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GL&V News: BTF™ Headbox & Retrofit Start-Ups in China

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Photo 1_-_Lee_and_Man_BTF_RetrofitGL&V recently began assembling BTF™ Headboxes and Retrofit Systems for the Chinese marketplace in China, using critical components manufactured in Canada and other parts manufactured in China by local supplier partners. Rigorous training and quality control systems were put in place to ensure that the resulting BTF products would meet GL&V quality standards. A total of 5 new headboxes and 4 retrofits have already been sold and manufactured with this new process. Several of these started up recently and are operating very successfully.

Lee and Man, the second biggest paper company in China, installed and started up a BTF dilution control headbox retrofit on the base ply of their PM3 linerboard machine in September last year. Performance optimization trials were run in October and the installation met all performance guarantees. In addition to the expected improvements in the sheet CD profile, the mill also realized significant savings in chemical costs. Lee and Man have ordered two more BTF retrofit systems, one for their PM5, which will start up later this year, and one for their PM7, which recently started up successfully
in February.

Photo 2_-_Zao_Zhuang_Huarun_BTF_HeadboxZao Zhuang Huarun started up four new BTF headboxes on their PM4 four-ply gypsum board machine in September 2012. Performance optimization trials were run in November and following successful testing, the customer released all performance guarantees. This customer already has two older BTF headboxes on their PM3 machine, now making a total of 6 BTF headboxes in this mill.

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GL&V s Paper Technologies group is focused on paper machine rebuilds and upgrades, mill services, engineered systems and spare parts. We have a proven record of successful designs, manufacturing and start-ups that span the breadth of the industry.

We provide dependable products to improve productivity and paper quality, such as our latest Headbox technology, the BTF Headbox, which allows mills to achieve unparalleled basis weight profiles through stable, uniform headbox feed. Our new foil unit, the VibreFoil, will enhance stock drainage and improve sheet formation.

Whether your project calls for partial or complete rebuilds, systems design or custom component design, our people are experienced papermaking professionals who have the know-how to tackle any aspect of a paper machine upgrading project, from wet end to dry end. 

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