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One of the leading global hygiene company reached an agreement with PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) for a new project execution of design, production and commissioning of a new reel Intelli-Reel® in a paper mill, located in France. The contract was signed in July, 2020. The customer is one of the leading global hygiene and health company. This is the first common project of both companies.

A tissue machine produces tissue (basis range from 12 to 24 gsm) from virgin fibers. Its operating speed is 1600 mpm and its reel trim is 5400 mm. A replacement of the reel section is caused by a weak condition of an existing unit and a necessity of implementation of changes related to safety standards.

2020 09 07 095534

PMP Intelli-Reel® is a section designed by using state-of-the-art technology to ensure a precisely repeatable, efficient and safe winding process. It is characterized by simple and open structure enabling easy control. Reels provided by PMP guarantees perfect parent roll and continuous & high speed reeling process.

PMP will provide the complete new reel Intelli-Reel® with controls, a hydraulic unit, necessary installations on site, a tail cutter and controls (PLC). Moreover, the scope of supply contains assembly of a new component and disassembly of an existing one. A finalization of the project is scheduled for spring, 2021.

So far, PMP has executed over 100 projects (on 6 continents) of reel section deliveries for tissue and paper machines.

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Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. has been continuously working on modernizing its machine fleet for last several years. The priority is, invariably, an increase of production capacity, an improvement of final products’ quality parameters and implementation of environmentally friendly & energy-saving solutions. Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. for years have been partnering with PMP applying ambitious technological projects. In addition, both companies support the idea of "good, because it is Polish".

In 2019, PMP successfully rebuilt a press section of PM#1 with a new Intelli-Nip® shoe press included. The solution proposed by PMP improved dryness after press from 43% before rebuilt to 48% after rebuilt. The technology of the shoe press also enhanced properties of paper, and also significantly improved PM efficiency.

2020 07 22 113511

PM1, 5300 mm @reel, after rebuild, produces offset paper, with a grammage range from 60 to 100 gsm. The operating speed after rebuilt is 1000 mpm. PMP's scope of delivery included: press section equipped with the Intelli-Nip® shoe module (maximum design pressure 600 kN/m, shoe module diameter 1100 mm); this is the first PMP reference for a module with a smaller diameter. In addition, PMP provided controls, replacement parts and assembly and commissioning supervision.

As a result of so far a fruitful cooperation, in April 2020, PMP signed another contract with Arctic Paper Kostrzyn team, for a revamp of a press section, this time for another machine. The purpose of the rebuild is to improve the condition of the section framework and to eliminate vibrations.

PM2, 5300 mm @reel and an annual capacity of 160,000 tons, produces single-layer wood-free graphic paper with a grammage range from 60 to 170 gsm. The scope of supply will cover an entire new framework, including press roll swing arms, savealls, platforms, mechanical drives as well as assembly and commissioning supervision service. The framework will be entirely made of stainless steel. The investment is planned for summer 2021.

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In February 2020, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) has signed a contract for delivery of (2) new Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic Headboxes for Smurfit Kappa’s paper machine (PM5) located in the Uberaba mill in Brazil.

Thanks to long-term relationship and successful cooperation in the past, PMP has reached an agreement with Smurfit Kappa. This new project will ensure competitive advantage of Uberaba mill in fast growing Brazilian market. Moreover, this is an opportunity for PMP to enter the market and have a great reference in Brazil, first in its history.

2020 05 19 082715

PMP Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox allows to reach outstanding performance. It ensures impressive basis weight profile, superior sheet formation and great fiber orientation. Over the years, PMP Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox has become an iconic solution in the Pulp & Paper Industry. Currently, there are over 170 PMP’s headboxes working successfully on 6 continents.

The main goal of this rebuild is to significantly improve the quality of paper that is produced for the Brazilian market, enhance sheet formation and reach better control on all speed range and improve cross machine BW profile.

PMP will supply a new top layer Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic Headbox, a new bottom layer Intelli-Jet V® Hydraulic Headbox with CP system, both equipped with attenuators, as well as engineering services. Delivery of all equipment and start-up is scheduled for the last quarter of 2020.

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In November, 2018, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) signed a contract for a modernization of a tissue machine that includes a delivery of a new Intelli-YD® steel Yankee dryer to FP Kaczory paper mill located in Poland. It is a great pleasure to announce that PM#2 with new equipment is up & running. The start-up took place in 4th quarter of 2019.

Thanks to an optimized design, PMP Yankee dryer achieves up to 15% higher drying efficiency compared to previous technologies. Intelli-YD® allows to save energy and money and ensures high durability. PMP has 18 working references of steel Yankee dryers all over the world and the project for FP Kaczory is the first reference in Poland.

2020 05 18 144251

PM#2 produces tissue with maximum operation speed of 1500 mpm and paper trim 3150 mm. This steel Yankee dryer diameter is 4500 mm, shell length is 3550 mm and maximum operating pressure of Intelli-YD® reaches 9,5 barg. PMP scope of supply included also spare parts, erection and start-up supervision services.

About PMP:

PMP is a global provider of tissue, paper & board technology and has been supporting the pulp and paper industry for over 165 years, executing projects on 6 continents, in 35 countries. The Company has its headquarters in Jelenia Góra, Poland and has 7 facilities in 4 countries (Poland, USA, China, Italy). PMP is a recognized international player in both the paper & tissue industry. Learn more about PMP at: www.pmpgroup.com


Dynamically developing company that has been operating since 1992, specialized in waste paper processing and toilet paper production in production plant in Kaczory and pulp products in a second production plant in Margonin, the company offer wide range of products. FP Kaczory owns two production plants in Poland.

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logo pmp passionPMP (Paper Machinery Producer) is announcing new marketing campaign for the year 2019, entitled "We Are Stronger Together”.

Campaign was launched during an official ceremony in the Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdroj, Poland. PMP is co-author in exhibition vernissage that shows incredible history of paper machines and rich history of PMP.

Exactly 220 years ago a paper machine was patented and brought to the market, changing the reality of every human being. We believe that our rich history that has started over 165 years ago, has a direct impact on who we are today… We are a big, worldwide family, who is eager to claim higher and higher… We are a dedicated, international team, powered by 7 divisions all around the globe. Our history, passion and values defines us… We are stronger together!

About PMP:

PMP is a global provider of tissue, paper & board technology and has been supporting the pulp and paper industry for over 160 years, executing projects on 6 continents, in 34 countries. The Company has its headquarters in Jelenia Góra, Poland and has 6 facilities in 4 countries (Poland, USA, China, Italy). PMP is a recognized international player in the board, paper & tissue industry. Learn more: www.pmgroup.com

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On 29th March 2018, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) signed a contract with Baoding Yusen Health Supplies for the delivery of (2) Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc 1600 Premium lines.

pmp logo 2016The (2) Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc 1600 Premium will be characterized with 3500mm reel trim, operating speed of 1600 m/min, daily capacity 75 t/d and a basis weight 12.5-31 gsm each. This project will be based on a PMP Integrated Tissue Mill concept, which means 2 machines (left-hand and right-hand) in the same building, a shared control room as well as a warehouse. The same model of right and left hand machines layout in one building is the most compact solution and the two machines can share a common spare parts base. As a result, both space and costs are saved as well as number of personnel required to run the installations. At the same time high production flexibility plays a significant role in achieving top installations effectiveness.

The PMP’s scope of supply will cover for each machine: the single layer Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic Headbox, 4-roll Intelli-Former® Crescent Former, Intelli-Press® equipped with Intelli-SPR® dia 1400 mm which will maximize the amount of water removed from the sheet, 16ft Steel Intelli-YD®, Intelli-Hood® (YD cap type) and Intelli-Reel®. In addition, PMP will provide mechanical drives, electrical drives, lubrication system, steam & condensate system, dust & mist removal systems (on machine parts only), DCS and control system. The PMP team will also provide erection supervision and technological start-up.

The new project will be implemented based on the Optimum Cost Solution philosophy by executing the tissue machine fully designed in Europe (PMPoland), manufacturing of the key components such as a hydraulic headbox and a steel Yankee in Europe, and the remaining manufacturing, as well as tissue machine pre-assembly and tests completed at the PMP Center of Excellence: PMP IB, Changzhou (China). This combination allows to lower a cost of investment for the customer, while maintaining the premium quality of the equipment supplied. Both machines will start-up by the end of 2019.

With the excellent performance of operating reference and continuous new orders, PMP Intelli-Tissue® EcoEc Technology has been recognized worldwide to be a high-quality, high-efficient and ultra-low consumption solution for tissuemakers.

Year by year, PMP increases its presence in China through implementation of projects for both tissue & paper customers. Only in the last decade in Mainland China, PMP provided 16 CF tissue machines and 28 capital machine rebuilds both in tissue and paper side, including core technological units such as Intelli-Jet V® Headboxes, Intelli-Nip® Shoe Presses, Intelli-Sizer® Size Presses, etc. Combination of a state-of-art technology and rich experience of PMP and convenient local service from PMP IB results in smart integration of assets & competences. This way PMP Intelli-Tissue® tissue solutions bring excellent support for its users daily.

About Baoding Yusen Health:

Baoding Yusen Health - a manufacturer specialized in the production and processing of domestic paper. It's located in Mancheng Daceying Papermaking Industial Zone, Baoding, China. After years of efforts, the company has established a modern enterprise system and has developed into a backbone manufacturing enterprise of domestic paper with an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan and an annual production of 150,000 tons. The company focuses on product quality, and strictly implements the national industry standards, being innovative in succession and making development in innovation. Yusen Paper keeps challenging itself in the fierce market competition, perform its industry charm, creating well-known brands like Kangrou, Yusen and Baili as well as more than 80 single domestic paper products. All products are made of imported natural wood pulp, which is clean, white, soft, delicate, hygienic, super flexible, absorbent, easy to break, and easy to degrade. (learn more: www.yusenpaper.com)

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In December 2014, PMP (Paper Machinery Producer) signed a contract with Universal Paper Manufacturers (UPM), part of the Universal Paper group, for a turn-key green field tissue mill based on Intelli-Tissue® Advanced 1600 tissue making line. Thus it is our pleasure to announce that on the 19th of February 2017, 11:20 a.m. local time, TM#5 successfully started-up at UPM’s Ga-Rankuwa mill in South Africa!

In 2014 UPM made a decision regarding a significant expansion plan to shift its family-owned business to the next level by creating a green field tissue mill. Universal Paper’s biggest goal has been to become the preferred tissue supplier in the Southern Africa region, offering a wide span of ultra-premium, 100% virgin fibre tissue paper products. Its mission is to develop innovative products for the most demanding consumers adding flavors of creativity and education. Universal Paper branded products (FSC-certified) have already gained a significant number of enthusiasts who are fascinated with their uniqueness on a worldwide scale.  Universal Paper is the proud manufacturer of Dinu, one of South Africa's leading household tissue brands.

2017 02 28 091613

The project was named “Gold Eagle”. Its goals were to double the annual capacity of UPM and to widen its product portfolio adding ultra-premium tissue products. PMP’s Intelli-Tissue® Advanced 1600 Crescent Former tissue making line was the best response for UPM’s defined needs.

PMP’s scope of delivery covered: collaboration with the building design engineers, a tissue making line (starting from stock preparation, a broke line, stock approach, baseplates, a tissue machine itself and a shaft puller), all auxiliary systems (a lubrication system, a steam & condensate system, a dust removal system, DCS, QCS, mechanical drives), field installations (pre-piping and pre-conduit) as well as a rich scope of engineering services (pre-erection, erection and start-up supervision). UPM’s Intelli-Tissue® Advanced 1600 has a total capacity of 28 000 tpa (operating speed 1600 m/min, reel trim 2670 mm), depending on the tissue grade (basis weight at reel from 13 to 40 gsm). An applied technology (PMP Intelli-Jet V® single layer hydraulic headbox, a Crescent Former Intelli-Former®, Intelli-Press® with a single press configuration, equipped with a 16’ steel Yankee Dryer - Intelli-YD® a steam heated hood and PMP Intelli-Reel® is focused to ensure the best quality of the final product - softness at a premium level and excellent hand feel to open the door to new market niches. In addition applied state-of-the art PMP Intelli-Tissue technology ensures ultra-low media consumption. Thanks to a unique partnership, TM#5 today has a bright future, ensuring high flexibility and world-class performance.

It is worth mentioning that the “Gold Eagle” project was implemented based on a philosophy of Premium Quality & Reliability. The investment has been the biggest in UPM’s entire history taking its value and scope into account. Also it is the 1st new high speed tissue line installed in South Africa within last 20.

After a successful and smooth start-up, both companies are ready to say that “Gold Eagle” has spread its wings empowering the future of UPM and bringing all involved pride and satisfaction.

About UPM:

Universal Paper Manufacturers (UPM) – is one of Universal Paper’s business units and is the sister company to Universal paper & Plastics (UPP). Both companies are still family owned. UPP was established by the Sher family in 1950 and has operated successfully for over 67 years. The company started as a manufacturer of various paper and plastic products, and has grown significantly since inception. However, during this time, its direction has changed – with the discontinuation of product lines in the plastics industry, while continuing to supply the tissue paper industry. The company has vertically integrated, by manufacturing raw materials within the inks and paper industry. Today, the focus is on high quality printed serviettes and napkins, bathroom tissue, household towels and hankies. (learn more: www.upap.co.za)

About PMP:

PMP – a global provider of tissue, paper & board technology, has been supporting pulp and paper industry for over 160 years, executing projects on 6 continents, in 34 countries. Company with headquarters in Jelenia Góra, Poland, owns 6 facilities in 4 countries (Poland, USA, China, Italy). PMP is a recognized international player in both paper & tissue industry. At the end of December 2015, PMP introduced new branding initiative including launching a new logo & visual identity. (learn more: www.pmpgroup.com)

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In July 2015, PMP – a global provider of tissue, paper and board technology, signed a contract with Smurfit Kappa Mexico for a  Phoenix Concept™ rebuild of a reborn papermaking line that will be installed in Los Reyes mill.

The main goal of the project is to boost mills capacity by adding approx. 100, 000 t/a tones of high-strength corrugating medium (100% OCC) to be converted in packaging boxes for various industrial use. A new PM6 (operating speed 800 m/min, reel trim 2450 mm)  will be a blend of repurposed and refurbished assets (originally installed on PMs in Spain and Germany) and world class new technological items  provided  by  PMP.  The  project  driving  force  will  be  based  on  modern  technology  through application of energy savings solutions following global trends and gaining excellent paper quality.

2015 10 20 090301

PMP is planning to reconfigure the existing, relocated PM from Spain originally producing 70,000 t/a of 130 gsm corrugating medium and liner at 550 mpm in three steps. Step one: careful analysis of existing assets’ condition (identifying items for refurbishment and further incorporation in a brand new line), step two: designing and making core technological sections and finally to successfully integrate all to reach both quality and capacity goals of the project.

As far as new technology is concerned, PMP will deliver solutions from its Intelli-Technology® platform concept for papermakers. A state-of the-art, 5-channel hydraulic Intelli-Jet V® headbox (pondside: 2675 mm) will bring excellent formation and also production flexibility for the mill (basis weight range of 100-240 gsm g/m²). The headbox will include sophisticated Consistency Profiling System to ensure excellent basis weight control, resulting in uniform paper web structure and better CD basis weight profile. A compact design of a new press section Intelli Tri-Nip™  will ensure reduce draws and significantly increase PM runnability.   The press section will be equipped with a reused Shoe Press (module 1500) that will be significantly rebuild by PMP to work in inverted position with the design nip load of 1050 kN/m. shoe press). Shoe Press technology ensures reliable performance, top sheet dryness level resulting in significant steam consumption savings and user-friendliness of equipment. A new Intelli-Dryer® after dryer section will include 10 new, steel dryers allowing further energy as well as space  in the mill savings.  In addition PMP will provide fourdrinier extension, tail threading system upgrade, a reel rebuild (relocated from Germany), new mechanical drives and essential replacement parts. PMP will execute vast scope of services including refurbishment ,pre-assembly, assembly at site and technological start-up supervision as well as PM optimization. The delivery is scheduled for late spring 2016, followed by erection at site by the end of 2016. The start-up is scheduled for 1st quarter of 2017.

Smurfit Kappa is one of the leading providers of paper-based packaging solutions in the world with over 43,000 employees across 33 countries and with revenue of €8.1 billion in 2014. Smurfit Kappa is located in 21 countries in Europe, and 12 in the Americas, and is the only large-scale pan-regional player in Latin America. Smurfit Kappa’s pro-active team relentlessly uses its extensive experience and expertise, supported by its scale, to open up opportunities for its customers. This is enhanced through the benefits of the integration, with optimal paper design, logistics, timeliness of service, and packaging plants sourcing most of their raw materials from own paper mills. Smurfit Kappa products, which are 100% renewable and produced sustainably, improve the environmental footprint of customers.

This particular project is another step forward in partnership development between PMP and Smurfit Kappa this time in the Americas. It is worth mentioning that it is the first project of such a grade scale for PMP in Mexico.

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PMPower – a new facility of PMP Group

logo pmpFollowing ambitious business development ideas, PMP Group has recently established a new entity: PMPower S.r.l., Italy - responsible for energy solutions for both tissue and paper mills. Widening the product portfolio, based on Intelli-Tissue® and Intelli-Technology® platforms, is a natural progression of PMP’s development and is beneficial both for our customers (more solutions available as well as opportunities for technological development & optimization) and for PMP Group (increased competitiveness). PMPower S.r.l. is the next part of PMP Group’s family development.

The PMPower S.r.l. office is located in Lucca, Italy. The basic business concept is to design the equipment in Italy and produce it in PMP Group’s facilities in Poland (PMPoland and PMPKonmet) and alternatively in China – PMP IB (depending on the location of the final delivery).

From now on PMP Group is ready to support its business partners globally offering its own, new products within:
•    Air Hood Drying and Steam & Condensate Systems for Tissue Machines,
•    Complete Closed Hoods and Steam & Condensate Systems for Paper Machines
•    Sheet Stabilizing units and Pocket Ventilation for Paper Machines
•    Energy Recovery Systems,
•    Mist Removal Systems,
•    Wet Dust Removal Systems,
•    Building Ventilation Systems,

In addition, basing on the experience of new team members’, PMP Group is providing  a variety of consulting services in the field of energy saving solutions, including new project ideas as well as advisory services connected to existing technological lines.

PMP Group with the growth of PMPower S.r.l. is putting the maximum effort to develop the drying  technology combining the improvement of production capacity and optimization as well as energy savings that are giving an additional tool to tissue, paper and board producers. Our customers receive ready-made, smart concepts, built on the philosophy of Optimum Cost Solutions.

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logo pmpIn January 2015, PMP Group – a global provider of tissue, paper and board  technology, signed a contract with Dongguan Shunyu Paper, China, for the delivery of an Intelli-Jet V® hydraulic headbox and an Intelli-Nip®  Shoe Press to be incorporated in a new PM#6 . PMP’s key technological units will be delivered to Dongguan mill in Guangdong Province.

Dongguan Shunyu Paper Co. Ltd - high-strength corrugating medium paper producer - was founded in 2002 and at present owns 4 pulp and 6 paper-making lines (total annual capacity: 550,000 tons) in China.

A new investment based on PM#6, is focused on bringing an addition capacity of 150,000 tonnes/y of high-strength corrugating medium paper that is going to be converted in packaging boxes for various industrial use and, at the same time, widening product portfolio (through reaching excellent quality parameters of paper). PM#6 (design speed 1000 m/min, reel trim 3960 mm) is going to be built based on Optimum Cost Solutions philosophy: core technological items designed and made in Europe (by PMP Group) and the rest of PM - designed and made in China (by other suppliers). The project driving force will be based on modern technology through application of energy savings solutions following global trends and gaining excellent paper quality.

PMP Group will deliver a state-of the-art 5-channel hydraulic headbox Intelli-Jet V® (pondside:4150 mm). The new headbox will include sophisticated Consistency Profiling System as well that ensures excellent basis weight control, resulting in uniform paper web structure and better CD basis weight profile as well as machine controls. In addition  Intelli-Jet V® headbox will bring excellent formation and also production flexibility (basis weight range of 90-120 g/m²). A new PM#6 press section will be equipped with a modern and compact Intelli-Nip® Shoe Press – in the second press position (design nip load 1100 kN/m, shoe press module type 1300) and will be designed to work in inverted position. Intelli- Nip®  Shoe Press technology ensures reliable performance confirmed by patented solutions, top sheet dryness level resulting in significant steam consumption savings and user-friendliness of equipment. The project is another example where core technological items provided by PMP are becoming a key for success. In addition PMP will provide assembly and start-up supervision as well as optimization services. The delivery is scheduled for autumn this year, followed by erection at site and start-up at the end of 2015.

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