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The winder will significantly increase production capacities, helping to improve delivery times for its customers.  

2017 12 15 125627Manipulados Emreser S.L., one of Pasaban’s committed customers, has once again trusted Pasaban for the supply of a BM-2600 board and paper winder. This converter, located in Murcia (Spain), offers solutions aimed at satisfying the carton requirements for the manufacture of all types of casing, display stands and packaged products, amongst others.  

For over 20 years, Pasaban has provided them with the necessary machinery, such as several folio sheeters, in order to offer a high added value product.  

Due to having recently expanded their facilities, they have entrusted us with the design and manufacturing of a winder which will reliably cut their high-quality cartons: folding FBB, craft, recycled, cardboard, coated and liner.  

The winder has a width of 2600 mm and it is designed for cartons from 250 to 500 g/m2. It is prepared to handle both input and output reels of large diameters (2100 mm/1800 mm) at speeds of up to 1500 m/min. And It incorporates an automatic blade positioning system together with the last control improvements developed with the IK4-Tekniker technology centre.  

With this project, we have contributed to Emreser reaching their objective of increasing the factory’s production and, consequentially, improving their delivery times.

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Mr. Pawan Agarwal, Managing Director of the Naini Group and Chairman of the Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (IPPTA) has once again chosen Pasaban sheeters to meet his objective of providing a quality finish to the paper produced in the company’s two plants; Naini Tissues and Naini Papers.

pasaban logotipoNaini Group belongs to the medium-size pulp and paper manufacturing sector. Four years ago it hired Pasaban to design and manufacture a paper sheeting equipment in order to provide a higher quality finish to the paper it produces. The good results achieved were key to the manufacture and commissioning of two more high output sheeters.

To the 8 unwind stand KB 2400 sheeter, another KB 1900 was added. Including an automatic pallet change at maximum speed and a 6 unwind stand Compact CX145 sheeter with low speed pallet change without sheet reject. Those machines are to be the perfect complement to the first KB.

As for the type of paper, the sheet cutting machines are designed for sheeting 70 and 80 g/m2 light-weight printing and writing papers.

Mr Agarwal describes his experience with Pasaban with these words in an article for the Papermart magazine:

[…] Naini then shifted its focus to finishing paper. It installed a Synchro Fly Sheeter from Pasaban in 2014 for giving a quality finish to the paper it produced.

“We felt sheeting was not as per the market requirement and there were certain wastages at the end of the end-consumers. All this was because of not so good quality of sheeting. Installation of Pasaban sheeter again was an instant hit and we got very good new customers. So, that was again a turning point for us”.

Pasaban is committed to providing customers with customised products that contribute to positioning their companies as a benchmark for quality and as market leaders.


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The lifetime of your machines concerns us. PASABAN UPGRADES EXTEND THE LIFETIME OF YOUR MACHINES.  

In this case, the machine is a 1992 KDD 1900 paper and cardboard sheeter owned by ITC Limited (India).  

2017 06 21 095652Because of it being a highly automated sheeter and of a certain age, it presented various problems such as obsolete drives and controls, frequent stops for maintenance work, poor performance and an unsatisfactory final product.  

In pursuit of the most appropriate solution and with the aim of improving performance and solving these inefficiencies, Pasaban provided ITC with the Upgrades service. After a thorough analysis of the possibilities for updating the machine, a solution was proposed and it was completed in just three weeks.  

During the first two weeks, technicians completed the relevant mechanical and electrical work, replacing the damaged electrical parts of the original installation. They also installed new motors, photocells, detectors and other auxiliary elements.  

The “Pasaban drives software” system was also included, for verifying the new digital regulators and for using the online service through the TeamViewer software and an Internet connection supplied by the customer.  

Once these works were finished, the technical team continued with the set up of the machine, carrying out the relevant tests until the machine was in optimal operating condition.  

All these improvements guarantee that the machine will operate without any problems for a longer period of time, also improving the quality of the final product by minimising the outages arising from maintenance problems.

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