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Forestry winner in 2011 MEP Awards announced

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For the very first time, a prestigious award for members of the European Parliament (MEP Awards) carried a forestry theme. This one-off award highlighted the International Year of Forests 2011 and it was awarded to MEP Kriton Arsenis.

Mr Arsenis (S&D Greece) was recognised for his work as parliament rapporteur for the green paper on forest protection and information in the EU. Additionally, he encouraged many useful discussions regarding forests, climate change and sustainability in the European Parliament, involving different stakeholders.

CEPF and CEPI proudly sponsored the special forestry category in the MEP Awards 2011. Congratulations go to Mr Arsenis for raising the profile of the sector in EU policy discussions. The MEP Awards are widely recognized as the showcase event in the Parliament calendar.

"This award recognises for the first time the work that the European Parliament does for protecting one of our most precious renewable resources: trees. Their environmental role, their social benefits, and their economic value." stated Teresa Presas, CEPI Director General.

“We see this as a great opportunity to celebrate the United Nations International Year of Forests and to raise the MEP’s interest in forestry in general. We hope that the MEP Awards will create leadership and support in advancing the understanding and communicating the forest sector’s issues in the Parliamentarian debates”, underlined Dr Aljoscha Requardt, CEPF Secretary General.

The nominations were submitted by professional associations and interest groups working in EU affairs. The final voting was carried out among MEPs themselves in October. The winners of the award were announced at a ceremony on 29 November in Brussels.

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