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HZ Green Pulp first Dry Molded Fiber producer in Malaysia

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Following its expansion into Asia, PulPac announces HZ Green Pulp as its first licensee in Malaysia

HZ Green Pulp aims for a speedy market launch to supply the growing sustainable packaging market with Dry Molded Fiber products. Starting with convenience products such as lids for hot and cold drinks, food trays, and cutlery.

With a commitment to environmental sustainability, circularity, and social responsibility, HZ Green Pulp is one of the APAC market's largest molded paper pulp groups. Among their customers are some of the top five global FMCG brands.

"Our mission is to provide quality combined with sustainable and cost-efficient solutions. As a leading packaging producer, we can be a force in minimizing waste and using resources responsibly. Implementing Dry Molded Fiber will drive sustainability within our operations and customer network", said Dato Dr. Donald Yap, CEO of HZ Green Pulp.

Dry Molded Fiber is a resource-efficient, fiber-forming technology that can replace single-use plastics. It is faster than traditional fiber molding and matches plastic processing on cost, output, and speed, but with a significantly lower environmental impact. PulPac bases its business model on partnerships and licensing. Turn-key machine solutions are provided by PulPac’s network of partners, enabling fast technology scaling.

HZ Green Pulp is one of the APAC market's largest molded paper pulp groups. HZ Green Pulp is one of the APAC market's largest molded paper pulp groups.

Sanna Fager, PulPac's Chief Commercial Officer, commented, "The roll-out of our technology is accelerating, and Dry Molded Fiber is now being implemented at producers worldwide. We are thrilled that a knowledgeable and forward-thinking company like HZ Green Pulp has joined our producer network. We look forward to working with the team to meet the market's and planet's needs for responsibly produced packaging."

About HZ Green Pulp
We are the leader in the molded pulp industry based in Malaysia, exporting to the world. Our facilities and products are certified and in compliance with GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), USFDA and EU regulations. We prioritize quality, sustainability and productivity, which granted us prestigious industrial awards.  Our aim is to reduce carbon footprint and breakthrough in diverse industry with our sustainable serviceware packaging solution. Through implementing DMF technology, we can further achieve our goals with greater impact toward the environment, social & governance (ESG). For further information, please visit and follow us on social media.

About PulPac
PulPac provides the packaging industry with groundbreaking manufacturing technology for making economical, high-performance fiber-based packaging and single-use products. By pioneering the technology of cellulose molding, PulPac enables its customers to replace single-use plastics with sustainable and cost-competitive natural fiber alternatives globally. For additional information about PulPac, please visit or follow us on social media.

Dry Molded Fiber
The Dry Molded Fiber process, invented and internationally patented by PulPac, is a manufacturing technology designed for the emerging circular economy.  By leveraging globally available, affordable, and renewable commodity cellulose fiber, Dry Molded Fiber technology allows for producing high-performance fiber-based packaging with highly competitive unit economics. Dry Molded Fiber also saves significant amounts of valuable water resources and energy, resulting in up to 80% lower CO2 footprint than alternatives.  Dry Molded Fiber processing is up to ten times as efficient as conventional fiber molding processing, first used over 100 years ago.

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