Monday, 12 December 2011 09:00

White paper on industrial automation security published

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Vacon Plc, Nixu Ltd and F-Secure Corporation have worked together to produce a white paper on industrial automation security. The white paper has today been published on Vacon’s website at

There has been a lot of discussion about malware and security in industrial automation systems after Stuxnet. This white paper focuses on presenting a generic overview about security in industrial automation on the fieldbus and device level.

The standardization bodies in the information security field are presented, and activities in industrial automation security standardization are discussed.

Security aspects of traditional fieldbuses, industrial Ethernet-based networks and wireless communication technologies are presented. Challenges regarding data security in the field of industrial automation are also discussed. The properties of industrial automation devices are described with a focus on security, tampering possibilities, and risk mitigation methods.

The white paper also includes practical recommendations for improving information security in industrial processes.

Vacon Plc

You can also download the white paper in the link below

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