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Sulzer is a committed process development partner for bio-based products

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With long traditions as a trusted process equipment supplier, Sulzer is also actively involved in developing and scaling up processes for new bio-based products. The development work aims at turning wood, lignin, straws, textiles, and various forms of waste biomass into sustainable end products.

The use of non-fossil and recycled materials is driven by ecological concerns and regulatory incentives to reduce waste and improve recycling. Due to the fibrous nature of the bio-based feedstock, equipment used in pulp, paper, and board processes can be utilized and adapted. The development work is conducted in a strong network of industry-leading customers, academics as well as research and development institutes.

Foam applications

In foam applications, pulp is turned into foam and processed into end products and components. The resulting foam can be used for a range of end products with cellulose and textile fiber basis, such as packaging and building materials, as well as every-day consumables.

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Separation applications

Sulzer is actively involved in the development of separation applications, where lignin, pulp, and hemi-cellulose are extracted from biomass and utilized in further refining. These substances offer vast possibilities for industrial value streams, and they can be found in wood, straws, seaweed, and other sources of biomass.

Textile applications

The textile applications revolve around recycling textiles from post-consumer waste and producing textiles from bio-based virgin sources. The development holds a promising direction for the textile and clothing industries as well as the nonwovens category.

Micro-fibrillated cellulose

Micro-fibrillated cellulose can be used as an alternative to fossil-based materials and components. Due to its versatile nature, cost-efficient industrial processes and new use cases for further refining are constantly being researched.

In addition to numerous successful breakthroughs, Sulzer continues to develop advanced technologies for processing these bio-based products. “Our partners want us involved in the early stages of process development due to our expertise, wide portfolio, and the curiosity to be part of future developments. Contributing to their industrialization and commercialization is one way in which Sulzer supports the green transition,” says Sirpa Välimaa, Head of Pulp, Paper and Board Industries at Sulzer.

Image 1: Sulzer is actively involved in developing and scaling up processes for new bio-based products.

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About Sulzer

Sulzer is a global leader in fluid engineering and chemical processing applications. We specialize in energy-efficient pumping, agitation, mixing, separation, purification, crystallization, and polymerization technologies for fluids of all types. Our solutions enable carbon emission reductions, development of polymers from biological sources, recycling of plastic waste and textiles, and efficient power storage. Our customers benefit from our commitment to innovation, performance, and quality and from our responsive network of 180 world-class manufacturing facilities and service centers across the globe. Sulzer has been headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, since 1834. In 2022, our 12’900 employees delivered revenues of CHF 3.2 billion. Our shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX: SUN).

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