developing our plans for technical and commercial expansion using the advanced technologies they offer” said the Head of the Supervisory Board and a major shareholder of JSC Kochavinska Paper Factory Mr. Mikhail Tytykalo, and the Head of the Board Mr. Roman Pyrig. "The iDEAL® PM line for hygiene products, which will be the heart of our factory, guarantees us great flexibility in production, high product quality and a big advantage in terms of energy savings. The success of our proposal depends on these decisions".

Kochavinska Paper Factory - Company Profile

Kochavinska Paper Factory is one of the largest producers of recycled base paper and tissue and is located in western Ukraine. The company dates back to 1938, when the plant was built with the involvement of experts from Germany, Poland and Sweden. In the 1990s, the factory underwent voucher privatisation and is currently owned by 173 shareholders.

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Thanks to the collaboration between the teams of the two companies, the start-up of the Tissue rewinder installed in the Prachinburi plant in Thailand was successfully completed.

A.Celli started up the rewinder supplied to Berli Jucker Cellox Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC), in full compliance with the agreed time despite the difficult situation caused by COVID19 pandemic.

2021 07 08 122421

The A.Celli E-WIND® T100 Tissue rewinder was designed to process 3,000 mm diameter paper rolls with a width of 2750 mm and a basis weight ranging from 13 to 45 gsm, all at an operating speed of 1700 m/min. This will enable Berli Jucker Cellox Co., Ltd to produce up to 90 tons of tissue paper per day. Last but not least, the rewinder was equipped with the trimming removal system.

Mr. Chusak Soysungvarn, Berli Jucker Cellox Co. Ltd’s Prachinburi Plant Director, says: “It was difficult to put into words the happiness you get from seeing the first tissue reel came out from the A.Celli rewinder. We have focused heavily on this expansion project to enhance manufacturing efficiency, energy consumption and quality level to serve our customers in the best possible way. The machine definitely fulfilled our wishes and we were really satisfied by the excellent collaboration and services provided by the A.Celli team”.


Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC) is a company with more than 135 years of history at the forefront of the trade, manufacturing and service fields in Thailand. Originally, BJC engaged in rice milling, mining, timber, shipping, importing, and other activities that laid a foundation instrumental for Thailand’s progress towards an “industrial” stage. After World War II, BJC diversified its operations into manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

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The new Tissue rewinder, located in the town of Dej in Romania, was started up thanks to the field support of the A.Celli team and the precious collaboration of the Romanian team.

It is with pride that we announce that the new E-WIND® T100 Tissue rewinder supplied to the prestigious Romanian company MG TEC Industry S.r.l was successfully started up at the end of April in full compliance with the project objectives in terms of timing and product quality agreed with the customer

MG TEC Industry isa new Romanian company founded in 2018 in the Transylvanian town of Dej. The main objective of their project is the construction of a greenfield plant focused on the development of a production line for tissue paper, absorbent products, hygienic and sanitary products.

2021 05 25 111320

The A.Celli E-WIND T100® will be a part of the Tissue line dedicated to the production of paper with a width of 2850 mm and a basis weight ranging from 13 to 45 gsm. Thanks to the line's operating speed of 1600 m/min, it will be possible to produce up to 100 tons per day of the highest quality tissue paper.

Another success that, combined with the satisfaction of MG TEC Industry S.r.l., makes us more and more proud of our technology dedicated to the slitting and winding/rewinding of any type of paper on the market.

Mr. Hasmasan Vasile, MG TEC Industry Plant Administrator, says: “Special thanks go to our operators who have successfully managed all the start-up steps despite the circumstances caused by the pandemic. The assistance of the A.Celli team was fundamental: we were able to count on excellent support both on the field and remotely, directly from Italy. "

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A.Celli Paper assisted the PT. Dayasa Aria Prima (Dayasa) team in every step of the process to ensure a successful start-up of the paper machine converted to the production of Corrugated Medium by applying PMT technology.

A.Celli Paper is proud to announce that on Saturday March 13th PT. Dayasa Aria Prima (Dayasa), a subsidiary of PT. Fajar Surya Wisesa (SCG - SIAM CEMENT GROUP), has successfully started-up the completely rebuilt PM#1 located in their Gresik plant.

Given the current global situation and the consequent travel restrictions, the start-up was carried out remotely thanks to the continuous support of A.Celli Paper team and a detailed commissioning program with specific documentation.

The 5600 mm wire machine has been converted from the production of coated paper to Corrugated Medium with a design basis weight of 90 gsm at a design speed of 1200mpm.

2021 05 06 123750

The A.Celli Paper/PMT supply included:

  • PMT Shoe Press with Deflection-Controlled Roll
  • Major rebuild of the dryer section with the installation of Vacuum Rolls, Stabilizer Boxes and a new Rope Less Threading System

With the acquisition of PMT and the full integration of the PMT engineering, A.Celli Paper is now in the position to supply machinery equipment for all kind of paper.

This supply will be added to the existing A.Celli E-WIND P100 Paper Rewinder equipped with the Slittomatic™ Web-In automatic slitting units positioning system and with the addition of the spool storage.

The successful rebuild carried out for SCG, which follows the supply of a new paper rewinder in one of their Vietnam plant and the rebuild of an existing rewinder made by another manufacturer, is a great achievement for all our Asian customers.

This is also a perfect demonstration that no matter the obstacles due to the global pandemic, A.Celli will always be by your side.

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The preparation of reels bundles is an operation that requires great precision, attention and speed. This is to ensure safe packaging capable of preserving the quality of the reels during transport, to avoid the occurrence of bottlenecks in production and to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time.

The efficiency of the packaging and storage process, therefore, contributes to the optimization of the entire production process and allows for a timely response to market demands. For this reason, systems for the automatic preparation of reel bundles play a fundamental role for companies that want to obtain or consolidate a competitive advantage on the market. Thanks to the use of robots it will in fact be possible to prepare flawless paper, tissue and nonwovens reel bundles while optimizing time, space and costs.

The automatic reel bundles preparation process

Before describing its advantages, let's briefly see how the automatic preparation of reel bundles takes place:

  • The finished reels coming out the production line are transferred to the packaging line, where they are labeled and subsequently stacked by a special robot, thus forming the bundle of reels according to the packaging recipe provided by the customer. The robot will also apply the cardboard, plastic or other parts discs to complete the package.
  • The bundle thus obtained is automatically sent to the wrapping area, where it is packaged by machinery called wrappers.
  • In certain cases, for example for bundles of small-format reels or for warehouse management needs expressed by end customers, the packaged bundle is sent to the palletizing area. In order to stabilize the palletized bundle and preserve its integrity, a second packaging is applied.

To ensure high process automation, it is also possible to interface the robot with weighing, wrapping and labeling systems.

Regarding the automatic palletization of bundles, there are several solutions:

  • Cartesian palletizer (with 2, 4 or more axes): a simple and compact system, very reliable and flexible. Ideal in case of high work intensity, where high speeds and positioning accuracy are required.
  • Layered palletizer (with stacking from the top or from the bottom): a solution that involves grouping by layers and transferring the product by means of a translating platform.
  • Column palletizer: allows you to build multiple columns of bundles or pallets and is useful in cases of very high products or products of different heights.
  • Anthropomorphic robot: among the most versatile, flexible and fast solutions. It adapts to the handling of products that are very different from each other and is perfect in the case of confined spaces as it provides a large work area, extended to 360 °, with a minimum footprint.

The validity of each solution depends on the type of product, the packaging line (low, medium or high intensity) and the space actually available in the company. Whatever the solution adopted, automation introduces significant competitive advantages.

2021 03 23 140449

The advantages of automatic bundle preparation

Not only companies that handle large daily productions can benefit from the use of an automatic bundle preparation system, but also those characterized by small to medium-sized production processes.

Reel packaging requires physical effort, high precision and expenditure of time. The use of robots allows you to obtain:

  • Greater speed and 24/7 operations, with a consequent increase in productivity: the result varies depending on the power and type of robot used, but on average the speed of operations is doubled compared to the use of manual work. A robot, for example, is able to process over 200 rolls per hour without the need for pauses.
  • Greater safety for operators and reduction of accidents at work: a robot can move and lift the loads to be stacked on the pallet effortlessly and more safely.
  • Homogeneous quality standards and packaging safety: a robot is able operate in a precise, safe and stable way; on the contrary, manual palletization is subject to possible errors which can also cause damage to the goods during transport operations.
  • Flexibility and customization: a robot can be integrated with numerous components - for example grippers, arms, rollers - adaptable to the configuration of your packaging system.

To achieve maximum efficiency and order processing speed, it is equally important to evaluate the possibility of automating the entire reel handling and packaging process by relying on suppliers, such as A.Celli, able to offer integrated and customizable solutions.

A.Celli R-WAY®: the customizable Automatic Packaging system

A.Celli offers a modular, flexible and customizable system for reel handling and packaging, adaptable to any layout and any production line. Thanks to the R-WAY® Automatic Packaging System it is possible to manage the entire packaging process:

  • Reel transfer from the production line to the packaging line;
  • Labeling of the outer surface of each reel and the inner surface of the core
  • Automatic preparation of reel bundles by means of robots;
  • Bundles packing, weighing and labeling 
  • Possible palletization and second packaging

The A.Celli solution can also be integrated with the customer's ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and is able to provide log files and specially structured access tables, in which production orders and details regarding individual reels and processed bundles will be stored.

A.Celli, among the various integrable solutions, also offers a reel data tracking and archiving system, iREEL, which allows you to keep the detailed history of the product, from the mother roll to each individual reel of finished product.


Companies increasingly have the need to increase the efficiency and reliability of production lines. Automation systems can greatly contribute to meeting this need.

If you want more information on how to improve the management of your packaging process, download our free eBook “The ultimate guide to Automatic Reel Packaging” now!

2021 03 23 140638

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