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Installation of the PM No. 2 in the paper mill Mayak-Vega in Russia

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sh w In June 2011 we signed a contract with a newly founded company Mayak-Vega, Russia, on reconstruction of the existing paper machine for production of testliners and flutings including delivery of new complete lines for stock preparation and approach systems for both layers. It is a two-wire paper machine with a longitudinal wire which should produce, after reconstruction, not only flutings and liners, but also plasterboards.

The PM capacity after its reconstruction shall reach 67 000 tpy with width on reel 2 600 mm at operating speed up to 700 m/min. It is another of more projects signed on provision of complete engineering services incl. commissioning and guarantee tests. Its financial volume exceeds 22 mio. EUR and it is in fact the greatest corporate project in the year 2011. The required reconstruction was aimed at the paper machine previously installed in Italy. This machine shall be completed with a new film press and a new top wire.

The company PAPCEL is a coordinator of all works related to deliveries of machinery, preparatory works to be done on projecting and initial documents for the on-site installations. Both the paper machine and the stock preparation line shall be installed in new factory buildings.

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The capital project was opened on the premises in Penza in the presence of top management members and owners of the firm Mayak-Vega and also very important guests of culture and politics in the city Penza on 29. 9. 2011. The ceremonial act itself was opened with the first pile bore for the projected PM basement. Necessary building works commenced already in the third quarter 2011, the PM commissioning has been planned for the second quarter in 2013.

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Ceremonial act for opening of building works – the first pile

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