Monday, 10 June 2024 11:38

Voith Paper Webshop enhances efficiency for Moorim Paper with a comprehensive order across three mills

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Moorim Paper, a global paper manufacturer, has placed a substantial order distributed across three mills: Moorim Ulsan, Moorim Jinju and Moorim Daegu, utilizing Voith Paper Webshop's streamlined ordering process. This order represents an important milestone in Moorim Paper’s collaboration within the Voith Paper Webshop and was realized thanks to Voith Paper’s Asia Pacific Sales and Customer Service Representative Team.

"The easy order management provided by Voith has significantly streamlined our procurement process. We are pleased with the efficiency and reliability of the platform," says Se-hwan Cheon, Purchasing Manager at Moorim Paper.

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The order from Moorim Paper includes a range of fabrics and sleeves, showcasing the versatility and comprehensive offerings available through the Voith Paper Webshop. The seamless transaction underscores the platform's capability to facilitate complex orders across multiple mills, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Al Choi, Sales Representative of Voith, shares his perspective on the collaboration: "Voith is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. The successful execution of this order for Moorim Paper demonstrates the effectiveness of our Webshop in enabling seamless transactions and driving operational excellence."

The Voith Paper Webshop offers a user-friendly e-commerce platform for easy order management, providing customers like Moorim Paper with a convenient and efficient procurement experience. The process integration into Moorim Paper's operations highlights Voith's dedication to delivering tailored solutions that optimize production processes and drive business success.

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