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Highest paper quality and production efficiency thanks to state-of-the-art web inspection at Chinese paper manufacturer

isravision signet neuAt the manufacturing plant for Guangzhou Paper CO., LTD., production managers decided to install an ISRA VISION web inspection system with the capability to identify and classify relevant quality defects with the highest degree of reliability. The goal is to ensure that the highest quality demands are met at the fastest possible production speeds. Only an integrated automated inspection system can satisfy this requirements profile - and the only one that absolutely stands out with the technology required is offered by ISRA VISION.

The Chinese Guangzhou Paper CO., LTD., specializes in the manufacturing and global export of a variety of different paper products.

In order to continuously guarantee its customers the high quality they demand while ensuring the highest possible efficiency, the company made the decision to install a web inspection system on the paper machine PM1 line in Guangzhou. This machine, with a web width of 4,800 mm, produces newspaper and fine paper products that weigh between 45 g/m² and 70 g/m² at a web speed of 1,600 m/min.

Guangzhou Paper CO., LTD. made the investment in a PAPER MASTER inspection system from ISRA VISION. It uses five cameras that support the maximum resolution and ensure the highest processing speeds. The inspection of surfaces in transmission is conducted with high-power LED illumination. Not only does the surface inspection system identify all of the relevant quality defects 100% of the time, but it also categorizes them as well.

The crystal clear images of the recorded defects allow the PAPER MASTER inspection system to expertly categorize defects, providing the basis for a highly accurate quality inspection and defect documentation. With this in hand, the paper manufacturer knows exactly what kind of quality is being produced. The classifier teaching makes use of a similarity filter, making online inspection 1,000 times faster than that offered by any other system.

The manufacturer Guangzhou Paper CO., LTD., placing great importance on using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, chose ISRA VISION based on their position as the market leader in machine vision and as the only supplier to offer more than 30 years of experience in surface inspection and in producing web break monitoring systems. In addition, ISRA VISION systems are based on the most recent state-of-the-art technologies. The high-end inspection components are tried and tested, meeting the latest compliance requirements. The high availability of the inspection systems help reduce maintenance costs and require less spare parts.

The PAPER MASTER web inspection system will now play a major role in ensuring that Guangzhou Paper CO., LTD. only produces the highest quality products at an above-average production efficiency. The resulting optimized processes supplied by the inspection system will significantly improve efficiency for the plant.

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