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ISO 9001/2015 quality standards for MoveRoll production

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We are proud to announce that in February 2019 the manufacturing and assembly of MoveRoll products has been certified according to the ISO 9001/2015 standards.

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Quality management is very important for MoveRoll and the MoveRoll production. That is why the seven quality management principles customer focus; leadership; engagement of people, process approach; improvement; evidence-based decision making; and relationship management have already clearly been reflected in MoveRoll’s day-to-day operations before the ISO certification has been achieved.

“Managing the quality of our products and services is very important. The ISO 9001/2015 certification was an additional process to further improve our quality management standards as well as to better fulfill our customers’ requirements. There is no contradiction between striving to offer new innovative roll handling and following established quality standards. On the contrary, adhering to high quality standards and keeping the importance of quality for all processes in mind, we can ensure that our customers receive safe and reliable products”, says CEO Mikko Rantanen.

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