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A.Celli announces the launch of the brand new A.Celli iDEAL® Evo-Lock® Yankee Dryer

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A.Celli Paper launched, with an exclusive online presentation, their new A.Celli iDEAL® Evo-Lock®, the next evolution of the Yankee Dryers with forged shell.

Mr. Clive Butler, Yankee Dryer Production Manager, and Mr. Fabrizio Tonello, A.Celli Paper Technical Director, were given the responsibility and honour to present new cylinder, characterized by an innovative head-to-shell connection system that doesn’t require welds or bolts.

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Thanks to this solution and to the use of a forged shell, the A.Celli Evo-Lock® allows to minimize the number of inspection activities required and to improve runnability on sheet edges, with consequent positive implications on the efficiency of the machine. Moreover, the special design of the Evo-Lock® allows to reduce the overall width of the shell, making it possible to dry a larger format sheet with the same existing machine gauge.

In regards to the achieved result, with the new A.Celli Yankee Dryer companies can expect to reduce by 94% the recommended inspection activities in the first 12 years compared to a traditional welded Yankee, without any drawbacks in terms of quality of the Tissue paper obtained, reliability and operator safety.

“Evolock represents A.Celli attitude to the continuous innovation, which springs out when Science and Technology meet Creativity and Experience” said Mr. Fabrizio Tonello, A.Celli Paper Technical Director.

The new A.Celli Evo-Lock® Yankee Dryer is already available for order as a single component or as a part of our cutting-edge iDEAL® Turnkey Tissue Plants, and its goal is to consolidate A.Celli Paper’s position as leading innovator in the Tissue paper industry.

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