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POM GasMaster portable air meter Featured

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POM Technology Oy AB is a leading supplier of paper machine's compact wetend. POMS purger, which is the key component of the patented POM System, is a simple and compact component to remove the air which is in the process. The inventor, Paul Olof Meinander received the Wallenberg price for this concept in 2004, in Sweden. Today, the POM Technology Oy Ab company belongs to the Aikawa Group and has so far delivered nearly 70 systems worldwide.

GasMaster  portable air meter

Based on experience, POM Technology Oy Ab has now developed a simple and robust portable air meter, suitable for all paper and paperboard factories.
It is important for all manufacturers of paper, tissue and paperboard to know and comply with air levels of wetwnd, not only when they have problems. Many problems arise because of air, for example papertears, impurities, MD variations, poor retention and drainage.

By eliminating the air in papermanufacturingprocess you improve the papermachines efficiency and paperquality.At the same time wetend becomes more stable, dewatering and papertrail strength increases.

POM GasMaster can be easily moved to different positions. It has a high accuracy and can measure both the amount of gaseous and dissolved air.

POM Technology is represented by Nipman Papertechnology in Scandinavia.

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